Extensive group of Architecture Textures & Finishes

Protek offers decorative lime plaster & other professional architectural texture products, along with a full range of glazes, metallic paints and speciality coatings.

Extensive group of Architecture Textures & Finishes

Protek offers decorative lime plaster & other professional architectural texture products, along with a full range of glazes, metallic paints and speciality coatings.

Decorative Limestone Plaster options is like having an Architecture Texture Library

Decorative Lime Plaster provides different textures in architecture that create spaces with unique design elements to match the design desires of architects, designers and owners.

Decorative Lime plaster is utilized in;

  • Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Offices
  • Entrance Ways
  • Foyers
  • & throughout commercial buildings

Interior lime plastered walls place you within an elegant design setting, fulfilling the importance of texture in architecture.

Most of all, decorative lime plasters provide textured architecture finishes for any wall or building interior where they are applied.

Decorative Lime Plastered Walls Place you Within an Elegant Design Setting

Decorative lime plasters consist of natural materials with low environmental impact that is driving their popularity.

These limestone architectural textures increase the appreciation for incorporating natural design elements in our everyday living and working spaces. They literally inject earth like designs.

Recent technological changes to decorative lime plaster mix has made them easier to apply. Protek imports many different kinds of natural lime plaster directly form Italy.

Polished Lime Plasters provide Venetian Styles

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) that is combined with slate lime to create a lime putty (grassello). Used since antiquity, Italian lime plasters have been part of the construction trade for both decorative and load bearing building elements.

These plasters are graded according to the size of the marble grain from extremely fine to coarse. The finest grains have the highest sheen obtained from the polishing process and are often termed as ‘Marmorino Plaster’, one of the most requested polished lime plaster finishes.

Marmorino Carrara over metallic paint

High Gloss Lime based Venetian plaster

   Technical Tip

It is the way light is refracted by the calcite crystals in Marmorino Plasters that provide a shimmering or lustrous look that is 100% natural.

Lime Plaster advantages allow for diverse design options

As a traditional method of coating architectural surfaces, decorative lime plaster has always delivered a superior result due to its many inherent qualities; texture & colour selection, multiple finihing options and being 100% natural. Today, modern architectural textures can benefit from the custom design capabilities provided by decorative lime plasters.

Tadelakt Plaster in a Commercial Space

Tadelakt Moroccan Lime Plastered Bath

Decorative Lime plaster is composed of sand, lime, and water making it breathable, especially in humid areas such as bathrooms. If moisture gets stuck inside walls then health risks can increase, due to mold, as well as issues concerning the buildings’ structure.

Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan wall finish, originating in the Marrakesh region. It can be found in Moroccan steam baths, and traditional Moroccan houses of Marrakesh. It has a smooth appearance, slightly shiny like Marmorino Carrara, but thicker and less textured.

Tadelakt, for centuries, has been appreciated for its durability and its aesthetically pleasing exotic appearance in wet areas such as showers and spas, as well as on floors and countertops. It can be finished with dark or light Olive Oil Soap.

   Technical Tip

Tadelakt is similar to Marmorino and is usually applied in 2 coats with a trowel. It can be coloured as required and once fully dry Tadelakt is protected by a special cream soap that must be completely absorbed.


DUETTO is an eco-friendly, trowel-applied, medium/fine mixed grain wall coating, obtained from natural slaked-lime calcinated in wood-fire kilns. A selection of mixed marble powders are added. Suitable for indoor application, it has a nicely textured semi-matt finish.


Intonachino is one of the most decorative finishes among the Italian lime-based plasters. It allows you to achieve very desirable effects, as it mimics antique plaster. In comes in three (3) different granules: Extra Fine, Fine, and Medium.


Calcite is an eco-friendly, coarse grain, trowel-applied wall coating product, obtained from natural slaked-lime calcinated in wood-fire kilns and selected marble powders.

Velvety and textured stone effect, when mixed with additives, creates emotional and fascinating atmosphere.

Adding metallic elements produces dramatic effects.


Travetino Roma is a coarse grain, trowel-applied wall coating product, obtained from natural slaked-lime calcinated in wood-fire kilns. Marble powders can be added, which leads to the creation of countless decorative finishes, depending on the application technique. With Travetino Roma you can create smooth to intensely textured effects, depending on the application technique.

