Professional Trowels & Plastering Tools make a Difference


The first Venetian trowel that does not leave any burn marks on White Cement, Marmorino Lime-based Plasters or Acrylic Plasters.

Are all Trowels & Decorative Plastering Tools created equal?

The short answer is applicator preference drives selection.

Artisans prefer an instrument that can accurately apply the decorative plaster (i.e. grassello fine plaster) to their wall canvas, and a small yet flexible blade is their preference.

Plasterers, who see speed as the priority when drywalling, choose a large tool and work from a hawk, which is not always the best choice for a fine plaster.

Between these two extremes there is a whole range of applicators with their individual preferences. Protek offers different options to satisfy both Artisans and Plasterers, and all applicators in-between with the latest plastering tools.

Venetian Polished Stainless-Steel Trowels

Trapezoid trowels are the go-to trowel for the serious applicator of Venetian interior plaster. Its weight and balance feels good in the hand. The short blade support allows greater flexibility at the end of the trowel, which helps the applicator to get a better applied movement. The shape is trapezoid, with rounded corners, leaves no lines on the wall and the cutlery quality of stainless-steel is polished, sometimes with bevelled edges. This makes trapezoid one of the best venetian plaster trowels available today.

CO.ME Model 381LU

The aluminum support is strong and the Bi-component soft grip is comfortable. There are three sizes 8”- 9½”-11” the blade thickness is 1/32” or 0.60 mm these are close but approximated as Europe uses metric sizes. For the plasterer, this is a fairly easy transition from the traditional plastering trowel and they can drop it in a bucket of water without risk of splitting the grip as it’s Bi-component. The blade is thick enough to handle any plaster grade up to the coarsest grade.

CO.ME Model 310LUA lightweight wood grip handle and ABS mounting

   Technical Tip

Keep one trowel for smooth and another for everything else.

CO.ME Model 381LI with 0.60 mm Blade Thickness (1/32”)

This model has the same characteristics as the previous one with the added advantage of having its edged preworn (bevelled) to avoid the process of hand sanding before use. There are three sizes 8”- 9½”-11”

CO.ME Model 310LI ABS mounting wood handle and bevelled blade

CO.ME Model 310RA with 0.60 mm Blade Thickness (1/32”)

The trowel is called a Robus and appeals to the applicator with a more delicate touch for detailing, basically a two-sided double use trowel. It makes a great addition to the artisans’ venetian plaster tool kit. Most people like the balance and probably only use one side. It has similar specifications as the 381 series but with a lighter ABS support for the blade. It’s a bit lighter than the aluminum support. The mirror-polished rhombus Bi-component trowel comes in two sizes: 9 ½” X 4 ¾” and 11” x 5 ½” with 1/32” blade thickness.

CO.ME Model 310 LRA has a lighter ABS support for the blade and wood handle

CO.ME Model 310EN

This trowel is designed to deal with domes or alcoves with an ABS support that is lightweight. Size-wise its 9 ½” X 4” with Blade Thickness of 1/32” (0.60 mm). It is another component of ornamental plaster tools.

CO.ME Model 310FXMN

The Mini Trowel is the last version in this series. It is a very small trowel to get in where the others cannot reach.
Size: front end 1 4/7’’ with back end 3 1/6’’ with Blade Thickness 1/32” (0.60 mm).

CO.ME Model 310LUB Stainless-steel blade ABS support & wood handle

Specialty Venetian Trowels

Protek providers applicators the latest and greatest tools to demonstrate their craft and artisan abilities. Make sure to check out our full line of venetian plaster tools and supplies.

CO.ME Model 310PLUH Venetian Trowel Bevelled 3 sides & 1 notched

This trowel is unusual as on one edge is notched to put an even coat of plaster on, which can be then smoothed
with the blade side. Good trowel for those starting out and has Bevelled Edges.

Size: 11” x 4 ¾” x 1/32” Blade Thickness (0.60 mm) with Full PVC handle and mounting.

