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Randall Rogers

The Beginning & Focal Point

When Randall Rogers says, “paint runs in my veins”, he really means it as a third-generation paint maker.

Protek Paint & Varnish Company started in 1950 and manufactured the Alkyd Resins used to make Paint and the Paint for the Home and Light Industrial applications.  As the 1960‘s progressed, a change began, as manufacturing focused exclusively on Paint.

As Protek expanded placing product into Independent Paint and Hardware stores, more time was Devoted to expanding the product line and increasing wholesale operations.  Quality products together with expert service have been the cornerstones for growing our business with loyal customers from the wholesale marketplace to the retail consumer.

In the early years paint was coloured mainly by the painter on the job.  Protek Paint had offered custom colour matching from the beginning and was a pioneer at that time.  From inception Protek has always maintained a custom element.

Protek Paint & Varnish

Protek Paint & Varnish Company was started in by Randall’s paternal grandfather Ed Rogers. Ed had a headstrong manner as he set out making paint and resins, selling to other paint manufacturers, retailers, retail customers and contractors alike.

William Rogers, was the second generation of Rogers to work the business allowed for more focus. They expanded the business into an additional building, located across from the founding location on Sixteenth Street. It was during this time that Protek Paint focused on Paint and dropped manufacturing of the Resins.

Protek began to develop their latex paints, which complimented their solid market share of Alkyd Oil House paint, Barn paint, Aluminum paint and Aluminum paste that was sold across Canada.

Complimentary offerings of Rust Inhibiting Enamels, Floor Varnishes, Stains and ever more Exterior finishes continued during this time.


Cottage Paint

Vintage Shabby Chic clay-based paint for a distressed finish on furniture & cabinetry.

Serenity Paint

Less Shabby…..More Chic, for a clean new finish inside and out on furniture, cabinets, walls, doors and trim.

Urban Paint

A soft Metallic Paint that creates a rustic urban look with interior decorative finishes, such as stone & cement looks, metallic’s and pearl.


Our very best line called “TRADITIONS” is a best in market Hybrid Alkyd for Trim, siding and doors and Acrylic Urethane for high adhesion and scrub inside or out.


Protek’s line of Anti-Graffiti coating are best in class or world class and are used all over North America.

Rust Converter

Protek owned Aquarius’ brand Blue Steel is a Rust Converter to stop rust in its tracks.

Liquid Rubber

MiBenco liquid rubber products come in more than 30 colours (matte & glossy finish) offering you a uniquely clear, high-quality look, for a variety of application possibilities including car tuning, model building, crafts, and industrial use.

Micro Abrasion

IBIX Bio Care Products are eco-friendly systems aimed at protecting and preserving historical and architectural heritage while protecting surfaces and the operators.

IBIX Micro-Air Abrasion systems have little environmental impact because they minimize waste and pollutant production, using only non-toxic and recyclable elements.

Pro Sundries

Go! Paint professional sudries include unique trays, storage, cleaning to save time for a professional painter and provide efficiencies in the workplace.


The first acrylic plaster made in North America [1990]. We have grown to offer a wide range of highly innovative coatings worldwide for Professional and Consumer use.

Hands on plus online training for Professionals, Teachers, and Consumers is available. 

Italian Trowels

Trowels & Scrappers with the softness and flexibility to work every material.  Co.Me products have unique and exclusive shapes to deal with the most challenging surfaces and deliver perfect finishes.

Plaster Source

Fine Venetian Plasters imported from Europe, along with specialized tools.

Hands on plus online training for Professionals, Teachers, and Consumers is available.

1960‘s and 1970’s

The 1960‘s and 1970’s was a time of growth Protek Paint in Canada. William Rogers’ Protek Paints’ were distributed to over 40 independent paint stores across Southern Ontario through this time and started shipping products across Canada. The 1980’s brought an expanded product line offering and brought with it a growing loyal customer base in the Etobicoke area.

While going to university in the late 1980’s Randall helped to get Protek into new technologies, such as: Two Component Epoxies, Moisture Cured Urethanes, Two Component Urethanes, Anti-Graffiti coatings and many more.

Today the Protek family extended to include purchased companies such as Pyrologistix, Texturline and Aquarius Coatings. As well house brands were developed which included Imported Decorative Plaster, Cottage Paint and Urban Paint. The focus continued to help service a greater market with different lines of specialty products.

Expanding Staff & Operations

Gail Barker joined the business after meeting Randall at Ryerson and together with William and Randall the business continued to expand. Randall took over the family business officially in the 1990’s with Gail helping to fill a critical role as more employees joined the company.

Customer service grew to include Marc Doucette who through an entry level position, along with hard-work ethics, become an expert colour matcher and trusted customer service representative.

Staff continued to grow from very humble beginnings to now over 20 persons and with this team of hardworking people, Protek combined these characteristics to help take the Protek family business into the future.

Growing their family business from humble hard-working roots into a corporation with strong Brand identity is the mission that Randall & Gail Rogers pursue. They focus on products that will make a difference.

Product Training

PROTEK offers training classes on decorative coatings are available in our Toronto location. Visit Plaster Source to view upcoming options.

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