Two-Component Water-Based Epoxy


Neural Base (6730A2): $58.00 per Gallon
Hardner (6700B2): $25.00 per Gallon


Water-based Two Component Epoxies are more popular with consumers, as they are more easier to apply because they have a much longer “pot-life” or time to work with once they have been mixed and activated together with the Part B. They are almost as durable as the solvent-based epoxies. Protek Paint’s Water-Based Epoxy has a Satin/Semi finish and very low odour. Can be applied even over damp floors. Water-based epoxies can prevent hydrostatic pressure, making it a good primer to stop moisture transmission.

Safety Data Sheets

SDS PP EN MC413Y WB Epoxy Low Sheen Med Base – Part A

SDS PP EN MC414N WB Epoxy Hardener – Part B