Faux Finish & Textures

Our diverse line of faux finishing products can help you create just about any kind of style, feel and look you want for your décor.

Faux Finish Applications

Faux leather finishes can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as ceilings, walls, trim, cabinetry, furniture, doors, and fireplaces. Using faux finish paints, glazes, texturing plasters and metallic mediums allows for a wide variety of amazing finishes. There are many décor styles that can be achieved such as mimicking metallic bronze, rust and copper patina finishes either on walls or furniture surfaces, and even painted faux leather finishes to name a few!

Bronze & Copper Leather
Reptile leather

Metal Faux Finish

There is a wide variety of faux metal finishes. A faux cast iron, rust and copper patina finishes are fabulous and simple applications. Protek offers a wide variety of products Metal paints, waxes and foils that can be used to create these styles.

Faux Finishes for Kitchen

Faux finish cabinet doors can be achieved by applying Protek products. Color & Seal can add color while letting the wood grain show through. You can use Cottage Paint clay/chalk paint formula to achieve a distressed look. Glazes can add antiquing or woodgrain faux finishes and Urban Metal creates a vintage industrial look.

Faux Finish Fireplace

Faux finish your fireplace with just about any of our products to completely change its dated look. Create a faux Tuscan wall finish on it, or perhaps and industrial look, or make it appear like concrete. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Faux Finishes for Furniture

The possibilities for faux finish furniture techniques you can apply are endless! Whether you want to achieve a shabby chic or rustic or cottage look, or create a mahogany, or a weathered wood faux finish, we have the paints, the specialty products and the tools to make the transformation possible.

Faux Finish Techniques

We carry a vast range of faux finish supplies, tools and brushes to make the finishes you want. This would include rounded steel spatulas and trowels, microfiber and patterned rollers, specialty brushes and pads.

Marble Faux Finish Techniques

The ability to imitate marble can vary from more simple patterns to more complex and intricate details. The more detailed it is the more real it looks and the more expensive it is to install. There are some easier forms that work on smaller surfaces like marble paint pours. These are exciting and fun to do and surprisingly the most novice pourer can end up with a believable piece of faux marble table to. Obviously, this method can not be done on a wall and it is recommended to leave the marbleizing to the pros on wall or column surfaces. They can make it look easy, but it takes skill and artistic ability to perfect this faux finish marbleizing technique.

Glazing is a very popular method of creating a wide variety of different effects. It is a transparent medium that can be used to create depth and emphasize texture on several faux finish walls. It can simply be applied on top of a paint color to give the illusion of texture. The term usually used for this application is smooshing. This is one of the easiest applications to create a texture making faux finish glaze one of the most affordable techniques. This application can be applied by a DIYer if instructions are followed.

Wall Glazing Faux Finish Technique

Another glazing application is a wood faux finish technique. With the use of a wood graining tool, one can drag and slide the tool across a smooth surface to create faux wood grain.

It is possible with a few different products to create a faux leather application. By applying a textured medium or glaze and imprinting it with a fabric or plastic material a creased leather pattern can be applied on a wall. Then covering that surface with some metallic waxes and glaze it can be a very convincing leather texture. This is a rich masculine look and great for a study or man cave application. This leather faux application can also be used on chairs with old out of date fabrics. If done well once painted, glazed and sealed these chairs look very much like new leather chairs.

Metal Faux Finish Technique

A modern faux metal finish is a very trending finish in today’s decorating world. There are several different applications that can be used to create a wide variety of steampunk industrial looks. From polished steel, bolted and riveted tin plates can be created by using several products in multiple layers. There are trending tones of gold silver bronze and copper being used to create some unique finishes. Some applications are easy with a little instructional assistance, while others require a qualified professional installation.

Faux Verdigris Finish Techniques

A modern copper faux finish techniques (verdigris) are very popular industrial décor styling. This finish is timeless and exciting to add to any room in the home. The warmth of the copper color mixed with the varied depths of teal and greens of exposed age copper, is a great way to add warmth and character to a space in your home. The balance of copper to verdigris coloring is in your control as this finish is applied and is not a reaction.

Metal Rust Faux Finish

The organic naturally evolving rust patterns give a real warm earthy element to a space. The rust is real, and it is an authentic reaction and transforms into a wonderfully organic grungy art piece that adds character and interest to a space. This finish will be remembered by all who experience it. It is not for the faint at heart and is one of the most daring applications. But for those who can pull this off and strategically place this feature within a space effectively, it will surely be talked about for years to come.

Faux Finish FAQs

How to remove faux finish

Most finishes we sell are smooth with divots or negative voids that can be easily skimmed and filled back to a smooth surface. If you are considering an aggressively coarse finish it might be easier to replace the drywall when you grow tired of the finish or have it professionally skimmed in the same fashion as popcorn ceiling are made smooth.

How to faux finish furniture

There are a number of faux techniques that can be added to furniture, Wood graining, texture applications like cement or leather or you can simply paint and add a crackle finish to a furniture piece to make it look old.

How to paint a faux finish

There are so many ways to add a faux finish to a wall. First, you have to decide if you want to have actual texture or just look like there is texture. Then you should talk to the staff at Protek Paint because they have the knowledge. They can help you decide if you can apply the finish yourself or if you have to hire an applicator help with the installation.

Decorative paint finishes for walls

Lime paint strié, glazing and waxes, Metaltech or Urban metallic finishes, stippled, layered trowelled and polished acrylic plasters. These applications are available using Protek paint products.

Is faux finishing out of style?

To the contrary, the idea of adding texture to walls is exploding in home décor. Gone are the days with flat boring walls welcome texture, texture and more texture. The color pallet remains reserved with various shades of warm grey concrete leading the way. With all the home renovation shows on television and the internet these finishes are becoming more and more popular as people learn about the new trend.