We offer Custom Manufacturing Services

We offer Custom Manufacturing Services

Custom Paint & Wall Texture Manufacturer

Our custom manufacturing services are tailored to your requirements. Over three (3) generations, we have built the expertise, staff and equipment to take on any project. With our extensive contacts we have the resources to overcome any problem that arises.

Partnering with Protek provides you with access our years of Industrial and Architectural paint research to come to a solution that works for your product. Sometimes specific equipment or adaptors must be made or purchased to help to achieve the best results.

This machinery could be part of our current manufacturing processes or we can invest in additional equipment ourselves or arrange a partner purchase. It depends how we structure our agreement and what works best for everyone.

Another one of our Key competencies is Wall Textures, both traditional lime plaster and modern acrylic products. This allows us to assist or complete any research requirements to complete any project.

Why Protek Paints?

Coming up to 70 years of manufacturing experience we have built a team that includes a colour laboratory, manufacturing area, finishing rooms and warehousing capabilities. We are your one-stop custom paint and wall texture manufacturer, ensuring your project is a complete success and all parts are working properly together to achieve a successful outcome.

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