Gold is Better

Our limited Edition luxurious Golden Venetian trowel with beveled edges.

Size: 11″ X 4 3/4″ X 3/32″ Blade Thickness (0.60 mm) with Full PVC handle and metal mounting.

CO.ME Bianko – with no gray burns guaranteed!

Bianko has been developed and created for white plasters and micro cements. The special finishing of the blade makes it flow like silk on wall surfaces and it’s the first Venetian trowel that really does not leave any burn marks on white cement, Marmorino Plasters, Decorative Lime Plasters and Acrylic Plasters. It is a one of the best marmorino tools you can have in your kit.

One Size: 11” x 4” with 1/32” Blade Thickness (0.6 mm) Bi-component handle, ABS/Fiberglass blade support.


Designed for Japanese cement-based plasters and this trowel will not leave lines.


Venetian Trowel with full-length stem for professional applicators.

Plastering Trowels, both Stainless-steel & Unpolished Stainless-steel

These are the trowel types most used by plasterers and drywall installers that have been on the market for a very long time. The main requirement for plastering tools and equipment is that they stand up to the everyday abuse that comes with a hard days work. As the work is done quickly one does not want to be cleaning it all the time, just throw the plastering trowel in a bucket of water and wipe it off and your ready to go. Its like an off-road truck, it may not always look pretty but does a good job.

CO.ME Model 381IN Stainless-steel Plastering Trowels

These unpolished stainless-steel blades come with a riveted aluminum long support and has a soft Bi-component comfort grip, making it one of the best plastering tools.

CO.ME Model 309IN This drywall or plastering trowel has an unpolished stainless-steel blade supported by a riveted aluminum long support and comes with a light wooden handle.
Size: 11” x 4 ¾” with 1/32” Blade Thickness (0.6 mm)

CO.ME Model 381 Carbon Steel Plastering Trowels

The carbon steel blade is supported by a riveted aluminum long support plus yields a soft Bi-component comfort grip. Theses trowels will rust if left wet but it is one of our most cost effective trowels. 1/32” Blade Thickness (0.6 mm)

CO.ME Model 309 Carbon steel blade supported on an aluminum long support riveted with a wooden handle.

Speciality Plastering Tools

These tools round out a plasterer’s tool box. It’s part of having all the plastering supplies needed for the professional trade.

Corner Finishing Tools

Stainless-steel corner trowels, both inside (CO.ME Model 324IN) and outside (CO.ME Model 324EX) with a Bi-component handle.
Size: 4 3/8” x 3”

Swiss Trowel CO.ME Model 134EV

Stainless-steel bucket trowel Bi-component handle 3” width.

Pool Trowel CO.ME Model 308

The carbon steel blade shown here with double round ends has a solid aluminum blade support that is short
to allow flexibility on curved surfaces.
Size: 15 3/ 4” x 4 ¾” with 1/32” Blade Thicknes (0.6 mm) and wood handle

Pro Flex Plastering Trowel CO.ME Model 381INFX

This NEW Trowel series comes with stainless-steel blades that are designed for applying finishing micro topcoat cements. These professional plastering tools come in lengths up to 18” with 1/64” Blade Thickness (0.3 mm).

Technical Information

  • 0.3 mm flexible stainless-steel blade for easy application of the finish coat
  • Stiff backing (1/32” or 0.6 mm) plate gives stability, balance and the right flexibility for the 0.3 mm edge
  • Die-cast aluminium mounting gives strength and resistance
  • Rounded edges to ensure smooth finish without lines
  • Bi-component rubber cylindrical handle for a good grip
  • Stainless-steel rivets between backing blade and shank to give superior strength and flatness
  • Special adhesive foam to connect the blade and the stiff plate. This foam can resist solvents and extreme temperatures

Polycarbonate Series Long Trowels with Thin to Thicker Blades

This trowel is the polycarbonate version of the stainless-steel version, used as a skimming trowel. These trowels are labeled ABS Trowels finishing trowel and sometimes refered to as a ‘float’. They come in lengths up to 18” with different Blade Thickness 3/64” (1 mm), 5/32” (1.5 mm), & 13/64” (2 mm). They are some of the best ABS finishing trowels available today.

