Colour Matching Services

At PROTEK Paint, we specialize in making your special needs of Colour come to life.

Colour Matching Services

At PROTEK Paint, we specialize in making your special needs of Colour come to life.

How do Humans See Colour?

Three different types of Cones locaed in your eye are responsible for our ability to see colour. Each type of Cone is sensitive to a different wavelength range, corresponding to Blue Spectrum (Short), Green Spectrum (Medium) and Red Spectrum (Long). Humans see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, from about 400 nm to 700 nm. Coloured light takes a detour over the surface of an object.

Metamerism, in Colourimetry, is the matching of colours that are perceived with different (nonmatching) spectral power distributions.

   Professional Tip

In the paint industry a “good match” attempts to allow for two colours to look similar in various light sources that may be present in the areas where the paint could be coated. Fluorescent or incandescence’s for example. For best results, it is best to use the same pigments that were used in the original colour when matching if at all possible. Many times, this is not possible or known.

Paint Industry Colour Matches

Best matches are made using the same base colour and colours in the original.

“Color Is” Colour Fandeck from COLOR GUILD

The new Colour Fandeck from COLOR GUILD allows us to maintain our leadership in the area of custom colour. As colour experts, PROTEK Paint helps solve colour challenges faced by designers, architects and manufacturing industries worldwide.

To be better able to see all of COLOR IS Digital Fan Deck pallette you can view it online at:

The “Color Is” System, which is the foundation of our colour offerings, came after many years of research. Color Guild colorist’s specialize in colour forecasting, making us ahead of the always changing colour curve. This allows our clients to choose from over 1300 colours.

COLOR GUILD is comprised of more than 55 regional paint manufacturers and 8 licensees from 16 different countries and is dedicated to the marketing, promotion and selling of paint products.

The COLOR GUILD has a heritage reaching back over 45 years during which time they have gained a vast knowledge of colour to be A GLOBAL PAINT & COLOUR AUTHORITY. PROTEK Paint is proud to be a member.

Colourizer Program

To be able to see a look for your home try our Colourizer Program that allows for you to be able to visualize the colours that you choose please use the link below.  It is a really valuable to help anyone with their colour selection:

At PROTEK Paint we meet your needs by matching your colour both by eye as well as by Spectrophotometer or Colour Eye from Datacolor. You can be assured of a quality result by:

  1. Colouring your Primer or base coat to better allow hiding, with your wall paint choice.
  2. Colour your Venetian Plaster, whether our Imported Italian Lime or our URBAN Acrylic Plasters.

Datacolor Spectrophotometers Measure & Evaluate Colour

They are part of a broader colour computer program to capture and communicate the accuracy of colour samples and their matches or reproducibility. At PROTEK Paint, a spectrophotometer is used to measure many various types of samples to deliver the desired colour.

To match colours at Protek Paint we use a Datacolor Spectrophometer that incorporates the CIE colour model, or CIE XYZ colour space, CIELAB, where L refers to luminance, A the red/green axis, and B the blue/yellow axis. Yet another model, CIE L*C*h, factors in lightness, chroma, and hue. CIE is a mapping system that plots colours in a 3D space using red, green, and blue values as the axes.

Colour Dispersions

Our Sister company, Microcolor Dispersions, is a colour dispersion house that are experts in colour reproduction, grinding and manufacturing the finest liquid colour for almost any application. This close association helps us to help our customers.

In addition to paint and colourants, Microcolor Dispersions can be your liquid colour specialist for other colour applications such as; Chalking, Ink, Rubber, Plastic, Foam or other items.

At PROTEK Paint we are truly colour experts for all of your paint colour coatings needs.