Liquid Rubber Paint Coating in a Spray or Dip

Mibenco is a rubber coating that you can spray or dip on for automotive, tool, and industrial use.
DIY friendly too!

Liquid Rubber Paint Coating in a Spray or Dip

Mibenco is a rubber coating that you can spray or dip on for automotive, tool, and industrial use.
DIY friendly too!

Mibenco® Rubber Spray Paint Applications

Mibenco Rubber Paint has many purposes and can be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. It’s special rubber coating air dries and never gets brittle. It protects, adds grip, coats and seals desired areas, repairs, rubberizes, resurfaces and makes areas slip-resistant. Mibenco is also UV, weather and abrasion-resistant and is easily removable, even after aging. It will adhere to metal, synthetic materials, textiles, wood, glass and stone, just to name a few.

Mibenco has multi-purposes for a huge assortment of do-it-yourself projects for home, car, boat, motorcycle, garden etc. The rubber paint coats and protects items against cracks and stone chips, moisture, acids, abrasion and corrosion and is proven to withstand temperatures from -40°C to 120°C.

Our Mibenco Professional series was developed especially for the automotive sector with color design and complete automotive coatings. It’s easier to use and much less expensive than vinyl.

Mibenco ® Liquid Rubber Spray Cans are color mixed ready for use for smaller surfaces.
Mibenco ® Liquid Rubber Professional must be applied with a spray gun and is sold in larger containers.

Liquid Rubber Spray Paint

Mibenco Spray Paint has an extreme load capacity and is suited to protect valuable and delicate surfaces. it can be safely removed at any time and is available in a variety of colors that can be mixed together to create custom colors. Colors include neon and chameleon which changes color as the angle changes.

Liquid Tape for Electronics

Liquid Tape is like a liquid electrical tape, coating and protecting electronic areas and adding insulation. It’s flexible and coats and seals excellently to protect against abrasion, acid, alkaline, moisture and salt.

   Technical Tip

Mibenco products adhere solely by the adhesion qualities in the rubber and do not interfere with the surfaces it’s applied to.

Mibenco is a Peelable Spray Paint: Easy to Remove

Mibenco’s peelable coating formulation allows you to safely and easily remove the protective paint. Whenever you desire to change the color or simply want to remove the protective colored coating, you simply peel it off, without using any kind of solvent or remover.

Mibenco does not leave a residue on the surface and will not damage even delicate surfaces.

Mibenco Liquid Rubber Properties

  • Peelable at any time
  • Protection for the product
  • Easy to apply
  • Economical
  • UV-resistant (no yellowing)
  • Weatherproof
  • Abrasion-resistant (anti-slip)
  • Flexible (can stretch up to 500%)
  • Odorless when dry
  • Hides flaws

Hundred’s of Uses

Whether you are a professional and using Mibenco for industrial applications, or a DIY hobbyist, Mibenco is extremely versatile for multitudes of projects; in the automotive industry, for home projects, in the garden, and even on recreation vehicles.

Do It Yourself
  • Full array of colours, including Neon Decorating
  • Repair Electrical Cords, cables, wiring
  • Dip Tools
  • Housewares, hand-dipped utensils
  • Appliances
  • Non-Slip Floor Areas
  • Rims
  • Car Paint Protection
  • Car Interior
  • Manufacturing
  • Dip Tools for Super Grip
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Anti-Slip floor covering

Mibenco® Rubber Dip Coating

Mibenco’s rubber tool dip is an excellent product when wanting rubber coating for metals and tools! Use it as a tool spray dip to make handles look like new again while providing better grip. Select a standard color like black, red or green or go for a more unusual color to express your personal ownership of your tools so that when neighbors borrow them, they can’t ‘forget’ it’s yours!

Mibenco is a great choice for;
Any other tool handle dip

Our Rubber Dip Coating is also resistant to glass cleaner, gasoline and diesel.

It’s available in 25 colors in matt or glossy and is available in 175g or 3,000g containers.

