Protek Floor Paint & Coatings

From start to finish Protek Paint has some of the very best coatings to protect your investment whether it is your home, warehouse, restaurant, retail store, gymnasium or office space.

Floor Paint Protection

When we are talking about protecting your floor, then we start with a traditional type of floor coating and then we add newer and newer technologies, which are improvements on the coating. If the floor you are protecting is your basement floor then there are simple ways to keep down the dusting, add your own style and colouring to the project.

Protek Industrial Floor Paint – World-Class Coatings

Under this heading Protek Paint manufacturers several products that are suited for Industrial purposes and are Industrial strength, meaning that they require a Professional application. These include;

  • Two-part (2K) Epoxy 100% Solids
  • Two-part (2K) Water Based Epoxy
  • Moisture cured Urethane
  • Two-part (2K) Urethane (both water-based and solvent based)
  • Two-part (2K) Polysaporatic

We are proud of our industrial paint line at Protek Paint. All of our products are world-class floor coatings.

Commercial Floor Coatings

If the floor being protected is your commercial offices or restaurant then the coatings choices would be Two-Part (2K) Water based Epoxy, Two Part (2K) 100% Solids Epoxy and Moisture Cured Urethanes with one additional coating, applied by professionals only, Polyasporatic that allows for a quicker return to service and absolutely superior results.

Floor Coatings for Warehouse and Retail Stores

Concrete floor paint protection for Warehouse, Retail store or other Commercial uses requires minimal down time. The coating must deliver immediately and have long-term durability. The best results are normally achieved by abrading the floor with either a concrete scarifier or Blastrac to open the cement surface to allow for penetration of the first coat and allow a quick second coat. This second coat should cross-link with the first coat to allow for both a mechanical bond and a chemical bond.

   Technical Tip

Coatings that can deliver cross-linking to an abraded cement floor will deliver superior results.

Protek Residential Floor Paint – Superior Product Design

Protek Paint manufacturers an Epoxy Modified Acrylic indoor floor paint that is tin table to light and medium coloured pastels. It has a lovely Eggshell finish and is ideal for your cement floors in basements or for light industrial use. If you require a front porch paint or good light industrial floor paint our Epoxy Modified Acrylic has a beautiful Eggshell finish that helps with reducing the slip potential. Available in most all Pastel colours and mid-tone colours.

Indoor Floor Paint

Urethane Floor Paint is a tough wearing enamel glossy coating available in many colour choices that is good for high traffic and use for kitchen floor paint. It is also good for front porches that have previously been painted. Furthermore, it works well for light industrial and commercial uses such as access corridors for busy pedestrian traffic.

Basement Floor Paint

If you require a tough wearing Water-Based Floor Coating to keep dust down, give a lovely eggshell like finish with a variety of light to medium pastels, then Protek’s Epoxy Modified Acrylic floor paint is an excellent choice. This product is single component, easy to use, low odour and low VOC. For a tougher basement floor finish, Protek’s Water-Based Two-Part Epoxies are excellent choices. Protek offers superior wear results for basement concrete floor paint when compared to other coatings. Either Epoxy Modified Acrylic or 2K Water Based Epoxy are excellent epoxy basement floor paints. Both are easy to clean up after use.

Residential Garage Applications

If the homeowner is willing to put in the effort then Protek has a number of quality garage floor paint coatings. The choices are: Two-Part (2K) Water based Epoxy Floor Paint, Two-Part (2K) 100% Solids Epoxy and Moisture Cured Urethanes. All would require a clean floor, abraded floor and two coats, if the surface is bare. If previously coated, then the surface may have to be removed.

   Technical Tip

If you need to sustain heavier traffic in garages for industrial applications and commercial applications then Two-Part (2K) Water Based Epoxy is an excellent choice.

Protek Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy Floor Paint is normally applied for industrial and commercial uses, with a growing number of educated consumers selecting it for garage coatings. For industrial applications 100% Solids Epoxy has a long history of superior results on concrete floors, if properly prepared and coated. Industrial application for warehouse and commercial floors should be abraded or sanded if they were previously coated with 100% Solids Epoxy.

