Furniture Paint gives old items a Modern Style

Cottage Paint Expression transforms older furniture into something that you can fall in love with again. This chalk paint DOESN’T require sanding and allows DIY's to achieve different design styles or by combining it with Top Coats & Finishing Touches.

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Cottage Paint Expression is the Best Distressing Furniture Paint You can buy Today

Expression is the Best Distressing Furniture Paint You can buy

Most competitive products are flat-acrylic paints that require sanding to
distress the surface.

The superior distressing ability of Cottage Paint Expression places it above other
competitive products because other products do NOT distress as well.

Available sizes:

8 OZ Jars (237ml) Covers 25-30 sq ft  Half Quart Can (473ml) Covers 50-60 sq ft
Quart Can (946ml) Covers 100-120 sq ft  Gallon Can (3.7 L) Covers 400-500 sq ft


Dry Time:

1-2 hours between coats. Maximum of 2 coats in 12 hours.

Top Coat:

Supply 24 hours after painting with Expression.

Waiting Before Use:

Wait 24 hours after the final topcoat is applied.

Full Cure: 30 days under normal drying conditions. Provide temporary protection while in use until the full cure is reached.

Do not place lamps or vases on the surface until fully cured.

NO SANDING is required for these Furniture Paint Design Styles

CAUTION: Sanding can result in scratch marks remaining in the painted surface.
CAUTION: Sanding can also damage ornate details and edges if sanded too aggressively.

Vintage Distressed

If a vintage distress, or a shabby-chic finish is desired, then this is the best choice of paint.

Wetting the surface with a damp cloth after the paint has dried, softens the paint and allows for a slow and controlled removal of the paint. This achieves a very realistic vintage effect.

Artistic Style

EXPRESSION is the only paint in the Cottage Paint line that can be wet distressed using a damp cloth. There is no sanding, no dust, and no damage to the furniture.

Rustic Effect

To add a bit of character, Cottage Paint EXPRESSION can be distressed for a rustic effect.

Simple & Solid

For a beginner or just a basic look, Cottage Paint EXPRESSION can be applied as a simple solid color.

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