Protek offers a large variety of Acrylic Water Based Paints

100% Acrylic

The highest durability in the Acrylic family of resins for Architectural coatings. Ideally used on baseboard, trim, doors, bathrooms, kitchens. Also, an excellent product for exterior stucco and properly primed surfaces. Water thinned and clean-up with low VOC.

Vinyl Acrylic / Acrylic Blend

To make architectural coatings a little more affordable but still have good characteristics, we blend popular types of Acrylic Resins. 100% Acrylics have a better scrub resistance and adhesion, but Vinyl Acrylics help with costs and add a little more working time. This is sometimes called latex paint.

Epoxy Modified Acrylics

Epoxy Esters in Water-soluble resins are useful to help with some chemical resistance, adhesion and flexibility for flooring typically help with resisting efflorescence.

Acrylic Urethanes

Acrylic Urethanes are a version of Polyurethane products without the oil. It yields a beautiful clear finish that stays clear, resisting yellowing over time. The myth is that acrylics are less resistant to heat and solvents then oil-based but Protek has changed this with our Traditions Sliver Line of Acrylic Urethanes.

Vinyl Acrylic

Vinyl Acrylic or Polyvinyl Acrylic (PVA) are derived from the co-polymerization of vinyl acetate and acrylate monomers. Vinyl Acrylics are economical binders that are primarily used for interior architectural (house) paints.

Direct to Metal

Protek Styrene Acrylic or ‘Direct to Metal’ product is applied on new metal or metal that is without rust for protection, mainly on exterior surfaces.

Acrylic Paint – The Base Elements

Acrylic Paint base elements are typically 100% acrylic resin, vinyl acrylic or a blend of the two. Adding additional resins (such as, urethanes, epoxy esters or epoxy modified, either by themselves or with cross-linking technology) improves certain characteristics of the final paint product. These products normally cover all architectural coatings for your home, on interior or exterior surfaces, plus commercial buildings.

These would include coatings for kitchen walls, bedroom walls, living rooms, exterior walls, over stucco or bricks, and ceilings. It is also excellent for usage as scenic paints for movies or stages. There are so many uses for these paint products.

The capabilities for stain and water resistance normally come from the choice of a high quality 100% Acrylic resin. The choice of a 100% Acrylic or a high-quality vinyl acrylic resins in the formulation of the paint normally has to do with the quality or use of the finished paint. There are many types of acrylic paint.

   Technical Tip

The better-quality paints normally contain less vinyl resins and more or only 100% acrylic resins and since 100% acrylic is more expensive than vinyl, these highly quality paints cost more money.

Traditions Silver Label Acrylic Urethane Paint

Traditions “Silver Label” is the best acrylic paint that Protek Paint has ever made.
Available in two finishes: Velvet and Low-Lustre.

Velvet Acrylic Urethane Paint

Velvety finish that is very beautiful in any Living area. Traditions Silver Label Velvet is the perfect choice for the very best in a home finish. With the use of the very best acrylic resin in combination with a water-borne urethane to add toughness, we have developed a high adhesion and superior scrub and stain resistant coating. The use of ceramic spheres helps to make this superior product burnish resistant (resists any polishing of the surface) and offers superior stain resistance. Low Sheen 3 to 5.

Low Lustre Acrylic Urethane Paint

Low Lustre finish that provides a Silky like finish that is truly beautiful to see and even touch. With the use of the very best acrylic resin in combination with a water-borne urethane to add toughness, we have developed a high adhesion and superior scrub and stain resistant coating. The use of ceramic spheres helps to make this superior product burnish resistant (meant to resist any polishing of the surface) and offers superior stain resistance. Medium level sheen 10 to 15.

   Professional Tip

This acrylic emulsion paint formulation has a remarkable durable finish for virtually almost all surfaces including, cabinets, trim, baseboards, retail stores, restaurants, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, family rooms and any surface where the very best in durability is required or preferred.

Protek 100% Acrylic Paint

Protek’s Acrylic Paint has strong adhesion and bonds well to surfaces. Some areas may need to be properly primed prior to painting. It’s a fast-drying paint that allows you to apply that second coat sooner as well as do seamless touch ups. It works well on interior and exterior projects on metals, masonry, wood and certain types of plastics. Acrylic paint is breathable and flexible. These qualities allow moisture to escape, while being able to contract or expand without blistering, cracking and peeling without losing any adhesion. It’s mildew resistant and has fabulous color retention, maintains its sheen longer and is durable enough to resist sun and UV damage longer than oil paint. Low VOCs also mean low odor when painting which is especially important for interior painting.