   Professional Tip

A quality manufacturer of Epoxy coatings for nearly 30 years, we have literally millions of square feet of satisfied results across North America.

Two Part (2K) 100% Solids Epoxy

Our 100% solids deliver a very high build and shelf level coating with a beautiful glossy surface. Typically used in industrial applications that are properly prepared for high-performance coatings. This product allows for a fast return to normal services.

  • Abrasion of the substrate is must to gain maximum performance from these coatings. Shot Blasting or sanding is normal.
  • Once the surface is cleaned then either a topcoat or Epoxy Primer (preferred method) is applied very thinly over the surface area.
  • Then a second ‘full’ coating is applied to level the floor and provide a finished look.
  • Immediate induction of the two components is quick and has a short pot life, which is why the application is mostly done by professionals.

Safety Red

Bright Yellow


Safety Yellow

Dover Grey



   Technical Tip

Protek Paint has metallic epoxy floor paint that can be added to our Clear Epoxies, along with Dyes to make fantastic unique designs for your application, whether it be a floor or a tabletop.

Two Part (2K) Water Based Epoxy

Water based Two Component (2K) Epoxy is an excellent choice for a variety of applications including medium industrial traffic areas. Many factories are using these products due to the low odour, ease of clean-up and excellent results that provide very good wear and tear resistance in high traffic areas. Available in almost any colour in a beautiful Satin finish that helps to maintain a nice appearance, provides good chemical resistance and ease of keeping the floors clean along with lower slip due to the lower shine.

  • It is easy to mix the two components together using a variable speed drill and a “barrel” type of mixing blade.
  • Very low odour is generated and the tools can be cleaned with water relatively easy, if cleaned within an hour of mixing.
  • Pot life is a couple of hours, but rollers and brushes work best if changed every hour. They should be cleaned immediately to be re-used.
   Technical Tip

Common in cafeterias, kitchens, warehouses, offices with high traffic. Also great for residential garage and light to medium commercial and industrial traffic applications.

Epoxy Modified Acrylic

Protek Paint has a non-traditional type of Water-Based floor coating that is enhanced with a water-based Epoxy Ester and modifying with a superior choice Acrylic. Epoxy Esters are known to exhibit outstanding adhesion, alkali resistance, mild chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. Known in our product line as Epoxy Modified Acrylic or EMA 6060 for short, this product can be tinted to a variety of light to medium colours and has an Eggshell finish. The finish has very little slip and is commonly used in light industrial traffic areas, offices and front porches and steps.

PROTEK STEP is another variation of this product that are ideal for front porch steps or steps in light industrial applications. It is available in White, Pastels, Clay and Green standard colours.

One satisfied customer used this product in their cookie manufacturing facility to reduce slippery floors in and around the baking line. Any walkways near the line were also coated with PROTEK STEP. It is also an excellent choice for Tennis courts because of the high adhesion and low glare and low angular of the light aggregate included in this coating. Very low odour and easy water clean-up. However, this product is best for foot traffic only.

Concrete Floor Paint

Many people think that epoxy concrete floor paint is the best way of painting your concrete floor. Historically, this is correct as mentioned with the above products;

  • Two Part (2K) 100% Solids Epox
  • Two Part (2K) Water Based Epoxy
  • Epoxy Modified Acrylic

However, new paint technology has provided other options for concrete floors;

  • Moisture Cured Urethane
  • Two Part (2K) Aliphatic Urethane
  • Polysporatic (2K)

Available in both Aliphatic and Aromatic versions, Moisture Cured Urethanes are One Component (1K) coatings. Commonly used on floors many versions of these coatings can be used on many types of surfaces both interior and exterior but almost many vertical surfaces as well. These coatings are typically over 60% solids, so there is much more coating left behind after curing and their increased flexibility gives superior abrasion resistance.

Moisture Cured Urethanes

Aromatic are commonly used as floor coatings where a more chemical resistance may be required and colour shift may not represent a problem, as they slowly yellow with age and sunlight.