Utilized for:

  • Application of finish coat on wide surfaces & walls
  • Finishing drywall compound
  • Finishing EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System)
  • Skimming finish plasters
  • Application of Micro-cement and epoxy resins
  • Coat a wider surface in shorter time

Turquoise Lightflex Trowel Line for Acrylic Plaster & Smooth Lime Plasters

The CO.ME Lightflex Line offers Stainless-steel blade that is long-lasting and resistant. The line features a lightened ABS handle mount, which allows for high precision movements. Another innovation recently introduced accommodates the rising demand for two (2) sizes lightweight handle and stainless-steel bevelled edge.

Technical Information for the CO.ME Model 310 Lightflex Line

The Turquoise Lightflex Line of Trowels helps to prevent wrist stresses. The extra flexible blade thickness 1/64” (0.3 mm) is great for any kind of texturing and glazes, adapting to any wall. The thinner handle fits small hands perfectly. Stainless-steel rivets guarantee a long-lasting fix between blade and shank.

These tools are great for Metallic plaster effects because the extra flexible blade allows the applicator to move and adjust the grains to obtain the desired design effect that was usually done by a standard brush but without leaving any bristle marks. These tools are exceptional for the application of smooth lime plasters as well as acrylic/lime hybrids that have low viscosity and of course Acrylic waxes.

CO.ME Model 310CH


CO.ME Model 310
Lightflex Line

The Lightflex Line offers the artisan superior flexiblity when working with intricate designs.

CO.ME Model 310FX


CO.ME ABS Finishing Trowels for Decorative Lime Plaster & Cement Finishes

This trowel is the polycarbonate version of the stainless-steel version, used as a skimming trowel. These trowels are labeled ABS Trowels finishing trowel and sometimes refered to as a ‘float’. They come in lengths up to 18” with different Blade Thickness 3/64” (1 mm), 5/32” (1.5 mm), & 13/64” (2 mm). They are some of the best ABS finishing trowels available today.

CO.ME Model 313OR
Orange coarse-sponge trowel

CO.ME Model 330-13
Wood Handle / ABS Stem

CO.ME Model 330LI
Wood Handle / ABS Stem

CO.ME Model 330KL
Pearly Trowel

CO.ME Additional Products

We offer these quality plastering tools to complete your professional work kits.

CO.ME Model 105LU
Round Edge – Venetian

CO.ME Model 112IN
Japanese Scraper Set

CO.ME Model 105
Straight Edge – Drywall

These two types of putty knives are used by two different applicators. The rounded corner is a staple for those working with Venetian plaster and the square edged is a plasterer’s tool used in the drywall market. They are semi-flexible and made to the highest quality in polished stainless-steel to last for many years of service.

CO.ME Model 7500
Loop Tool

CO.ME Model 319
Texturing Trowel

CO.ME “The Black Box”
Trowel Wallet Carrying Case

Venetian Trowels & Plastering Tools FAQ’s

What is the difference between plaster & stucco?

Stucco is a technique (i.e. method) of applying plaster.

What is a professional finishing trowel?

This mainly depends on the personal preferences of the professional applicator.

In general, for Venetian & Decorative Lime Plasters a lot depends on texture, colour and type of finish. Is the finish highly polished? Is the finish on a column, curved wall, or flat wall? There are over a dozen different finishing trowels to choose from, and again, much depends on applicator preferences.

There is a big difference when using Acrylic Venetian Plaster where the steel and stainless-steel trowels can leave marks. Our Set of Japanese Scrapers are very popular along with our ABS Trowels.