Metallic Paint for coating Walls, Doors, Furniture & More

Adding decorative elements to your favourite space by painting with metallic can get you the stunning results that ‘pop’ your design.

Metallic Paint for coating Walls, Doors, Furniture & More

Adding decorative elements to your favourite space by painting with metallic can get you the stunning results that ‘pop’ your design.

PROTEK Metallic Paint Products

Our liquid metallic paint offers many variations to add rich or rustic elements to your home design and decor. Protek Paint utilizes modern paint technology that has low VOC’s and is environmentally friendly. Our durable metallic finishes can be applied to;

  • Walls
  • Textured walls
  • Furniture
  • Trim
  • Moldings
  • Cabinets
  • Doors
  • Brick
  • Embossed Wallpaper

Metallic Paint for Furniture

Painting furniture and gaining a metallic finish is the holy grail of many DIY enthusiasts. Protek has come to the rescue with the latest Hybrid Alkyd technology combined with water-based Urethane dispersions: Cottage Paint Reflections. Originally developed for the restoration of furniture, this metallic paint is an excellent choice for furniture re-purposing, Cottage Paint Reflections was developed as a metallic chalk paint that is relatively easy to apply. Being a Hybrid Alkyd Oil offers the durability of an oil-based finish and the wash up and low odour of a water-based product.

Used by homeowners, artists, small furniture manufacturers and hobbiest as a shabby chic metallic paint. Water cleanup using natural oils from plants means this oil-based metallic finish has an extra ‘punch’. Available in 3 bases and can be coloured using universal colourants to many custom colours. It is made from water and plant oil to produce a metallic oil paint.

There are many more applications. You can really let your design ideas run free with metallic paint.

Metaltech is one of the Best Metallic Wall Paints

Protek Paint’s Metaltech is one of the best solutions for metallic finishes on your interior walls, and other surfaces or even exterior use. Metaltech is 100% Acrylic, formulated with the highest quality resins, that has excellent adhesion and durability. It can be used on almost any surface including: wood, drywall, steel and previously painted surfaces that are properly prepared.

Metaltech is a metallic acrylic paint that can be applied on a smooth wall without leaving roller marks when done correctly. It can be applied by spray, brush and roller.

Over a large area, metallic paints are best applied by spray paint professionals. Metaltech has proven to be a superior metallic interior paint offering the highest flexibility for the consumer as well for any store to limit the amount of SKU’s they must carry.

Metaltech has been utilized on a variety of commercial ceilings including Lindt Chocolate in Toronto’s premier Yorkdale Mall, where having metallic gold paint for walls is very appropriate.

Metaltech Metallic Paint Colors

Available in 3 bases: Silver Tint Base, Pearl Tint Base and Gold Tint Base allow for the colouring to many 1000’s of other colours of the customer’s choice and needs. Standard colours are available in;

  • Olympic Gold
  • White Gold
  • Green Gold
  • Light Gold
  • Gold Rush
  • Yukon Gold
  • Tequila Gold
  • Gold Leaf
  • Blackened Bronze
  • Antique Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Weathered Bronze
  • Statuary Bronze
  • Pewter
  • Copper
  • Antique Copper
  • Penny Copper
  • Bright Copper
  • Brass
  • Cocktail Olive
  • Victoria Plum
  • Winchester Gray
  • Silver Purse
  • Burnished Silver
  • English Brown
  • Oriental Jade
   Professional Tip

When the best results are demanded and required, Metaltech can deliver a beautiful finish for your purpose. Excellent choice for commercial, set design, retail and home use. If you would like to co-ordinate your colour bring it in to be customized to truly be YOUR colour.

Protek Urban Metallic Wall Finishes

We manufacture textured metallic finishes for both Professional and DIY customers through our Brands. Products such as Moire has been used for years by professionals for a variety of applications, sometimes replacing textured architecture plasters.

This success launched our Urban Paint brand that caters to the DIY market. Urban Paint products offer the DIY market metal effect paint or faux painting in order for homeowners to gain that “metal or faux look” with a simple and easy to use product.

Urban Metal Paint for DIY Metallic Finishes

This paint has great adhesion, self-leveling, and durability. It is low in odor and cleans-up with water.

