Professional Masking Products SAVE Time

The professional knows that only high-quality materials create the best result. DELTEC Masking Products are geared for a specific jobs and professional interior & exterior use.

Want prep-work that is easy to remove with NO glue residue?
Need an extra strong tape or working on a rough surface?
Need to cover existing sensitive area’s then secure?
Need to use tape for plastering fine design styles?

DELTEC has the right tape for every job.

Get quality results every time, guaranteed, just like a PRO

Use What the Pros use, Washi Masking Tapes

DELTEC Washi Tapes are great for painting and plastering projects.

Washi masking tapes consist of special rice paper making them perfect for creating extremely straight lines , on both fragile and rough surfaces.

DELTEC high-quality masking tapes remove easily and leave NO glue residue behind, even after several months. This ensures optimal results, delivering sharp clean edges every time, while saving time and redo headaches.

#1 Professional Masking Brand for Painting & Plastering

Masking innovations for the professional market help optimise the end result. This is what the DELTEC line of products are designed for, Professionals who require high-quality materials to create a finish that has sharp clean edge and not waste time achieving it.

Keep in mind that straight lines are a critical element, especially when the end result MUST BE guaranteed. In every situation, you’ll see a part of the DELTEC product range delivering perfect results everytime.

DELTEC is directly in touch with the professional applicator market and knows what’s important to a professional Painter & Plasterer; saving TIME & MONEY by only doing the job once.

Masking to Cover

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Quickmask Gold


No Adhesive Residue (up to 6 months)

Masking different surfaces is always part of professional preparation requiring different masking materials, such as films and paper for covering for existing or sensitive area’s both large and small, indoor and outdoors.

Masking to Secure

DELTEC Duct Tapes have different levels of adhesive strength and power for different types of masking, such as bundling, covering and packaging. Being multifunctional and easily teariang the tape by hand, with the extra strength to go outdoors.

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