Our most popular product in this line is our MIO 6550 (Micaceous Iron Oxide) filings mixed into the Aromatic resin system. This coating provides excellent adhesion, is scratch resistant, offers chemical resistance, is moisture resistant and wears well because the coating remains flexible and contains high solids (i.e. more material left after curing) with the addition of the Iron Oxide flakes in the coating. Aromatic coatings can be coloured to almost any type of colour but they will colour shift slightly over time and more quickly in sunlight.

Aliphatic Moisture Cured Urethanes are very colour stable and have good chemical resistance, water resistance and strong abrasion resistance.

They are used interior or exterior for commercial/retail stores, restaurants and some industrial applications. Normally manufactured with a high solids formula from 60 to 100% solids. Available in any custom colour or clear Satin and Gloss.

   Technical Tip

Moisture Cured Urethanes help to resist the constant wear and tear of heavy traffic areas. Used in everything from moisture heavy mechanical rooms, hockey arenas, warehouses, commercial/retail and even garages.

Two Part (2K) Aliphatic Urethane

Having excellent colour retention, chemical resistance and flexibility this coating is an industrial strength floor coating. The flexibility of this coating offers excellent wear resistance because it flexes with any abrasion. Often, these coatings are used in combination with a Two Part Epoxy system to control the gloss and reduce the slip.

It is available as a Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss or Gloss finish and custom colours with a special order.

Often this coating is used in Retail Stores, Offices and Restaurants.

   Technical Tip

Available in both Solvent Based and Water based in all finishes. Both have a limited pot life of a couple of hours and are for professional use only.

Polyaspartic Two Part (2K)

Newest addition to the flooring industry are Polyaspartic finishes. Having started in the 1990’s they became more known in the 2000’s. Protek Paint is very proud to have an excellent formulation that has been proven over time in many successful applications. Definitely professional use only as the pot life is relatively short.

The Ultimate Performance compared to any other floor coating.

This commercial grade concrete floor paint offers many benefits over traditional floor coatings;

  • Fast installation and extremely fast return to service.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance even compared to the other coating that exhibit very good abrasion resistance.
  • Great Chemical resistance
  • The 100% solids version has low odour. No solvent or VOCs.
  • Maintains its’ colour as it is Aliphatic and will not discolour over time.
  • Polyaspartics have a relatively high build with their high solids and are chosen normally for the highest traffic areas, either interior or exterior.

Urethane Floor Enamel

For slightly more performance on many light industrial floors and commercial applications our Urethane Floor Enamel combines a urethane with a little alkyd to produce a glossy paint that can be coloured to a variety of pastels to medium colours. This product contains solvents and there are odours that you must deal with. Known as White Urethane Varnish Floor Coating or WUV 6150.

   Technical Tip

Higher costs for the product but far superior Return on Investment over the lifetime of this application. Used for industrial warehouses, stadiums, garages and anywhere the best results are demanded for high traffic areas.

Anti-Slip Concrete Floor Paint

2K Epoxy systems, whether 100% Solids or Water Based Epoxy are applied with silica or quartz lightly sprinkled over the wet first coat in areas that need slip resistance and have the most traffic. Best to keep it away from edges or corners, as the texture will keep and attract more dirt. Used in Industrial applications and garages.

Sure Tred – Solvent Based

For industrial applications our non-slip floor paint SURE TRED is a solvent-based coating that has a coarse aggregate for concrete. It is available in off the shelf greys and black, with custom colours by special order. The finish is glossy, but the coarse aggregate makes the finish look less glossy.

PROTEK Step – Acrylic Based

This is a Water-Based Epoxy Modified Acrylic eggshell finish that is typically used on floors where the split resistance is for foot traffic only. Used in manufacturing plants, on stairs, entrances and tennis courts. Available in custom colours and a tintable medium base for light to medium pastel colours.

