We’re back with Live In-Studio Classes!

Get in-person training from our Plaster Masters! It is a great place to learn new techniques and make new friends. Our Studio is located at 21 Belvia Road in Toronto.

The outline for classes is below, along with current regulatory conditions.

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We’re back with Live In-Studio Classes
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Get in-person training from our Plaster Masters! It is a great place to learn new techniques and make new friends. Our Studio is located at 21 Belvia Road in Toronto.

The outline for classes is below, along with current regulatory conditions.

Contact Us about proposed dates and scheduling.

Live Studio Classroom with Real Site Conditions

Decorative plastering is a trade unto itself and takes both skill and experience to do it well. As a result, classes have been divided up the into categories based on products, Acrylic & Lime-Based, as well as the skill and techniques used for each design variation.

Exceptional Acrylic Plaster finishes require Top Coat treatments that take them to the next level, while Lime-Based products rely on layering with additives to achieve exquisite results. BOTH Products require skill that is built over time, allowing applicators to expand their different design styles using specific techniques.

In our studio classes we work on walls with interior and exterior corners, to simulate real site conditions. This will achieve a better understanding of difficulties that are on every job site. We strongly suggest practising at home after each class to perfect your skill level on these decorative finishes. Each studio class has a special discounted offer to encourage future development.

All about Acrylic Plaster Systems in Two Days: $1,000 CAD

The class consists of creating effects on MDF boards as well as practicing on a wall setup, to work on interior and exterior corners helping also on how to balance the overall effect. This totals 18 boards 24 x 16-inch samples over the two days. 

This studio program covers a full range of Acrylic Plaster and Paint products from a variety of manufacturers. These include both PROTEK Texturline & Urban brands, Valpaint wall systems and Coverit acrylic paints.

With this program you qualify for a 15% discount on all tools and plaster bought on the last day of the studio class. Colour choice for sample products will be done at the end of the first day and the goods will be supplied within 7 days or less depending on the quantities ordered and must be paid when ordering.

Taking advantage of this studio offer will offset the class cost and you can practice creating samples adapted for your clientele. There is no limit on this one-time class studio offer.

The effects taught during this studio class will include;

  • Acrylic Venetian Plaster in black and a two-color version polished to gloss.
  • A version of a clay look with a flat finish.
  • An opalescent white on white, a metallic spatulato technique in gold and silver and a copper oxidation effect.
  • Several textured antique and polished concrete looks with Urban Stone & Concrete along with Carolina Sandstone.
  • A sample of Calce Veneziano and liquid lime polished plaster.
  • A new item added to our range is Rococo mirror shine acrylic from Valpaint.
  • An old but tried favorite Moiré silk plaster in white and an accent tone.
  • From the Urban line a suede and limewash.
  • From Coverit two brush textures Tratti and Sensi.
  • From Valpaint a rust finish that does not need oxidizing called Corten and the multi-colour product Klondike that uses a unique brush and trowel .
NOTE: If you have never done trowel work please take our Basic Training before this class.

3 Days covering Decorative Lime Plasters: $1,500 CAD

During this course we explore the entire range of the Italian Coverit lime-based plaster products, which we are the exclusive distributors for North America. 3 days are required due to the drying time needed for this discipline.

Upon completing this certification class, you are entitles to our premium pricing at a 15% discount off MRSP. We will colour match any colour off the printed Coverit range in the catalogue, with no tinting up-charge.

This comprehensive program is the ultimate in decorative lime-based plaster finishes offered anywhere on the continent. You can except to complete 20 or more samples on 24” x 16” MDF Boards (Size due to weight).

COVERIT Plasters: Marmorino Super Lucido Grassello, Marmorino Classico, Marmorino Carrara, Marmorino Duetto, Vesuvio, Travertino Roma & Calcite.

We cover the basic techniques, with images that match to the Coverit catalogue often used as a reference by architects and designers. Going further we will be applying specialty finishes we have been proven over the past 20 years.

Layering varies grain sizes is key for lime-based decorative finishes. Fine is a typical lime plaster texture, Medium is for coarse aspect Tuscan looks. Another plaster we included is Carrara coarse. a heavy texture that can be polished on the high spots. Intonachino in varies grain sizes X fine is a replacement for clay plaster but more solid.

You qualify for a 15% discount on all tools and plaster bought during the class. Also included is a CO.ME Bianko medium Trowel in a leather protective wallet.

CO.ME Bianko trowels are the best for decorative plaster finishes because they leave no marks in the hands of true professionals. We package untinted samples size plasters (quarts) as requested at discounted prices (up to 35%). At the class end, many participants want specific colours and these are prepared at no extra cost. Waxes and additives are also available in 8oz jars.

1 Day Basic Training: $350 CAD

Our one-day program covers an introduction to the different decorative finishes available and methods of application. Included with the class is an 8-inch CO.ME trowel and quart cans of Acrylic Venetian Plaster and Texturstone both tinted to a medium Grey. To polish and protect your plaster finish, Burnishing Wax and Zero Gloss Varnish are also provided in 8-oz jars.

The studio class is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Tools and their uses. Here we cover the professional Italian tools. application range and costs, plus the bare essentials to create different decorative finishes.

Part 2: Plaster Overview. These include Texturline Acrylic plaster and paint systems along with Decorative lime-based plasters from Italy and all three types of Micro Toppings, Cement, Lime-based and Acrylic along with proper concrete preparation and protection.

Part 3: Hands on training with acrylic plaster. This basic introduction for using a trowel and other tools to create Venetian plaster polished effects or a cement look using our acrylic texturing system with waxes and varnishes. This work will be applied to MDF boards completing 4 panels.

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    Our Studio is located at 21 Belvia Road in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Our studio classes are run by Barry Affleck, our resident expert on all things to do with decorative plaster in both traditional and modern methods. Barry has 50 Years’ experience and can be a valuable source for your future projects. We call him a true ‘Plaster Master’ who for many years has assisted our clientele with final projects, estimates, specifications and exceptional technical support.
  • All classes will be catered by a local restaurant at our cost. Please indicate any allergies or preferences Vegan or vegetarian. We will have bagels and coffee available for breakfast. We can arrange hotel accommodations at a local establishment at a competitive price where we can pick you up and drop you off from our facility
  • In Ontario ‘masking mandates’ and ‘proof of vaccination’ rules were discontinued as of March 2022. Although this rule has been lifted individuals can self-assess and decide if they wish to protect themselves by wearing one. We have taken certain distancing measures in the studio, also restricting the number of participants to three. We will provide sanitizing cleaner on each table as well.