Microcolor Pigment Dispersions – Serving you for 50 years

Pigment dispersions and colorants for industrial and architectural coatings, plastics and thermoset applications across a broad range of markets.

Specialized Pigment Dispersion Experience

Microcolor specializes in the design and manufacture of pigment dispersions and colorants for industrial and architectural coatings, plastics, and thermoset applications across a broad range of markets. Our products are used in many important items such as: infrastructure, exterior roofing, road marking, oil services, floor coatings, OEM, and other protective and maintenance finishes.

Color dispersions, colorant, pigments, dyes, liquid colors, pigment pastes, and liquid pigment are just some of the terms used to describe the products that are used to bring color to other media.

Over the past 50 years these have slipped into the lexicon of what is more correctly known as pigment paste manufacturers for pigment dispersions.

Microcolor Product Lines

Our standard product lines provide flexible options for use in solvent-borne, aqueous, and 100% solids technologies. These generally contain proprietary vehicle systems that optimize pigment wetting, dispersion, stability, color acceptance and compatibility in a large variety of coating types for true universal application.


Custom solutions are our specialty but we offer off the shelf solutions as well. Our Experienced team are here to help you resolve any colour issues you may currently have. Microcolor Dispersions is where solutions are made you and your customer.

Colour Selection

The colors chosen are necessarily designed as offsets to widely used industry-standard colorants to simplify substitution into existing coatings systems. Pigment selection is always driven by the end use requirements and the customers’ explicit needs.

Colour Directory for Standard Pigment Selection

Universal Colourants
Pigment TypeIndex #UV Resistance
Hansa YellowPY746-77-8
Mono Azo YellowPY9777-8
Carbon BlackPBk788
Yellow Iron OxidePY4288
Phthalo GreenPG788
Phthalo Blue- AlphaPB15:188
Phthalo Blue - Alpha NCNFPB15:288
Phthalo Blue - BetaPB15:388
Red Iron OxidePR10188
Burnt UmberPBr788
Raw UmberPBr788
Titanium Dioxide WhitePW688
Quinacridone MagentaPR1227-87-8
Naphthol RedPR1886-77
Quinacridone VioletPV197-87-8
Quinacridone RedPV197-87
Diarylide Yellow OpaquePY8377-8
Thermoset Pigment Dispersions
Pigment TypeIndex #UV Resistance
Diarylide Yellow OpaquePY8377-8
Bismuth VanadatePY18488
DPP RedPR25488
Ultramarine BluePB2977
Cobalt bluePB2888
Perylene blackPBk3288
Benzimidazolone YellowPY1517-88
Benzimidazolone YellowPY17577-8
Carbazole VioletPV2377-8
Black Iron OxidePBk1188
Disazo RedPR21488
Disazo Scarlett RedPR2427-88
Naphthol AS RedPR1877-87
Nickel Azo YellowPY15088
Diarylide Yellow TransparentPY8377-8
Quinacridone VioletPV1988
Quinacridone RedPV197-87