Top Coats Create Unique Interior Surfaces

Top Coats can be hybrid coatings, some utilizing acrylic polymer technology in their formulation to waterproof the underlying plaster. They are supplied in metallic, coloured or tintable bases ready to use. Top Coat products can be combined into a final stylized finish for interior surfaces. They form a barrier against dirt and allow stains to be removed with soap and water. For lime-based surfaces, a blocker coat must be included in the preparation.

Bronze Patina

Bimini Weathered Design Look

Top Coats are a very cost-effective way to produce unique decorative effects. Top Coats give protection and profile for plaster.

Metallic Top Coat Effects

Satin Wax


Characteristic: Tough Waterproof Coating & High Sheen
Coverage: 250 sq. ft per litre
Clean-Up: Water-based

Apply 2 colours of Iridescent Wall Wax with a cross hatching technique. Alternatively, Stonewash Pigments followed by Satin Wax can be utilized.

For this design, spatula’s & silk curtain stencils create the texture, while Stonewash pigments and Satin Wax complete the finish.

Stone Top Coat Effects

Stonewash pigments, stencils and Zero Gloss Varnish make these design styles ooze with high-end texture.

Bimini Weathered Effect

This weathered effect is created using the same basic process as above BUT adding green patina using our Clay paint colour called Bimini.

Once dry this can be reduced or rubbed out with a damp rag to create the illusion of weathering.

Copper & Rust Top Coat Effects

Metallic Wax


Characteristic: Metallic & Iridescent Waxes
Application: Can combine with Stonewash Pigments

Different waxes (e.g., Old Gold, Russet, Green & IRI Gold) sealed with Satin Wax.

Waxes PROTECT & DECORATE Acrylic or Lime-Based Plaster Surfaces

Using Colored Glazes: a good choice for burnished oxidised bronze or statuary bronze.

Burnishing Wax is a very high sheen coating that is paraffin wax based in emulsion. Easy to use and can be buffed with mechanical means, especially suitable for lime-based plasters.

Flat Wax is a universal protective coating; it can be applied with spatulas and polished to a high sheen and ALSO WORKS AS A SEALER BEFORE GLAZING ON LIME PLASTERS. This can act as an intermediate coat for lime-based plasters when applying Acrylic Top Coats.

Metallic Wall Waxes consist of 14 different pre-colored metallic and iridescent tones.

Satin Wax a self-polishing coating used where extra protection is needed also over effects that need sheen but cannot be polished with spatulas.

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