Moisture Cured MIO Aromatic Urethane


Size: Gallon

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PROTEK SHIELD M.I.O. FLOORCOAT is a floor coating designed for medium to heavy service traffic. This coating contains multiple layers of interleafing and overlapping metallized pigment, which shield the underlying coating film. Reduce ultra violet light exposure. Provides a tough, durable coating for almost any substrate is fast curing and has excellent flexibility. Protek Shield also has shown properties of being flame retardant. This coating is also excellent for chemical resistance including many solvents, acids, alkalis, fuel, and oil. PROTEK SHIELD is abrasion resistant and provides a protective shield against moisture and pollutants, it effectively creates a barrier to impeded moisture permeation.

Safety Data Sheets

SDS PP EN MC417A 6550 MIO Grey Moisture Cure Urethane

Technical Data Sheets

Protek_TDS_6550 Moisture Cured Urethane – Colours