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Specialty Product Lines

Protek represents premium quality products at competitive pricing levels

Italian Trowels

Trowels & Scrappers with the softness and flexibility to work every material.  CO.ME products have unique and exclusive shapes to deal with the most challenging surfaces and deliver perfect finishes.

Micro Abrasion

IBIX Bio Care Products are eco-friendly systems aimed at protecting and preserving historical and architectural heritage while protecting surfaces and the operators.

IBIX Micro-Air Abrasion systems have little environmental impact because they minimize waste and pollutant production, using only non-toxic and recyclable elements.

Pro Sundries

Go! Paint professional sudries include unique trays, storage, cleaning to save time for a professional painter and provide efficiencies in the workplace.

Liquid Rubber

MiBenco liquid rubber products come in more than 30 colours (matte & glossy finish) offering you a uniquely clear, high-quality look, for a variety of application possibilities including car tuning, model building, crafts, and industrial use.

Our light-weight micro-abrasion cleaning tools certified for historical restorations will also be on display at booth 534 April 25-26 in Washington DC.

INTEX Expo 2019

CO.ME tools offer masons more ways to get the job done better, faster and with the type of style they want to deliver for their customer. Whether it is fine interior hand work or stronger exterior looks, we have the tools and masonry products that help you get the job done right.

Adding this to our plaster & acrylic application products, your creative designs will spring forward with gusto.

Paint For Furniture, Cabinets, Walls, Doors & Trim

Cottage Paint

Vintage Shabby Chic clay-based paint for a distressed finish on furniture & cabinetry.

Specially formulated to allow for an easy release when polished with a damp cloth, creating a velvety smooth time worn chalky flat finish.

Choose between a flat, low luster, satin or glossy clear coat to complete your project. No sanding or priming is required if the surface is sealed and sound.

You can choose from 58 exciting colours all with low V.O.C.

Serenity Paint

Less Shabby…..More Chic for a clean new finish.

Serenity products are formulated with top quality acrylic and urethane resins that cure to a very durable surface.  This is a one step process and no top coat is required. It creates a smooth silky or mat finish.

Ensure the surface is free from contaminants then apply the paint directly on the surface. No sanding or priming is required if the surface is sealed and sound. Can be used inside and out on furniture, cabinets, walls, doors and trim.

You can choose from 58 exciting colours all with low V.O.C.

Urban Paint

A soft Metallic Paint that creates a rustic urban look.

Urban Paint is an ever-evolving product range for the consumer for interior decorative finishes, such as stone and cement looks, metallic’s and pearl like finishes.

Being a Hybrid Emulsion, a blend of water and plant oil, this product utilizes new technology that has superior surface strength when cured. It also has beautiful self-leveling properties.

No sanding or priming is required as long as the surface is clean, sealed and sound. Applies to furniture, cabinetry and walls.

It is environmentally friendly with low V.O.C. There is minimal odour during application and has a simple water cleanup.

Product Training

PROTEK offers training classes on decorative coatings are available in our Toronto location. Visit Plaster Source to view upcoming options.

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PROTEK Grows Our Line of Quality Products by Developing Solutions for Industry & Consumer Problems

World class products and partnerships with International organizations such as the Color Guild and Guild CPO, helps to keep us competitive and ahead on new developments.

Randall Rogers

Master Distributors

Our product and distribution family is growing across Canada, USA and a growing number of countries around the world, including: The UK, Japan, and China.

The addition of Master Distribution for the high quality products: IBIX Biocare, CO.ME Tools, GO! Paint and Mibenco will help to fuel additional growth throughout North America.

We source the BEST-in-Class products from around the world to supply your wholesale or contractor needs, which ultimately get attention from the D-I-Y consumer market.


Our very best line called “TRADITIONS” is a best in market Hybrid Alkyd for Trim, siding and doors and Acrylic Urethane for high adhesion and scrub inside or out.


Protek’s line of Anti-Graffiti coating are best in class or world class and are used all over North America.

Rust Converter

Protek owned Aquarius’ brand Blue Steel is a Rust Converter to stop rust in its tracks.