Urban Moiré: Metallic Silk Acrylic Plaster

Urban Moiré Plaster is an acrylic water-based plaster resembling silk, used as a decorative finish over stable prepared interior surfaces with this elegant shimmering metallic plaster. Application can be DIY with a combination of brushes, rollers & stainless-steel finishing trowels. This creates proper layering and produces a reflective aspect, adding depth, which offers the illusion of movement and texture, yet is still soft & smooth to the touch. It is a delicate mix of an old look with a new feel.

78 Colour Selections of Luxuriously Soft Metallic's

Explore 78 Colours

These colors have been carefully handpicked to reflect Urban Industrial styling such as ‘SteamPunk’ and ‘Belgian Shabby Chic’ which is leading the evolution of current design trends. These offer a less Shabby and a more Chic style of home decor. This new style incorporates the use of metals and organic finishes, through natural colour tones and textures.

Three Bases: Pearlescent Gold, Accent Pearl & Pearl produce the wide range of 78 colours.

Typical Installation produces a reflective texture with a gold or pearl background in a suede like structure resembling silk.

Urban Moiré is Easy to Apply, leaving a Durable Washable Finish that is a smooth as Silk to the touch

The Urban Moiré Acrylic Metallic plaster finish is washable making it suitable for kitchens or bathrooms.

Durability is another feature that makes Urban Moiré a great choice for both residential or commercial projects.

Depending on the level of skill of the applicator, the project area can be divided into manageable zones, which is recommended for the DIY user. Masking all nearby areas and floors is a must do.

Urban Moiré can be rolled or applied with a combination of roll and trowel, which allows for the correct layering and produces a reflective effect.

Apply 1 or 2 thin coats with trowel or spatula to create the finish.

It is very workable, PLUS it is self-sealing.

It can be applied on almost any surface with minimal preparation and offers excellent adhesion and durability once cured.
Urban Moiré Application Process

Apply a full coat of Urban Moiré cross hatched, allow 15 minutes set time and apply a partial coat keeping the trowel flat to the surface. Apply a second coat once fully dry in the same way.

Alternatively, Urban Moiré can be rolled on the surface and worked with a brush. Some applicators use a scraper blade instead of brush work. In either case, one must be careful when working to maintain a wet edge.

Remember, Urban Moiré Acrylic Metallic Plaster does not need to be sealed.

Avoid Failure

A common reason for most failures is inadequate surface preparation. As a result, we recommend priming the area with Sharktooth primer in a colour that resembles the colour of the Urban Moiré. We recommend a small test area be applied to test for adhesion where there is any doubt over existing surfaces.

Proper Surface Preparation

To guard against this event, we recommend priming the area with Sharktooth Primer that has been tinted in a colour to closely match your Urban Moiré colour selection.

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