Spectacular Glass Coatings that take Your Designs to a New Level!

We offer unlimited colors and innovative design effects from our water-based glass paints.

Spectacular Glass Coatings that take Your Designs to a New Level!

We offer unlimited colors and innovative design effects from our water-based glass paints.

Fantastic range for both flat and container glass water-based paints

ICA Research & Development laboratories formulation of water-based paints has led to the VIDREA Glass Paints.

Flat Glass Paints

Our flat glass paints produce high quality aesthetic results with an array of effects and colors. The organic flat glass water-based paints range includes;

  • Transparent
  • Lacquered
  • Metallic mono-component
  • Bicomponent

With excellent adhesion and chemical-physical resistance, along with being non-flammable and water-dilutable makes them easy to prepare and use.

Our flat glass water-based coatings are unique with unlimited colors and innovative design effects.

Glass Container Paints

Container glass paints are available in more than 2,300 colors that can be consistently reproduced. This unlimited and flexible color range allows for customization options that can be screen printed. The range of container water-based coatings include;

  • transparent
  • colored
  • metallic bicomponent
  • thermosetting

These paint coatings can be applied by spray, electrostatic turbo disk or rotating cup.

   Professional Tip

These high-quality coatings, which have a very low environmental impact, has made ICA glass coatings to be recognized as one of the most technologically advanced in the market internationally. With minimal atmospheric solvent emissions and no carcinogenic or toxic substances makes them an available option under strict environmental regulations.

Water-based Flat Glass & Container Coating Effects

The array of design effects that can be accomplished with our glass coatings paints is vast and allows us to support many different design trends, making us a true revolutionary in the design sector.

Ice Effect

The look from monocomponent paint is similar to ice crystals that achieves a pearl-like or metallic coloration, bringing out the texture and giving the surface a 3-dimensional effect.

Other effects include;

  • Metallic
  • Mirror-effect metallic
  • Steel-effect metallic,
  • Liquid metal
  • Mother of pearl
  • Travertine
  • Soft-touch

Steel Effect

VMA3000 is a bicomponent waterbased spray-on paint that reproduces a steel effect on glass. It can also be applied to plastic materials, objects d’art and interior furnishings in general, imbuing the surface with an excellent shine. It can be pigmented with the stains of the CNA series to achieve different shades (gold color, titanium color, etc.).

Mirror Effect

GPMIRROR is a metallic monocomponent spray-on paint that allows to recreate a mirror effect on the glass surface. The best aesthetic performance of this effect is achieved on molded products.

   Professional Tip

Our system allows color checks using a spectrophotometer, to identify color differences due to different glass types and thickness.

Container Glass Effects

Thermosetting, Soft Touch, Gold Effect water-based paints are all available op[tions with container glass coatings.


Water-based paints for the creation of transparent or hiding shades on flat or container glass. They can be colored using the products of the CNA and CG series and are pigmentable with PA series products. The drying temperature may vary between 140°C and 180°C.

Binders For Metallic Paints

The water-based binders of the GP1101ST series, which are specific for the creation of a metallic finish on container glass, allow you to achieve a very wide range of effects.

Soft Touch

Bicomponent and thermosetting water-based paints for the creation of surfaces with high softness and extremely high resistance both to washing tests in dishwashers and to specific tests in the perfumery sector.

Gold Effect

The GPGOLD24K water-based paint represents an important evolution in the creation of a gold effect. It allows you to achieve extremely shiny surfaces with excellent adhesion on glass. The container glass painting cycles made with GPGOLD24K, protected with ICA transparent products, pass the G1 solution resistance test and the standard washing cycle in the dishwasher.