Alkyd Oil Paint made with Modern Technology

Environmental VOC requirements pushed paint manufactures to be creative and innovative. Protek Paint has risen to be a leader in VOC compliant paint.

The Beginnings of Alkyd Oil Paint

Today, alkyd paint consists of oil-modified polyester that forms the film coating combined with a solvent, such as mineral spirits, to help with flow and leveling when applying the paint. Metal naphthenates are used to catalyze the drying reaction. Various pigments are used to provide hiding power and color development on the painted surface.

Alkyd Started in the 1930’s

Although they are called oil-based, many times these paints are not based on oil. More directly alkyds, or alkyd resins, come from a complex network of polyesters that are the result of development work started in the 1920’s by General Electric to coat over the windings of electrical motors. This became a staple for the paint industry. These resins are the combinations of dicarboxylic acids or their anhydrides and polyfunctional alcohols, from where the name originates. Alkyd is the chemical abbreviation for alcohol (alkyl).

The Origin of Resin

The origin of the resin is the polymerization reaction which occurs between alcohol, such as glycerol, and a dicarboxylic acid or its anhydride. Often phthalic anhydrides are used along with glycerol and allowed to react to form the polyester glyptal. Glyptal was the name General Electric used for its commercially developed resins used by the paint industry.

Types of Oil Mixture

Various types of oils are used for various desired outcomes. The percent of the oil also plays a factor in the desired outcome. Alkyd coatings are typically sold in three classes: long, medium, and short. These terms represent the oil length (chain stopped) in the resin.

Long oil alkyds normally contain 60 percent fatty acid.
Medium oil alkyds normally contain 40–60 percent fatty acid.
Short oil alkyd contains less than 40 percent fatty acid.

Regulations have restricted the continued use of alkyd resins in homes. These have been replaced largely with polyester for industrial applications. Within the paint industry, this indicates a polyester, free of natural-oil modifiers. These polyesters are used extensively today in coatings.

Alkyd Oil Paints in use Today

Today the focus for alkyd oil paints is coating metal, mainly for industrial applications to resist rust and give protection. This includes finishing coats for trucks, trailers, railings, and metal trim. Rust inhibiting enamels have many uses and hold fast-drying properties, referred to drying times of less than 1 hour.

Alkyds normally dry in various times from 1 hour to 10 hours. Some alkyd paints can be used as primers in combination with either Red Oxide or Zinc Oxide (Zinc Rich). Many are used for their adhesion and flexibility or hardness and can be combined with other resin systems to improve these properties.

Protek Shield: A Fast Dry Alkyd built with Modern Technology

High-performance alkyd/acrylic, solvent-based industrial enamel paint coatings can be mono-component or bi-component, used out of the can with an additional catalyst. Adding a catalyst to this mixture improves chemical resistance, chip resistance, flexibility and gloss retention.

Used straight out of the can, this product has excellent adhesion and an extremely glossy surface. Corrosion inhibitors help to make it resistant to rusting. It dries to the touch in around 30 minutes at 70F and lower relative humidity.

Although it can be applied with a brush and roller, the best results are achieved with a spray application. Protek Shield was developed to deliver superior performance, which comes from a professional applicator.

  • Higher temperatures may accelerate the dry time, while humidity and colder temperatures will slow down both the dry and cure times.
  • Higher solids leave behind a very good product build and deliver higher performance.
  • Protek Shield has very low VOCs due to use of solvents that are known not to harm the ozone layer.
  • Specific colours have been developed for name brand industrial tractors, earth moving equipment, and other manufactured products.



Radiant Red

Neutral base to make other bright or dark colors

VT Alkyd Fast Dry (Vinyl Toluol)

This is a quality alkyd paint formulation (solvent-based product) has strong corrosion resistance and a beautiful gloss finish. It is a true workhorse because of its ease of application. It is your best selection when lighter and medium performance is required.

It’s easy to apply with brush, roller or spray, and can be used with mineral spirits for thinning or clean-up. It dries to the touch in just over an hour at 70F with low relative humidity. Warmer temperatures normally speed up the dry and cure but cooler temperatures and higher humidity retard both the dry and cure times.

Gloss White

Gloss Black

Satin/Semi Black

Neutral base to make other bright or dark colors

Rust Inhibiting Enamels

The finest corrosion inhibiting enamels available in a gloss finish. This paint coating has strong corrosion resistant for additional life and a superior lasting finish.  It’s primary use is to protect valuable metal surfaces.

Bright Red


Shutter Green


Bright Red

Tile Red

Dark Brown


Satin/Semi Black

Various tint-able colours from a neutral base

Urethane/Alkyd Floor Enamel

This blend of alkyd and urethane has a durable glossy finish and makes an excellent floor coating. Ideal for your basement or for light and light/medium usage on industrial floors.

