Easy to Use Acrylic Plaster

Discover how easy it is to add texture to your space. PROTEK Acrylic products make it easy.

Easy to Use Acrylic Plaster

Discover how easy it is to add texture to your space. PROTEK Acrylic products make it easy.

PROTEK Acrylic Plaster Products

Acrylic plasters are very user-friendly applications for wall finishes when compared to applying Lime Plasters. They can add unique design elements for your space as no two are exactly alike. Much of this depends on how the application is done.

PROTEK has created a group of DIY friendly acrylic products under Urban Paint brand.

Like higher end product applications, once the plaster is dry, different glazes and waxes can make the wall transform into the design style you most desire, while adding another level of protection.

Metallic Plasters: Moiré & Urban

Protek manufacturs two versions of Metallic Acrylic Plaster formulations: Moiré & Urban. Each brand adds a shimmering movement to wall surfaces. These finishes are smooth to the touch but appear to have texture, yet subtle enough to apply to an entire space not just a feature wall.

Moiré has a Subtle and Elegant Finish.

Moiré is a soft shimmering metallic plaster used to decorate interior wall surfaces. It feels smooth and soft to the touch yet gives movement and the illusion of texture.

Even a novice DIYer can produce professional results.

This product can be applied in a variety of ways to achieve a multitude of effects. Depending if it is applied with a brush, roller, spatula or trowel it will result in different effects. Moiré offers excellent adhesion and durability for a long-lasting acrylic plaster wall finish.

Metallic Plaster – Urban Suede

Novice applicators can obtain these professional results!

Suede is a metallic plaster with a larger granular shimmer when a little more sparkle is required. appearance. The subtle movement reflected in the texture gives an interesting shimmer as one moves through the room.

      • It feels smooth to the touch yet textured in appearance.
      • This DIY product can be applied with a brush, roller, spatula or trowel.
      • It requires minimal preparation and offers has excellent adhesion and when fully cured.

Urban Suede – DIY


Design Style: Bold, Metallic Plaster

Granular Acrylic Plaster with Metallic Look
Easier to apply then Lime Plaster
Roller, Brush, or Trowel Applied
Interior Wall Applications
Gold or Pearl Base
Washable Finish

TOLL-FREE: 1 (888) 777-6835

LOCAL: (416) 251-0051


Urban Mud

Urban Mud – DIY


Design Style: Solid & Seamless Coating
Decorate Rough & Cracked Walls
Trowel Applied on Interior Walls
Must be Sealed to be Washable
12 hours working time
DIY Friendly

Urban Mud plaster is used in combination with a coloured paint finish, either eggshell, satin, or metallic. As the Mud plaster is applied, the paint base colour can be seen through the plaster finish.

      • The paint finish has a sheen paired against the flat finish of the mud for an interesting effect often found in wallpaper designs.
      • This finish can be used to effectively mask a troubled wall.
      • The fibrous plaster will hide uneven surfaces and small cracks.

Urban Stone

It has the characteristics of the traditional Italian plasters but is easier to apply. It can mimic the charm of an old world Italian wall.

This is a faux stone acrylic plaster that is granular in texture. Even a novice decorator with a little knowledge combined with someone who seeks a little adventure can apply this product.

      • This finish can be applied throughout an entire room or used solely as a feature wall.
      • The effect can be dramatic or subtle depending on the texture created and the color chosen.
      • Once cured, it is very durable and will last for years.
      • It can be used on both interior or exterior surfaces and can be rolled and or trowelled.
      • It allows for a unique and seamless application that will add warmth and interest to any space.

Urban Concrete

This faux liquid plaster can successfully create the appearance of the concrete.

Concrete Slab

This look is very trending to add an urban industrial loft feel to a wall or area such as a fireplace façade. It is only a fraction of an inch thick yet will look like slabs of concrete have been used.

The finish can be made to look like rough or smooth polished concrete.

Pitted Concrete

Urban Lime Paint

Lime Paint offers natural organic characteristics to a space.

