Knockdown Wall Texture – Urban Stone & Mud

Knockdown Wall Texture is a timeless finish sometimes referred to as “Spanish Lace”.

It is easy to install and great for masking troubled walls.

Knockdown Wall Texture Types

Plastering walls with knockdown texture, sometimes referred to a “Spanish Lace” texture, is a very popular look used to created texture on a wall often to hide rough or uneven characteristics.

Acrylic Knockdown Wall Texture

Protek has several products that can be used to create the knockdown textures. Our Urban Paint Line offers Urban Stone and Urban Mud, which are easy to apply even for the most novice of applicators, that achieve the traditional knocked down wall texture. These products are manufactured by PROTEK and contain highest quality ingredients to make the finishes very durable. These acrylic products are very DIY friendly, making them easier and faster to apply.

Urban Stone
Urban Mud
Urban Stone
Urban Mud

These acrylic products are very popular with the film set construction as a convenient way to create textured finishes over walls or ceilings that require a stone textured finish. If you are considering a Spanish lace knockdown texture wall application, you will be pleased to know our acrylic version has great durability and can be tinted at the store level. This ensures the color is throughout the finish and if damaged will not reveal a white mark associated with a drywall mud application.

   Technical Tip

Our knock down wall textures are a solid colour throughout, have great durability and can be tinted at the store level.

Italian Lime Plaster Knockdown Texture

The same Knockdown effect can be done with imported Italian plasters consisting of marble and lime. The beauty of this product is that it will calcify back to stone on the wall within three to six months, leaving a thin veneer of stone on your wall. This product is typically applied by a professional applicator due to the technical understanding of the application where timing plays a very important role during the application.

Marmorino Lime plaster
Carrara Lime Plaster
Marmorino Lime plaster
Carrara Lime Plaster

Knockdown Wall Texture

The knocked down texture can be applied with a roller and ‘knocked down’ with a spatula or trowel. This texture can be applied on walls or ceilings and resembles a lacy pattern that is often referred to as Spanish Lace ceiling texture or Spanish Lace wall texture.

This is superior to a drywall mud application because the colour is managed by a formula and can be duplicated at the store level any time. This makes future repairs possible if needed.

Dry time is less, and the application is more consistent, allowing the DIY market to participate fully. Durability and washability make this application a quality product that can be applied in any room throughout your home, adding a distinctive look wherever you have chosen.

It is ideal for stairwells, hallways, feature walls, basement concrete blocks and any uneven or rough wall surface.

Knockdown Wall Texture FAQS

Knockdown wall texture how-to

The Urban Paint Stone finish is easily applied. Simply roll one thick coat of plaster with a 15mm roller leaving lots of texture then lightly knock down the peaks with a spatula or trowel creating multiple small areas.

Knockdown texture wall repair

To repair damaged knockdown texture apply the additional matching product with a brush in a pouncing manner then flatten with a spatula.

Spanish lace how-to

A Spanish lace texture is another term used to describe a knockdown texture. It is either rolled or blown on the surface then lightly flatten with a spatula or trowel prior to drying.