Master’s of Quality Product Lines

We incorporate modern technologies into our products and look for other leading-edge products.
Takes one to know one.

Master’s of Quality Product Lines

We incorporate modern technologies into our products and look for other leading-edge products.
Takes one to know one.

Manufacturing & Distributing Quality Paint & Coating products that deliver the Ultimate Finish

When Randall Rogers says, “paint runs in my veins”, he really means it as a third-generation paint maker. PROTEK Paint & Varnish Company started in 1950 and manufactured the Alkyd Resins used to make Paint and the Paint for the Home and Light Industrial applications. As the 1960‘s progressed, a change began, as manufacturing focused exclusively on Paint.

In the late 1980’s Randall helped to get PROTEK into new technologies, such as: Two-Component Epoxies, Moisture Cured Urethanes, Two-Component Urethanes, Anti-Graffiti coatings and many more. Today the PROTEK family extended to include purchased companies such as Pyrologistix, Texturline and Aquarius Coatings.

You will find unique products from around the globe at our online store.

Different lines of Specialty Products

Along with importing some of the finest Italian Venetian Plaster, Texturline came the ability to manufacture Acrylic plaster alternatives to the lime based products. Acrylic products are much more compatible to North American freeze/thaw cycles. As a result, house brands were developed for the DIY Market through the Cottage Paint & Urban Paint brands.

Brand Products Manufactured by PROTEK

For over 70 years we have been dedicated to manufacturing & distributing the best paint & coatings products. These innovative products below can be customized to meet your requirements.

Floor Paints
  • Urethane Floor Coatings
  • Epoxy Modified Acrylic
  • Moisture Cured MIO
Paints for Metal
  • Protek Sheild
  • Direct to Metal
  • Blue Steel Rust Converter
Professional 2K Paints
  • 2K Water & Solvent
  • 2K 100% Solids
  • 2K Polyaspartic
Industrial Paints
  • Moisture Cured Urethane
  • Elastermeric
  • Protek Step & Anti-Slip
Architectural Paints
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Hybrid Acrylic & Alkyd
  • VT Alkyd & Enamels
Metallic Paints
  • Metaltech
  • Urban Metal
  • Reflections
Fire Retardant Paints
  • Exterior & Interior
  • Ocean Epoxy
  • Shingle
Anti-Graffiti Paints
  • Armaglaze 6000 (Water)
  • Armaglaze 9000 (Solvent)
  • Graffiti Remover
Primers & Converters
  • Acrylic & Alkyd Primers
  • Pro-Stick-Tek Priemer
  • Epoxy Ester Primer

Our products give you the opportunity to be truly creative, for both the DIY enthusiast & Professional. These products are so versatile that they bend to your creative vision, playing an important role in the symphony of the overall design. This is one way to allow your personal creative touches to shine through. Cottage Paint products are safe & easy to use, and fun.


Outstanding at delivering a flat chalky or aged finish along with multiple top coat options for creative results. 56 Colours.


This cabinet & door paint has self-levelling & durability built-in, delivering an ultra-smooth professional finish. 56 Colours.


This liquid metallic paint comes in 12 colours aimed at taking your breath away with an opulent metallic finish.

These decorative wall finishes are easy to apply DIY friendly acrylic products, for Stone & Concrete, Knockdown or Strie, plus Metallic & Organic Rustic design styles. You can create a a seamless copper patina or concrete look on a feature wall, with no two applications being exactly the same.

Urban Plaster
  • Urban Mud
  • Urban Stone
  • Urban Concrete
  • Urban Metal
  • Urban Suede Paint
  • Urban Moire Plaster
Lime Paint
  • Venetian
  • Strie
  • Fresco

Protek acquired Texturline to expand our manufacturing capabilities into Acrylic Plasters. Texturline were the first to formulate & develop acrylic plasters that could withstand freezing. This is critical for transportation to much of North America. Below are a summary of manufactured products.

Acrylic Plaster
  • Arcylic Venetian Plaster
  • Carolina Sandstone
  • Texturstone
Top Coats
  • Metallic Waxes
  • Stonewash Pigments
  • Varnish, Glaze, Waxes
Other Plasters
  • Intinachino (Lime)
  • Tadelak (Lime)
  • Calce (Acrylic)

Serving the marketplace for 50 years Microcolor has been able to match customer requirements. Pigment dispersions in various plasticizers, flexible Polyurethane Foam, or rigid foam applications, along with blends for cast urethane parts like seals, epoxy applications such as casting, and silicone adhesives.

Paint Colors & Colorants

Multiple paint types, from latex to alkyd and epoxy to urethane, for universal colourants & tints provide colours.

Pigment Dispersions

Protective finishes for industrial & architectural coatings, & plastics plus liquid colors & dyes for other media.

Thermoset Dispersions

Pigment plasticizers, Polyurethane & Epoxy dispersions are specifically designed for the customer application.

This well-established company developed specialized products such as Anti-Graffiti & Rust Conversion coatings that became part of Protek in 1992. Since then, we have enhanced this technology & developed these product lines to deliver ultimate performance in their fields. With success stories that span 60 years and counting makes us proud & better able to service your needs.

Brand Products Distributed by PROTEK

Coverit manufactures some of the finest Venetian Lime Plasters in the world and has selected Protek as their North American distributor. These plasters defuse the light naturally and offer an unlimited choice of finishes, often by combining medium grain undercoats for relief, then covered with Marmorino, a luxurious glossy finish, sometimes in stunning colours.