Inspired by the historical lime washes of the past and made with improved formulations this paint can be used both inside and out of the home. Lime will naturally resist the growth of bacteria and mould, so no preservatives are added.

Different effects can be achieved with different applications.

      • Create a soft flowing strié pattern by using a large brush in a linear application. Once dry, react the lime by wetting it with a wet sponge rubbed in a linear fashion. This will appear as though the surface has been naturally weathered.
      • Alternatively, apply in a cross-hatch pattern with a brush and or roller, then burnished and polish with a trowel. The polishing will develop multiple shades and depths of color. This will reveal an organic pattern that resembles Moroccan polished plaster. Normally, this finish is created with authentic lime Italian plaster that has to be installed by a professional.
Lime Strié
Lime Polished Plaster

Urban Texture Acrylic Plaster Coatings

Urban Texture is a mineral plaster used for decorative coats over stable surfaces. The engineered system allows for layer coats, waxes, glazes, and varnish to produce a multitude of outstanding wall texture results. Overall it is a cost-effective method can produce leather, copper and oxidized styles.

Application is done with a combination of rollers, spatulas, brushes, sponges and finishing trowels.

If required, an applicator can be assigned to assist with your creation, or you can joint one of our classes and develop your technique.

Alternatively, you can watch our videos for a learning session.

Crackle Systems Create a Crackle Coating over different finishes

This system can be used as a finish on interior surfaces to produce an aged surface over plaster and painted effects. Aquaglass is applied over acrylic plaster to create antiquing aging.

To complete the effect, one must apply a wash to give the illusion of aging, along with wax or Zero Gloss varnish.

Glazes are part of a System that produce specific Decorative Styles

This engineered system can be used as a acrylic plaster finish on interior surfaces. Typically, they are components of a system that can produce outstanding decorate effects.

  • They can be applied with rags or brushes to get a broken colour effect.
  • Other applications are done with combination of rollers, sea sponges and any other tool that will create the desired effect.

The unique attributes of a good glaze is the amount of working time or wet edge when colored or diluted with acrylic paint. As formulators, Protek can help you control the wet edge time by offering a range of glazes with different wet edge times.

Protecting Your Finish

Acrylic waxes are a comprehensive system of top coatings. Ultimately, the topcoat is both waterproof and abrasion-resistant in order to properly protect your wall finish. Topcoat varnishes are protective coats that create a barrier against dirt and allow stains to be removed with soap and water. The topcoat also has the property of giving unparalleled dimension to the wall finish. Moreover, PROTEK has one of the simplest DIY topcoat application systems on the market today.

NOTE: Colors will become deeper in tone when using topcoat products over them.

  • Acrylic wax contains everything from metals, pearls, iridescence, clear and white to tint, and are all able to be custom coloured.
  • Wax provides sheen and enhances the polished look of the interior finish.

Is generally used over areas where high traffic is a concern over top of Venetian stucco or over metals or finishes where you are unable to burnish, but a high sheen is required.


This product will protect our stone finishes or can be burnished to a high sheen on smooth plasters. Its durability is considered to be for normal traffic and lightly washable to remove light stains. The use of soft soap is recommended for cleaning. Over-wetting is not recommended.


Used for burnishing lime-based mediums. It has a good lime or acrylic compatibility level for protecting these finishes. It is always advisable to test any product that is not made by Texturline when using these waxes as a protective or decorative layer.


Used for burnishing lime-based mediums. It has a good lime or acrylic compatibility level for protecting these a series of metals and iridescent that can be used over plasters, creating realistic looking textured metallic finishes. When combined with stonewash powder pigments, as a patina, the effect of aging can be dramatic and very real.


This dead flat coating the film is invisible to the naked eye. Its principal use is over stone effects plasters where the flat aspect of the material is required.


Is ideal for wood veneer floors or as a furniture coating. Can be pre-catalyzed for a more durable coating on cement floors and countertops.