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Urban Metal – DIY Textured Surfaces


Self Sealing & Washable once cured.
For textured surfaces on walls or featured areas, leaving a smooth Stain Finish.
ONLY Roll on textured surfaces.
Remains stable after freezing.

12 Colours to choose from

Choose your Size & then select a Colour

Application Tools:

Urban Mud – DIY


Design Style: Solid & Seamless Coating
Decorate Rough & Cracked Walls
Trowel Applied on Interior Walls
Must be Sealed to be Washable
12 hours working time
DIY Friendly


Urban Suede – DIY


Design Style: Bold, Metallic Plaster

Granular Acrylic Plaster with Metallic Look
Easier to apply then Lime Plaster
Roller, Brush, or Trowel Applied
Interior Wall Applications
Gold or Pearl Base
Washable Finish

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