Protek Manufactures Professional Acrylic Plasters

Protek manufactures a full range of acrylic plasters and other professional products under the brand Texturline worldwide. These acrylic plasters can duplicate the looks of decorative lime plasters and innovate by incorporating elements that provide modern textures relevant to architecture designs. Our acrylic plasters make Protek one of the premier architectural finish manufacturers in North America.

Many acrylic coatings are self-sealing and washable, eliminating some construction steps and materials. Acrylic plasters are flexible and robust, making them suitable for all surfaces and are straight forward to repair.

Acrylic Venetian plaster

Verdigris over copper plaster & waxes

Dome ceiling consisting of Texture Base Acrylic Plaster & Mettallic Waxes

Moiré Gold Fireplace

Protek Architectural Finishes List

Our creativity, experience and manufacturing expertise allow us to offer a system of genuine, high-quality Venetian and Decorative Lime Plasters for professional applicators, so they can fully display their talents as artisans. Our main collection is made up of Marmorino Plaster in varied aggregate sizes and custom coloured to meet all the needs requested in the marketplace to produce different types of wall finishes for architectural design.

Designers and architects can choose from a full range of Protek Product options to meet the needs of both their residential and commercial clients. Working with artisans, the best lime or acrylic plaster can be selected for the project and combined with colour, additives, and topcoats along with a specific application technique to ensure clients are completely satisfied with a unique design from the Protek architectural finishes palette. Designers, artisans and architects can choose a full range of options to meet the needs of both their residential and commercial clients.

Protek products can be divided into three distinct groups;


Plasters that are used either as putty lime or Grassello (i.e. Marmorino) to make a stable wet plaster with a 3-year shelf life.

These plaster styles produce different architecture textures from a glass-like polish to very smooth to extremely textured with a varied relief.


Dry bagged plaster lime mixed with an aggregate, either marble or sand, has a limited cure time once mixed with water.

Dry products duplicate group (a) above but offer applicators the advantage of mix control over the viscosity of the paste, to shorten or lengthen cure times.


Acrylic plaster is a wet mix like group (a), but lime is substituted with an acrylic binder. Acrylic plaster is a relatively new texture that has its advantages in stability, ease of coloration and it’s easier to apply. Available in Acrylic Venetian Plaster (i.e. very smooth) and Texture Base (smooth to coarse) textures and can be polished accordingly to achieve different types of architectural wall finishes in design.

Protek Interior Architectural Finishes





Marmorino Classico


Lucido Grassello


Marmorino Carrara






Roma Travertino












Cream WaxLuci
Beeswax CreamVermiculite
Natural WaxFiamme de Rochas
Tadelakt Wax LightCoccio Pesto Fleck
Tadelakt Wax DarkMother of Pearl
Parafin WaxMica Flake
Beeswax LiquidGlass Flake
Natural WaxSalt & Pepper Fleck
Marseilles Soap




Acrylic Venetian Plaster
Urban Texture
Carolina Sandstone


Texture Stone
Urban Moire Acrylic Plaster


Satin WaxExtender Glaze
Flat WaxBasic Glaze
Burnishing WaxEz Glaze
Metallic WaxPrime Glaze
Scumble Glaze
Satin VarnishEz Crackle
Zero Gloss VarnishAquaglass

Protek Exterior Architectural Finishes


Protek is one of North America’s premier Lime Plaster Suppliers

Our experence with lime based venetian plaster, or lime based decorative plasters is extensive. We supply some of the highest-quality lime plasters available in the marketplace today along with applicators who are able to complete lime plaster applications at the highest level of professionaliusm and creative artisan abilities. Naturally we supply specific lime plastering tools and lime plaster pigments needed for this work. You can count on Protek to be well supplied whenever you want buy lime plaster products, both ready mixed lime plaster and bagged powder.

Lime Plaster FAQs

How To Colour Lime Plaster?

We offer custom color service. It is part of professional level of service we provide our customers.

How Long Does Lime Plaster Take To Dry?

Decorative Lime Plaster takes 24 hours for the 1st coat to dry. However, the total cure time is 14 days.