This paint can be colored from light colors to medium shades from one neutral base.

Alkyd Architectural Coatings

Protek Paint was founded by an Alkyd Oil Resin maker and our Alkyd Oil Flat is the finest Flat Oil paint available today. The primary use is stucco ceilings because of its high hiding ability and has a very good body that spreads to a beautiful finish. Today we use the lowest odor solvent available, maintaining the tradition of quality for this stellar Flat Alkyd Ceiling Enamel paint.

Alkyd Oil Paints in use today

Due to changes in the Canadian law, oil-based exterior alkyd paints are only allowed on metal products, because an alkyd oil paint medium is very tough, has great adhesion and great hiding power due to a higher percentage of solids. Most often, this oil-based alkyd paint tends to be an industrial application for machinery, heavy equipment, and pumps. It is used on certain consumer products such as bicycles, and the iconic red wagons, plus all types of residential and commercial metal railings.

The way paints are manufactured today, there is no need for oil alkyd paint thinners. The same can be said for oil-based interior and exterior alkyd paint.

Traditions is a Hybrid Alkyd Oil Paint

Traditions Gold is amongst the best quality paints on the market today, utilizing the latest paint & coatings technology, which comes from soya bean oil, a renewable resource. This allows us to develop products that yeild similar properties of a typical alkyd but without the use of traditional solvents. This lead to the development of Hybrid Alkyds that use water as the solvent.

With the introduction of legislation to reduce the use of solvents over the last 20 plus years, many alkyd oil paints had to reduce their Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Traditions Gold combines a conventional highly durable alkyd oil and emulsifying it in water to obtain a remarkable durable finish that is combined with a urethane. As a result, Traditions Gold is very environmentally friendly.

This is the first of two very distinctive product lines we developed to celebrate of the 65th anniversary of Protek Paint and honour the Rogers’ family tradition of making the finest quality paints.


Traditions Gold can be used on the interior and exterior of the home. When dry it delivers tremendous durability, has little or no odour, and can be used on tough wearing areas such as interior and exterior wood trim, cabinets, and doors. This is due to its superior adhesion and scrub-ability.

To meet universal environment regulations for low VOCs, Alkyd Paints are made water-reducible by the addition of free acid groups to the molecules. In the presence of a base such as ammonia, these groups allow the polymers to be solubilized in water rather than in organic solvents.

Usually a co-solvent, such as 2-butoxyethanol, is necessary to maintain a stable solution, and under these conditions the ester linkages (the basis of the alkyd polymer chain) are vulnerable to breakage by hydrolysis. In this case, special monomers are often introduced to give the chain hydrolytic stability. VOC levels are 20 to 30 grams per litre but give a very long-lasting paint coating. In summary, changes in the legislative use of solvents require most products to increase their solids percentage or use compliant exempt solvent in order to have a safer environment.

Other Top Quality Alkyd Oil Products

Again, due to VOC regulation changes, many innovations have been made and Protek Paint continues to develop innovative solutions that leads the way, along with top notch products manufactured by others that Protek Paint is proud to distribute.


These varnishes are VOC compliant and are used today for floors and furniture instead of alkyd oil clear coats. Solvent-based varnishes normally ‘yellow’ more over time.



Protek Paint distributes this product line that uses alkyd hybrid technology to replace alkyd oil stains.

TIMBERPRO Product Details


We manufacture this product, which replaces alkyd oil wood primers and alkyd oil paint primers. Our primer will adhere to previously painted oil-based surfaces.

PRO-STICK-TEK Product Details

Protek Alkyd Oil Paint Manufacturing

Protek Paint was founded in 1950 and the first paint we manufactured was an Alkyd Oil paint coating using an alkyd resin manufacturing process. This manufacturing tradition is still alive in our Alkyd Flat paint brand aimed at stucco ceilings. However, our manufacturing energy has turned towards industrial products such as Protek Shield & VT Fast Dry products plus Rust Inhibiting Enamels.

We also manufacture Traditions Gold using the latest hybrid technology, soya bean oil, a renewable resource. This allows us to produce a Hybrid Alkyd paint with great durability that is soluble in water and has low VOC’s. With these accumulated paint manufacturing skill gained over the past 70 years, you can draw on our expertise to discuss your industrial coatings or manufacturing paint requirements.

Alkyd Oil Paint FAQs

Are alkyd paints oil based?

Commonly interchanged terminology in Canada and USA for paint that is used on wood and metal and is cleaned up with Mineral Spirits, Paint Thinners or Varsol.

Is alkyd paint the same as oil?

YES, Alkyd is the same as Oil when it comes to paint. The term “Oil” can be related to the term ‘soluble with solvent’. Oil paint requires a solvent for clean up.

Is alkyd enamel oil based?

Yes, Alkyd Enamel is Oil based.