Mibenco Spray Colours

Whether you spray it or dip it, Mibenco Liquid Rubber can help you with so many of your projects, adding protection and color to items that matter to you. Available in 40 colors in matt and glossy.

Mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray

*Available in gloss or matte*

Mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Pastel

*Available in gloss or matte*

Mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Neon

*Available in matte*

Mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Metal Effect

*Available in matte*

Mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Flip-Flop

*Available in gloss*

DIY your Car Interior

Does your car interior need refreshing? Do you want to change the boring color of the interior of your car?

It’s so quick and easy that you do not have to be a professional to get great results with liquid rubber! Choose your favourite color in matt or glossy and starting changing the color of your interior areas such as moldings, dashboard, centre console, and steering wheel. You will need 1 to 2 cans for interiors.

Mibenco your wheels – We have colors for rims!

With Mibenco liquid rubber spray paint you can now easily paint your own rims. Our simple spray technology allows you to easily do it yourself. The liquid rubber spray coating works on aluminum or chrome and will protect your rims from stone chips, scratches and salt etc. When you want to change the color, or go without color for a while, no problem, it is easily removable. Think of it as plastic spray paint for wheels that’s durable but easy to put on or remove so that you can keep changing the colors whenever you like. This is an alternative to powder coating or varnish on your rims now that you can coat your rims with liquid rubber in a spray can.

   Technical Tip

Try spraying both mirrors! Your exterior mirrors can be a real eye catcher in a new colour. They are stunning especially in one of our fabulous reds or neons. One Mibenco spray can is perfect for Spray both mirrors.

Liquid Vinyl Dip Coating

Liquid Vinyl Dip Coatings are used in various industries to protect surfaces, as well as protect items and/or people using these surfaces, provide better grip, to extend the lifetime of worn units and to aesthetically make items appear newer and cleaner.

Liquid Dip is used in many industries. A few examples are;

  • Gyms utilize the coating on exercise equipment and on surfaces to prevent customers from slipping.
  • Restaurants use the coating on slippery surfaces and on some equipment in the kitchen for employee safety.
  • Automotive shops use it frequently on tools, on floors, as well as extensively on vehicles – interior and exterior.
  • Warehouses use it on their racks to protect the inventory pushed on and off the metal shelves.
  • Stadiums use it on their seating.
  • The medical profession uses it on some tools, wheelchairs and equipment used to aid patients’ mobility.
  • Townships use it on park benches and playground equipment.
  • The agricultural industry uses it on tools and farm equipment.
  • The army and military use it for safety features and equipment protection.
  • Plumbers use it for fittings.
  • Contractors use it on their tools.

Mibenco® Liquid Rubber FAQ’s

What is Mibenco?

Mibenco Liquid Rubber provides professionals and DIYers a multitude of uses with an easily removable rubber coating and that can be simply applied by spraying, brushing, rolling or dipping. Once dry, it insulates, seals, repairs, renews, protects and has an anti-slip effect. It is a synthetic rubber, made in Germany, adhering to international quality standards and guidelines.

All Mibenco products adhere solely by the adhesion of the rubber itself and do interfere with the substrate. The rubber can be easily removed by peeling it off when desiring a color change or if you simply want to make the surface bare again.

It is used in a large variety of professional and industrial businesses as well as at home for vehicles, house and garden projects. Mibenco has first class consistency and applies without bubbles, dents or wrinkles on; wood, plastic, stone, glass, metal and many other surfaces. It lays a protective, uniform layer on the surfaces and holds strong even in extreme moisture, heat and cold conditions.

How long for Mibenco to dry?

Mibenco can be layered by waiting 15 miuntes between coats however, it will take 24 hours for the material to fully cure.

How can Mibenco Liquid Rubber be Applied?

For proper application:

  • Room should be well ventilated
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Room temperature at least 20 ° C
  • Best to wear old clothes or disposable coveralls
  • Wear gloves
  • Attach respiratory mask