Venetian Plasters
  • Medium Grain Venetian Plasters
  • Marmoino Venetian Plasters
  • Combinations
Plaster Additives
  • Flamme di Roccas
  • Terra Cotta
  • Salt & Pepper Sand
Lime-Based MircoTopping

This waterproof coating resembles Istria stone and bonds well to underlay cements or existing ceramic floors.

NOTE: Lime-based plaster products are inert, non-toxic and releases zero VOCs into the air. Lime has the ability to ‘breath’ and thereby reduces condensation, and hence the presence of dampness or mould.

These non-toxic products offer strength & waterproofing for both interior floors & walls with MorcoToppings and protection for exterior buildings & structures with sealers that increase the lifespan of concrete, wood & stone. These low VOC, environmentally friendly products are designed for wet environments.

Cement MircoToppings

This floor system is a complete solution. Microbond can be followed with a coat of high sheen Fine (Finitura) Cement.

Self-leveling Underlay

This cement coating is fantastic for floor levelling PLUS it renews & restores damaged external concrete surfaces.

Protective Concrete Sealer

Coating exterior buildings & structures with sealers will increase the lifespan of concrete, wood & stone.

Car-Rep is a brand of Maston Oy, in Finland, that has a history going back to 1968. Car-Rep 2K Spray Products feature patented Wise 2K® technology, the first 2K in a 1K can and unlimited potlife. This cutting edge technology for automotive professionals & DIY users for spot repairs and small scale painting.

Reuseable 2K Spray Cans
  • Bonds to Multiple Surfaces
  • 2K Epoxy Quality Coating
  • Fast Drying

This portable unit, without a compressor, has COST & TIME SAVINGS of 50% to 90% when compared to other products.

Tinting Solution

Process customized colors in 2K spray cans quickly & easily. Online software supports RAL, NCS & custom colours.

A world leader in manufacturing high-quality solvent & water-based Urethane, Acrylic, & Stain wood coatings (primers, base-coats, top-coats & sealers) from zero to 100% Sheen. These products offer strong resistance to chemicals, scratches and wear, are waterproof and free of formaldehyde, NMP & APEO. Great for wood furniture, cabinets, floors, fixtures, or exterior needs.

Base Coats
  • Multiple levels of Sheen
  • Custom Tinting
  • Acrylic & Urethane Products
Top Coats
  • Superior resistance to wear over time
  • Great Transparency & High Solids
  • Waterproof coating for wood
Metallic Effects
  • Steel & Liquid Foil Effects
  • Satin-Finish Effect
  • Corten Effect

This Liquid Rubber product can be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping and never gets brittle from -40°C to 120°C. It adheres to metal, synthetic materials, textiles, wood, glass & stone, plus many more. It is UV & abrasion-resistant that is easily removable at any time. Great for the automotive market, this rubber paint can be sprayed on from a can and protects against cracks, stone chips, moisture, acids, rubbing & corrosion.

Liquid Rubber Spray
  • Peelable at any time
  • Weatherproof
  • Flexible (can stretch 500%)
Standard Colours Plus
  • Pastel
  • Neon
  • Metal
Liquid Rubber Dip & Tape

Dip can rubberize working tools. Liquid Rubber Tape is like electrical tape, coating electronic areas, adding insulation.

These Masking Products deliver professional sharp clean edges every time, saving applicators time and redo costs. The prep-work is easy to remove & leaves NO glue residue (even after several months) for interior & exterior use products. Washi masking tapes contain rice paper perfect for straight lines, on both fragile & rough surfaces.

Wahsi Masking Tapes
  • Gold
  • Extreme
  • Delecate
Maskig Foils
  • Quickmask Gold
  • Quickmask Indoor
  • Quickmask Outdoor
Other Products
  • Pro Masking Tape
  • Unitack Paper
  • Linen Duct Tape

Venetian finishing trowels and tools are a main feature of their full product line. Professional & DIY plasterers all benefit from their dedication to quality and complex technology ensuring the accuracy of their tools, designed for lightness and durability. Many trades people benefit, mainly decorative plasterers, masons, drywallers, and tile applicators.

Coating Products that make a Difference

Manufacturing Quality products for the wholesale marketplace and retail consumers, together with expert service have been the cornerstones for PROTEK Paint from the very beginning.

PROTEK Paint started in 1950 placing product into Independent Paint and Hardware stores. In the early years, paint was coloured mainly by the painter on the job.

Today PROTEK Paint offers professional custom colour matching services for all our paint and plaster products.

Growing the family business into a corporation with strong Brand identity has been the mission for the last 20 years lead by Randall Rogers, third-generation paint maker. PROTEK places a focus on products that will make a difference.

Growing their family business from humble hard-working roots into a corporation with strong Brand identity is the mission that Randall & Gail Rogers pursue. They focus on products that will make a difference.

Products with a Specific Purpose

Whether we manufacture or distribute, all products serve a specific need and solve specific problems. Some are summarized above.

  • Superior Products for both consumer & commercial markets.
  • Manufacturing Acrylic & Hybrid Products with industrial grade quality.
  • White & Private Label Products for clients & buying groups.

PROTEK has a team of hardworking people, that take the Protek family business forward into the future, delivering the best products, 100% professional colour matching, and great pricing.

All our customers get 100% colour certainty they need when applying our products.

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