Protek Wood Floor Coatings

Wood flooring is normally coated with a Polyurethane Varnish either over a stain or without stain. In North American wood flooring has traditionally been oak or maple for living rooms and dining rooms and for many years a clear coating of varnish brought life and often gloss to these hardwood floors.

Recently, many homes have started to use various stains of golden yellow or brown colours such as: walnut, mahogany and various shades of brown. In the past 10 years or so, grey colours have become popular as a stain and then top coated with a clear low lustre, satin or gloss varnish.

Commonly used was solvent or oil-based varnishes they were traditional and more durable due to higher solids. Higher solids mean that more materials are left behind on the surface with each coat of the varnish after it cures, creating a thicker surface coating for better protection. Whether your wood floors are interior or exterior, they can both be used with great results.

Protek Paint options for Clear Coating your Wood Floor

There are 3 main wood floor coatings that Protek Paint manufactures. The Acrylic Urethane Varnishes, which are water-based and more traditional Oil Modified Urethane that contain solvents and relatively new Moisture Cured Urethanes either Aromatic or Aliphatic. This urethane floor paint has an eggshell finish for wood floors available in pastel and medium colours. Great for stairs, porches and any wood floor.

Acrylic Urethane Varnishes

Typically used on hardwood flooring to protect the wood by itself or over a coloured stain. Polyurethane Varnish modified with Acrylic provides a clear coating for protection floors. Even a good solution for furniture refinishing as a top coating. Water-based Urethane Varnish discolours very slowly and is close to the natural colour of the wood if it were wet. Urethane causes the coating to slowly discolour over time.

These coatings are tough enough for gymnasium floors and other commercial applications, such as Restaurants and Retail stores. Easy to use by the homeowner or professional with quick water clean-up and relatively low odour. Available in two beautiful finishes; satin and gloss.

Oil Based Urethane Varnishes

This product has many of the same uses as it’s water-based version. Higher solids allow for more of the coating to remain on the surface with each coat. Solvent based Urethane Varnishes tend to punch up the colour of the natural wood more than water-based products, whether on the bare wood or over a stain. Solvent based Urethanes slowly age and will add a warmer look over time. Some people prefer this look and believe it adds character to the surfaces. Solvent based products need to be cleaned up with solvents and the odour can be quite strong to some people, especially when compared to water-based coatings.

Moisture Cured Urethanes

Moisture Cured Urethanes, in Clear Satin or Gloss, are an excellent choice for hardwood floors. These are common for industrial and commercial applications, including superior long-lasting Gymnasium Floors, Retail Stores and Restaurants. As a result, these products are for professional applicators.

Protek Garage Floor Paint Options

Painting a Garage floor is no small task. Often the floor has already been contaminated with oil or grease. Many garages are also made with sub-standard cement and are not that strong while dusting quite easily.

Protek Recommendation for a Clean Floor

To coat your garage floor that it is not stained with oil or grease, we normally suggest painting it with a 2K Water Based Epoxy but only after proper preparation. The floor should be sanded mechanically or etched with mild acid to open any smooth and tight cement. If mechanically abraded and no oil or grease is present, then a good sweeping is in order. Any areas that are bare should be abraded well on the bare cement and make sure there is no loose coating. If you would like a tougher wearing floor coating, then 2K 100% Solids Epoxy garage floor paint is a better choice. Either way, Protek offers the best epoxy paint for garage floors.

If the floor has areas that have been soiled very badly over a very long time, then any cleaner will not thoroughly clean for coating and this area will not produce a good bond. The only solution is to cut the cement area out of the floor completely and patch with fresh cement and wait at least 60 days before coating. Otherwise you must deal with the results of an inferior look and/or poor adhesion in this area.

Painting Your Garage Floor

With 2K 100% Solids Epoxy you start with Part A, then pour Part B (the hardener) into the gently mixing Part A with a Barrel type mixing blade on a drill, being careful as to not incorporate much air. Any bare areas should be lightly coated with a minimal amount of epoxy, first.

