Modern Day Professional Finish for Cabinets, Doors & Accent Design Elements

Looking for a professional fresh? Serenity offers great self-levelling capability, leaving a clean and modern finish that will show off your cabinets, doors, or accent pieces in the best light. Serenity delivers a clean, fresh professional finish that was formulated with specific self-levelling technology to enhance existing cabinet and door structures in just 1 coat. It leaves a modern flat finish on existing structures, giving the a modern design look with a velvet finish to the touch.

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Serenity offers self-levelling capabilities & a tough finish

Serenity is a simple 1 coat application with built-in self levelling properties that create a professional finish. With this durable paint, a solid topcoat is gained.

Having a durable finish means you wash it over and over without fading, as well as being scratch resistance.

Available sizes:

Half Quart Can (473ml) Covers 50-60 sq ft Quart Can (946ml) Covers 100-120 sq ft  Gallon Can (3.7 L) Covers 400-500 sq ft


Dry Time:

1-2 hours.

Top Coat:

Serenity is the TOP COAT.

Waiting Before Use:

Wait 24 hours after Serenity is applied.

Anhour Gery Kitchen

Solid, professional clean colour finish.

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