Semi-Gloss 100% Acrylic

Semi-Gloss finish is excellent for all surfaces, interior and exterior. High adhesion, wash ability and ease of application make it perfect for trim, baseboards, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, exterior brickwork and cement.

Low Lustre 100% Acrylic

This beautiful Low Lustre finish paint has a lovely low sheen that can be used for both interior and exterior applications. It is specially formulated to allow the paint to form a film at very low temperatures (0 Celsius). Normally acrylics must have a temperature over 8 to 10C for the surface temperature to allow paint to cure properly and form a proper film. It is great to use in bathrooms and kitchens, or on exterior brick and cement.

Pro-Stick-Tek 100% Acrylic Bonding Primer

Protek’s acrylic paint primer 4150 PST or 100% Acrylic Pro-Stick-Tek Bonding Primer is a universal bonding primer used to prime previously coated walls with oil paints or over aluminum siding, galvanizing, wood and many other substrates.

Vinyl Acrylic / Acrylic Blend Paint

For our interior architectural paints that are water-based, we utilize vinyl acrylic binders because they are economical for pigment dispersions. They can enhance polymer performance by adding flexibility, increasing water resistance and reducing VOC’s without using plasticizers. The best-quality latex is 100 % acrylic while other vinyl acrylic latex paints are more economical because they employ synthetic polymers as the binders. As manufactures, we balance out the need for quality vs the economic benefits provided along with manufacturing a non toxic acrylic paint (low VOC’s).

Velvet Flat Vinyl Acrylic

Velvet Flat offers a lovely ‘velvety’ finish with a 3 to 5 sheen. Use on walls in minimum use areas that will not require high washability, such as, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Eggshell Vinyl Acrylic

Eggshell delivers an 8 to 12 sheen that is typically used for areas that will require a little more washability. Apply in more heavily used living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms. It is easy to apply and spreads nicely.

Satin Vinyl Acrylic

With the highest washability in this line, the 15 to 20 sheen of Satin keeps clean where there may be higher traffic and where durability for continuous washing is needed. Use in family rooms, basements, children’s bedrooms and offices.

Elastermeric Acrylic

Typically, water-based acrylics that are used to bridge a gap on a cementitious surface, such as brick or block walls, poured concrete, and roofing. It is meant to bridge gapes of less than 1/16th of an inch or 1.5mm. The opening should be scrapped out, and it’s best to make a “V” shape to make a sound edge and to “key” into the opening. Of course, remove all debris and dust from the surface. A cement type or liquid caulking is used for openings less than 1/4” inch. For any space larger than 1/4”, use a cement patching compound and patch using a trowel.

The product usually requires many coats to allow the product to move and stay pliable and flexible in extreme weather conditions, whether very hot or very cold. Normally each coat is around 8 to 12 mils wet and minimum 2 to 3 coats are required. The coating can elongate 400 to over 1000 times.

Direct to Metal (DTM) Styrene Acrylic

Direct to Metal Acrylic is available in a number of pre-mixed colors and tint bases to make almost any color. This product is used on clean aluminum, galvanized, (not pitted or rusted steel), and previously painted surfaces primarily for exterior applications. It has very good gloss retention and a high gloss for a water-based coating.

It can be used on exterior metal barns, sheds and other metal surfaces that are not rusty. If rusty please use our rust converter, Aquarius. Aquarius’ Blue Steel, Rust Converter will convert the rust to a hard, stable substrate, with no more rust with two applications.

Epoxy Modified Acrylic Floor Paint

The use of epoxy ester and acrylic resins are common for uses on floor coatings that give both toughness but also some mild chemical resistance. These coatings are used on front porches, light industrial floors and tennis courts, with the addition of some non-reflective aggregate for non-slip surfaces.

Protek Epoxy Modified Acrylic (6160) and Protek’s Protek Step (6170) are excellent exterior porch paint for your cement or wood porch. It is also a great non-glare tennis court coating that helps to give traction and durability.

   Technical Tip

We use only the highest quality Vinyl Acrylics for some of our flatter finishes such as our Studio Flat and Drywall Primer.

Studio Flat Vinyl Acrylic

Studio Flat comes from our Studio Flat line, designed for the Motion Picture and Film Industries. This line was designed to not reflect any light that would interfere with the work of filmmakers and photographers.