Copper Metallic Panelled Wall

Metallic Embossed Wallpaper

Metallic Faux Brick

Metallic Furniture

Metallic Gilding Waxes from Cottage Paint

Metallic Waxes are used for decorative purposes on furniture, art and wall coatings. Available in many premixed colours such as: Iridescent Copper, Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Silver, Iridescent Green, and Iridescent Blue. Custom colours with minimum orders can be manufactured.

Metallic Gilding Waxes are another sub-category of the Cottage Paint line that is advertised as “make-up for your furniture”. These are for accenting ornate detailing available in gold or silver adding brightness to the project.

Metallic Waxes can be used as top-coats, adding Copper, Gold, Silver and Pearlences looks to your project under Cottage Paint DIY line by brush or by wiping. Antique glazes and Gilding waxes are available and commonly used on furniture, picture frames and other home decor and artwork.

Water & Solvent based Professional Metallic Paint Products

Protek Paint also offers a full line of ICA Group Spa coatings that are designed for wood furniture and glass both offering Metallic effects for contemporary style and material-like effects with strong visual impact. These are being applied in numerous commercial applications such as Bars, Restaurants, Hotels.

Available in water-based or solvent based ICA Group Spa has a number of textured metallic paint solutions for metallic finishes namely Steel, Foil and Satin-Finish as shown below.

Metallic finishes used on store fixtures, metal and even glass. These solutions are for everything from store fixtures, furniture, industrial purposes and other decorative surfaces whether they are wood, glass or metal. This includes a 2K Acrylic system (water-based & solvent-based) that will stick to metal.

These tough durable finishes are excellent choices for custom Millwork for your Home, Office or Retail Store.

ICA Group offers the R & D to provide leading-edge Metallic Solutions

Protek Paint has developed a strong relationship with the ICA Group in order to keep up with the latest design trends for designers and architects. The R&D capabilities of ICS provide metallic finishes that are truly leading edge.

Unique surfaces can be created with Steel, Liquid Foil, and Satin-finish metal products.

You can view these for yourself and determine the creative uses that best suit clients in terms of style, imagination, and experimentation with endless choices of quite effects.

ICA Metallic Steel Effect

This ICA effect uses a coating cycle that combines gloss lacquer with a steel-effect metallic coating that yields an authentic steel-like appearance. When light touches the surface, movement is created by reflections and shadowing.

This product is a spray application providing an array of steel-effect looks that can be enhanced with various top coat applications.

Rose Gold

ICA Metallic Liquid Foil Effect

Liquid Foil is a realistic reproduction of shimmering sheet metal effect. ICA offers five (5) different metallic hues effects, tin, gold, brass, copper and bronze.

Achieving this metallic effect is done with a simple coating cycle followed by a careful sanding and brushing process.


ICA Metallic Satin-Finish Effect

The satin-finish metallic effect have high opacity and come in five different versions:

  • Lead
  • Gold
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Copper

This effect is created with a gloss base and bicomponent water-based coating with satin-finish metal effect, protected by transparent topcoat.

Antiqued Lead
Antiqued Gold
Antiqued Steel
Antiqued Bronze
Antiqued Copper

ICA Metallic Corten Effect

This contemporary style features an uneven surface to augment the light and dark gradients to create a natural Corten steel look.

A combination of ICA products is required to achieve this effect, which has various different acid-etched looks.

Acid-Etched Cast Iron
Acid-Etched Oxide

Metallic Paint for GLASS

At Protek Paint we offer very unique finishes for a variety of surfaces and one of the most fun is paint for Glass including Metallic finishes for Glass. ICA Group Spa offers both water-based and solvent based metallic paint solutions for glass. Many retail outlets use these finishes to offer a unique look but it is commonly being utilized in modern offices and even for modern homes. More glass product details can be reviewed here.

Other Metallic Paint Products

Protek Paint distributes other metallic paint products from established manufacturers that include Sheffield Bronze, Mibenco and Krylon. For smaller and decorative surfaces spray cans are commonly used.

Metallic Paints FAQs

How do you best apply Metallic Paint?

For best results with our professional products, spraying on the finish is the best method to achieve an even metallic finish. Whether for your kitchen cabinets, furniture, equipment, or automobile, spray finishes are achieved through spray equipment such as a pressure pot or a pump system.