Protek Anti-Graffiti Coatings

PROTEK Paint has many different variations including its’ Brand under the name of Aquarius Coatings.

Wipe Away Unwanted Graffiti

The use of Anti-Graffiti coatings that spray paint or other marking pens will not adhere to the surface on which was previously treated with a PROTEK Anti-Graffiti coating. When solvents are used to wash down contaminated surfaces, they soften and break up the paints that form graffiti. These solvents will NOT damage PROTEK Armaglaze Anti-Graffiti Coatings. Thus, the graffiti can be removed.

PROTEK Armaglaze Anti-Graffiti Paint Advantages

There are many advantages for PROTEK Armaglaze Anti-Graffiti Paint.

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Very low odour, suitable for interior / exterior application
  • Outstanding exterior durability, gloss and colour retention properties
  • Good resistance to solvents and chemicals
  • Exceptional anti graffiti properties and asset protection capability

Water Based & VOC Compliant Solvent Solutions

PROTEK Paint has developed both a Water-based and Solvent-Based Two-Component (2K) systems that can either go over most substrates either pigmented or clear if the surface is properly prepared of primed.

Armaglaze WB 6000

Water-based version

Armaglaze 9000

VOC compliant solvent based version

Armaglaze® WB 6000 and Armaglaze® 9000 are architectural protective coating systems designed for industrial and/or commercial application on concrete, masonry and other construction materials and surfaces in non-immersion service. Armaglaze coatings are attractive, easy to clean and maintain, offering exceptional levels of weathering, durability, colour and gloss retention.

A typical example is a bridge underpass coated with either a clear or pigmented Anti-Graffiti coating and when it gets ‘tagged’ with a spray can of paint, it is easily wiped off with ARMAKLEEN® 1-2-3.

PROTEK Paint has developed both a Water-based and Solvent-Based Two-Component (2K) systems that can either go over most substrates either pigmented or clear if the surface is properly prepared of primed.


To clean the surface after the surface has been ‘tagged’ with Aerosol Spray Paint after the surface has been painted with Armaglaze the use of Armakleen 1-2-3 makes it easy to remove.

Cleaner removes graffiti paint and marking from most surfaces coated with non-sacrificial anti-graffiti paint and various additional painted and smooth non-porous surfaces such as:

  1. Is non-flammable, non-corrosive and contains no methylene chloride.
  2. Has a pleasant citrus odour, is biodegradable, ozone friendly and easy to use.

Protect Against Graffiti

Armaglaze® WB 6000 exhibits graffiti protective properties because when anti-graffiti coating is completely cured it is resistant to most solvent attacks and Graffiti does not penetrate the anti-graffiti coating film.

Armaglaze® WB 6000 requires full five (5) day cure to reach maximum graffiti protection.
For exterior jobs on porous substrates requiring coating or graffiti protection to only the first 8 to 10 feet (2.4 m to 3.0 m) of wall, leave the first few inches (centimetres) at base of wall free of coating for escape of any water or moisture inside the wall.

Graffiti Clean-Up

Apply ARMAKLEEN® 1-2-3 directly onto the graffiti. Allow cleaner to stay on the graffiti for 1 – 3 minutes before removing with a wet towel, soft cloth or water wash. For old or heavy graffiti repeat as necessary until clean. Some colours, dyes and inks may take longer to remove. If necessary, use a soft bristle brush to work cleaner into heavy graffiti or graffiti on uncoated surfaces. Lower temperature may increase, and higher temperature reduce application time.

Surface Priming

Prior to application of Armaglaze® WB 6000 coatings to new work, porous surfaces (masonry and concrete) and other surfaces requiring preparation must be sealed with water-based primer/sealer.

  • Armaglaze® WB 6000 is compatible with most coating systems.
  • To test compatibility, apply Armaglaze® WB 6000 to a small inconspicuous surface area on the substrate. Previously painted surfaces should be properly prepared and tested to check that Armaglaze® WB 6000 does not wrinkle or discolour existing paints. If in doubt, strip back to bare surface and reseal.

PROTEK Armaglaze WB 6000 Anti-Graffiti Coating Application

Below are the application procedures for this product.

  • Do not apply Armaglaze® WB 6000 when relative humidity is above 80% and material and/or substrate temperatures are or have been (within 24 hours of intended application) greater than 35°C/95°F or lower than 10°C/50°F. Store the product at room temperature prior to application.
  • Apply coating by brush, roller or spray. Spray applications require competent, experienced applicators.
  • If applied by roller avoid introduction of air bubbles in the film. Rollers with a nap of 5 mm to 8 mm (approximately 3/8″) are recommended.
  • Reduce with clean water at about 5 to 7% if necessary. For spray applications up to 10% can be added. Allow the mixed product stand for 10 minutes before reduction.
  • Two coats of Armaglaze® WB 6000 are recommended over properly prepared and sealed surfaces.
  • Apply to dry film thickness of 1-2 mils (2-4 mils wet film thickness) per coat. Any runs should be brushed or rolled out as they occur, and not allowed to cure hard.
  • Overcoat when dry to touch or within thirty-six (36) hours. If the recommended 36 hours recoat time is exceeded abrade the surface.