It is also used for ceilings to minimize the light reflection and not show the imperfections or lap marks.

Outrageous Orange

Radiant Yellow

Passionate Purple

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Raw Sienna

Raw Umber



Brilliant Blue

Midnight Blue


Forest Green

Flame Red

Emerald Green

Neutral base to make other bright or dark colors

Vinyl Acrylic Drywall Primer or Sealer

Protek Paints’ Drywall Primer and Sealer is an excellent product for not just priming new drywall and joints but at also sealing the surface so that the top coat/finish coat is performing at its’ very best by having an even coat and finish on top of the primer/sealer.

Unlike cheap or inexpensive primers that do not seal the surface and allow the top coat to penetrate or ‘flash’ with an uneven sheen, especially where the drywall mud stops and the drywall begins. Our 4100 DWS Drywall Sealer is an excellent addition to your project for your home or business construction or renovation.

Acrylic House Paint

Non-toxic Acrylic paints have virtually taken over the market for the typical homeowner. Whether for interior or exterior, basement, kitchens, exterior stucco walls acrylic paint is now it for home decor. Protek Paint, in addition to their name brand quality and consistency, developed a market leading product named Traditions ‘Silver Label’. This is the best of class product that the homeowner does not have to trouble over “is it good enough” or “is it the right paint for the job”, good acrylic paint delivers.

Once the choice of the job that is going to be completed and with what type of paint, then there are two main considerations: colour and sheen. Both are important, and both will have a big effect on the end result.

Selecting the right Sheen

For sheen, flatter finishes are generally more forgiving, as they do not accentuate imperfections of the wall or surface. But normally finishes with a little more sheen, are more washable and scrub resistance. Most adult bedrooms and living and dining rooms normally do not require much washing or scrubbing of the surface. In these areas Protek Velvet Acrylic, Protek Eggshell Acrylic or the Traditions Velvet ‘Silver Label’.

   Professional Tip

Our common recommendation is normally to go with at least a little sheen unless the room is not used or ‘abused’ with heavier traffic or living spaces.

  • For family rooms and children bedrooms, normally it is common to wash at least the high traffic or accident areas. In these areas we normally recommend Protek Satin Acrylic, Protek Low Lustre 100% Acrylic and Traditions ‘Silver Label’ Low Lustre or Traditions ‘Silver Label’ Velvet as they are washable.
  • For Kitchens, Bathrooms, doors and trim, if properly prepared and/or primed with our 100% Acrylic Bonding Pro-Stick-Tek primer, commonly used and recommended is our Protek Low Lustre 100% Acrylic, Protek Semi-Gloss 100% Acrylic or Traditions ‘Silver Label’ Low Lustre.
  • All of these finishes have great adhesion, are washable and great hiding properties.
  • All of these products and finishes are also excellent choices for Exterior surfaces, like stucco walls, wood siding and trim.

Colour Selection

Colour is a topic all to itself but generally stick with light shades, if you are unsure or worried about the perception of closing the room in with darker colours. Lighter colours tend to give the perception of a little more space.

Colour is very personal and can bring a personality to any living or work area. Careful use of colour on walls in contrast to paintings or prints on a wall, can make them ‘pop’ off the wall and look even more special. The character of both room and the homeowner can shine through and maybe even add some fun to your normal day.

Acrylic Interior House Paint

Preparing your surfaces is the key to getting a great result. Proper preparation is important to complete the best job. All surfaces should be filled with sparkling compound wherever there are small nail holes, scratches or other minor imperfections. Larger areas may require drywall patches or the use of a fiberglass reinforced tape such as “Fibatape” to bridge larger holes on a wall.

Then applications of drywall compound to smooth and even out the area. Priming these areas normally with not just a primer but a drywall primer/sealer. Protek manufactures such a product called Protek Acrylic Drywall Sealer (4100), that, after sanding and cleaning the repaired surface with both a clean ‘dusting’ with a vacuum or clean rag, is subsequently wiped with a damp cloth, prior to priming.

The coat of the primer/sealer allows for any top coat to stay on top of the surface and not absorb into the porous surface of drywall or patching compound. The finish coat then shows its beautiful finish that is even with both colour and sheen level.

A paintable chalking is normally advised to be used on areas between two surfaces such as; baseboards and walls; window trim and walls. The painted areas normally look more ‘finished’ and is part of a complete job.

