Ecobeton Manufactures Cement Microtopping & Waterproofing Sealers

Their focus is on water-based, environmentally friendly products that have low VOC’s and high design aesthetics.

Water-Based Non-Toxic Products

Ecobeton manufactures non-toxic products with a waterproof finish. These are single-component products are specially designed for surfaces that come into contact with water and wet environments.


Transparent stain and scratch resistance coatings with a textured appearance.


Microbond® coating with custom design styles of different finishes & colours.


The substrate can be concrete, old tiles, wood, bricks, stone, and plasterboard.


Self-Leveling Overlay is for consistent strength performance.

Microcement Technology for Floors, Walls & Stairs

Microbond products were designed for high performance, to withstand shock, weight, and liquid substances. The strength is tempered by beauty, providing unique design styles to floors and walls with a continuous coating. Having built in waterproofing qualities, Ecobeton Microcement coatings are very resistant to food, cosmetics, chemical cleaning or other products. Microcement has a modern, minimalist character that enhances design choices.

Interior & Exterior

Walkways, Stairways, & Stairs

Ecobeton products are low thickness applications making them ideal for stairways, risers, even handrails if required. The continuity effect can be achieved between different surfaces such as on a staircase and on the adjacent wall. Having great visual impact with anti-slip safety and solid performance is the perfect combination for finishing, even a renewal. Works on both indoor or outdoor stairs and steps.

Custom Design Styles with Perception

Ecobeton continuous coatings provide an expanded perception of space, establishing elegance with a unique aesthetic design style. Custom options are numerous, giving you the chance to select creative combinations that suit your design style. Combining it with natural materials, like aged wood, carriers a striking impact.

Industrial design styles with a continuous linear effect are easily achieved. This modern cohesive design style is enhanced by the properties of Ecobeton Microcement.

Adding refined raw materials like reclaimed Carrara marble powder further enhances the professional look.

Creating custom indoor or outdoor environments using Ecobeton products is easy, using the best mix of coatings, matt or gloss finishes, incorporating other materials, and having a wide selection of colours to choose from.

Strong Industrial Design Styles

Bathrooms & Wet Areas

Due to the presence of water, technical decisions come with design style choices for both comfort and hygiene reasons. Ecobeton Microcements are ideal for areas in contact with water because it does not have joints.

The area becomes completely waterproof.

Ecobeton microcements deal with the humidity well, while delivering original, creative design styles, for different settings.

This is also a perfect product solution for swimming pools, sauna’s or Turkish baths, delivering an attractive, modern look.

These textured surfaces are both pleasing and easy on the eye.

Ecobeton Sealing for Concrete, Wood & Stone

The Ecobeton PROTECTION line increases the durability of construction materials such as concrete, wood and stone. These are environmentally friendly waterproofing products and cement coatings for refurbishing. Instead of building materials deteriorating they are consolidated, with a waterproof barrier against water & moisture.

Tremendous Cost Savings over time!

Evercrete is an Aqueous Concrete Sealing Product

This is a special waterproofing and antideterioration product for concrete that can penetrate up to 40 mm and become a waterproofing barrier itself. It is colourless and has no films on the surface. As a result, the concrete keeps its natural aspect.

Solid waterproofing must take into consideration natural deterioration along with the original concrete mix, human errors, laying weather and use of that concrete. The goal is consolidate (i.e. coat it) and thereby protect it. Concrete is porose, so the lack of protection may cause crumbling, fissuring, detachments, expulsion, carbonation, or rebar corrosion that can accelerate deterioration.

Evercrete Vertofluid Sealer Benefits

Evercrete can replace other systems (bituminous membranes, water repellent products, impregnating agents) both vertically and horizontally. It can be effective in negative pressure (up to 10 atm. Concrete remains intact, healthy, consolidated and breathable thanks to the action taken in advance.