The freshly mixed combination should then be poured evenly out over the area with about 4 inches (10 centimeters) wide pour in a line. This is most commonly spread out with a notched squeegee and back rolled with a lint-free microfibre roller, gently finishing in one direction toward yourself. This coating should be spread out very thinly, almost as thin as possible. Edges should be brushed out evenly with a bristle brush.

A second coat is best done at a right angle to the first coat. Any large pock marks in the floor or holes can be filled by pouring in the epoxy into these imprecations to help to even out the floor. If acid etched, the surface should be rinsed with clean water and fans should be set up to help to drive off all dampness in the floor, when the temperatures are not too cold, (i.e. over 65F or 17C) and left for at least a day.

Water based Epoxy is commonly used by less experienced painters. The surface preparation should be abraded and swept clean. Mix Part A and then pour Part B slowly into the mixing Part A being careful as to not incorporate much air. Pour into a tray and using a microcofibre roller and polyester brush, edge the wall to floor area and roller out in an “M” or “W” and spread the paint evenly in that area back and forth. Finish all areas towards yourself once the area is coated evenly lightly with the microfibre roller. Repeat until the floor is coated.

Creating Anti-Slip Garage Floor with Paint

Using some sort of aggregate like silica or quartz sand is commonly added to the floor when the first coat has been freshly painted. Let it dry, then with a soft broom lightly swept the aggregate over the floor before adding a second coat. The second coat will protect the aggregate, secured in the finish.

Floor Paint FAQs

How to remove floor paint?

For Industrial Floor Coatings typically they use a concrete scarifier or Shot Blast (Blastrac) to remove the old coatings and start with a fresh slate. If the existing coating is in good shape, many times the surface can just be cleaned and sanded and removal is not necessary.

For floor coatings, as long as the paint is in sound shape, a good cleaning and sanding is all that is needed but if the existing coating is in bad shape and peeling in multiple locations, the best option is to remove by any means necessary. This includes sanding or paint removers if the area is well ventilated and free of any open flame or spark. Caution MUST be used at all times when using paint removal chemicals. Safety is always the first concern.

What is porch and floor paint?

Protek Paint manufactures Epoxy Modified Acrylic or Urethane Floor Enamel that are typically used on porches. Available in light to medium pastel colours and custom colours with ordering.

How long for the floor paint to dry?

Depending on the paint product, anywhere between 1 and 8 hours for dry to the touch. Epoxy Modified Acrylic at 21C or 72F and low humidity, can be dry to the touch within the hour and lightly walked on in 2 hours.

However, products like 100% Solids Two-Part Epoxy, are typically cured within an hour but applicators need spiked shoes to walk on the first coat to apply a second coat and let them cure together. Dry to touch for this type of coating would be around 8 hours but light traffic must wait at least 12 hours. Heavy traffic should wait for a few days. The longer the wait the more thorough the cure will be.

Other products like Protek Moisture Cured Urethane normally dry in 4 to 6 hours and traffic, even some medium traffic could resume within 8 to 12 hours.

Polysporatic floor coatings dry within the hour and traffic can resume within 4 to 6 hours but must be applied by professionals, only.

What is industrial floor paint?

Typically, Industrial Floor Paints are more flexible and resist scratching, have higher adhesion, and chemical resistance. Most times, Industrial Floor Paints are professionally applied. Extras can include a higher solids that result in a thicker coating build that will typically wear longer.

The preparation is more involved, but the results are superior with the extra preparation work. In addition to the better adhesion, Industrial Floor coatings will typically last longer and more than pay for themselves by handling the increased traffic.

Protek Paint offers numerous Industrial Floor Paints;

  • Two Part (2K) Urethane Water Based
  • Two Part (2K) Urethane Solvent Based
  • Water Based Two-Part (2K) Epoxy
  • 100% Solids Two Part (2K) Epoxy
  • Moisture Cured Urethane
  • Polyaspartic Paint

Polyaspartic Paints are actually aliphatic polyureas’ that are core acted with amine/diamine functional with aliphatic polyisocyanates.

Protek Paint has the solutions for anyone and everyone for their Industrial Floor applications.