Acrylic Paint For Furniture

Knowing how to refurbish furniture with acrylic paint texture is great – if you know how to do it right. The first thing to look at when you’re planning to change the look of your room or furniture is the details. If you’re patient enough to allow your creative juices to flow, there are so many things you can find and do with to re-vamp your space both easily, and cost-effectively.

Perfect planning will create perfect results. Metallic paints are becoming very popular these days, especially brass and gold colors.

   Professional Tip

The toughest coatings for architectural surfaces normally require high adhesion and a superior tough coating that will remain flexible to resist scratching. This type of product is used for kitchen cabinets and trim in almost any home. This durable acrylic paint is frequently used for floor coatings, as well.

Outdoor Acrylic Paint

For exterior surfaces such as stucco, the surface should be cleaned, free of pollution and any peeling paint and any damaged stucco should be repaired. If never previously coated, the use of Protek 100% Acrylic Pro-Stick-Tek Bonding Primer (4150) is advised. This Primer allows the surface to breathe and provide superior bonding properties for exterior acrylic paint. It also provides a great base for your choice of colour and finish to beautify your home or business.

For wood substrate, the same primer can be used but any knots should be ‘spot’ primed first and then a complete coat over the area. If it is new wood, it should be allowed to weather for a few months prior to painting or the surface should be cleaned with a wood cleaner or sandpaper that opens up the surface to take away any ‘mill glaze’ that comes from planning the wood to make it smooth and free of splitters. This mill glaze is like a varnish and prohibits the penetration of the primer and/or paint to provide the best protection and adhesion.

Protek 100% Acrylic Low Lustre, Protek 100% Acrylic Semi-Gloss, Traditions ‘Silver Label’ Velvet, Traditions ‘Silver Label’ Low Lustre are all top of line acrylic urethane and 100% acrylic products for almost any acrylic exterior paint job, even your front door, garage door, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stucco, wood siding & decks if properly prepared and primed.

Superior Adhesion

The superior adhesion and addition of mildewcides will help to protect your investment. In addition, Protek offers;

  • We can make almost any colour.
  • Protek Direct-to-Metal Styrene Acrylic is great for your metal siding or trim, if properly cleaned and prepared. Available in almost any colour.
  • Protek Epoxy Modified Acrylic (6160) and Protek’s Protek Step (6170) are excellent exterior porch paint for your cement or wood porch. Protek Step contains a light aggregate to help to reduce any slipping on your floor. It is also a great non-glare tennis court coating that helps to give traction and durability.

Manufacturing Acrylic Paint

Protek Paint will custom manufacture acrylic paint products for your organization or buying group. We manufacture a full array of household and commercial products including exceptional 100% Acrylic paint in two finishes, Low Lustre and Semi-Gloss, with 3 bases. This product is designed for interior usage, but can be utilized on exterior surfaces including stucco.

In addition, we manufacture a Vinyl Acrylic in Eggshell and Satin finishes, also available in 3 bases and any colour. Of course, our Traditions hybrid paints are simply the best architectural paint we have ever manufactured.

Our specialty acrylic paints include Studio Flat for the motion picture industry, Direct to Metal, Elastermeric, and Epoxy Modified Acrylic Floor paint. Contact us with your acrylic paint manufacturer requirements and we will get any bulk acrylic paint project completed with all the experience and care our organization has to offer.

Acrylic Paint FAQs

What Is Acrylic Paint?

All water-based paints are “Acrylic” and sometimes referred to as “latex”, even though the paint has no latex rubber in the formula. Latex is just become a generic label, meaning that the paint is water soluble and cleans up with water instead of solvent.

Paints of the best quality utilize 100% acrylic resins and also carry the highest cost. An acrylic vinyl blend is more cost effective because Vinyl acrylic has a lower cost. It is best for low traffic areas or in our studio line, where the paint changes frequently.

Keep in mind that hybrid acrylic paints can be water-soluble as well.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal?

With the use of either Protek Paint Direct-to-Metal (DTM) Acrylic paint or the use of Protek Paint’s, 100% Acrylic Pro-Stick-Tek Primer will both adhere excellently to either bare metal, aluminum siding or galvanizing if the surface is cleaned.

How Long For Acrylic Paint To Dry?

It usually takes a couple hours for acrylic paint to dry to the touch but a couple weeks to fully cure.

Is Acrylic Paint Flammable?

Any of our Protek Paint branded Acrylic, 100% Acrylic or blends, are NOT flammable.