Urban Wall & Accent Finishes are DIY Friendly

Urban acrylic decorative wall finishes are DIY friendly, allowing you to create unique professional wall textures such as Stone & Concrete.

Urban Paint & Plaster products are formulated with modern technology to be environmentally friendly (low VOC). Even thought these are water-based products, the formulations include some plant oil for durability and sheen. This is a hybrid emulsion, achieved by combining water and soya oil, delivering the best of both worlds. It delivers self-leveling ability, great adhesion and tremendous surface strength with low odor and easy water clean-up.

No two Urban applications are exactly the same, making them unique to your space

If you do want to reproduce your seamless look one day, just keep your notes or call Protek with your previous order number.

Every DIY enthusiast can apply Urban Paint & Plaster products like a Pro, creating high end textured design finishes like ‘Loft Concrete Appeal’ or ‘Metallic Rustic Copper Patina’ both inside and outside of the home.

Urban Lime Paint can address Indoor Environmental Concerns for Health & Allergies

Urban Lime Paint is a mineral lime paint that is moisture permeable and allows
surfaces painted with it to 'breathe'.

PROTEK has enhanced the formulation to bond exceptionally well to the surface (will NOT rub off on people’s clothes), has natural levelling capabilities and easy application.

Low VOC’s.

Selecting the Right Urban Metallic Finish

Urban Paint & Plaster metallic finishes can pop your design idea by placing it on furniture, cabinets, walls, trim, brick, tin, and embossed wallpaper. Having the label of ‘DIY Friendlyallows people of various levels of experience can work with these products and achieve a professional result. This means most DIY applicators can add rich or rustic elements to their home design style.

Urban Moire is an Acylic Fine Grain Plaster, soft as silk to the touch, with the Movement of Reflective Light

Moiré Plaster offers a silk like finish to the touch and ‘shimmering effect’ for the eyes. This reflective texture has a gold or pearl background with a suede like structure, but more refined, like silk.

Being a washable finish, with NO sealer required, Urban Moiré can be applied in kitchens and bathrooms.

Through detailed product formulation, durability was added so that it will stand up to these high use areas.

Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Urban Suede – DIY


Design Style: Bold, Metallic Plaster

Granular Acrylic Plaster with Metallic Look
Easier to apply then Lime Plaster
Roller, Brush, or Trowel Applied
Interior Wall Applications
Gold or Pearl Base
Washable Finish

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Urban Suede is a Medium to Coarse Grain Acrylic Plaster with a Reflective Finish

A typical Urban Suede installation is a decorative reflective texture showing a background of gold or pearl to the suede like upper structure.

It is a cost-effective coating and produces design styles on a variety of surfaces.

After correct surface preparation 1 or 2 thin coats produce the finsh texture.

It is also very workable before curing making the application process easy and straight forward.

Urban Metal Acrylic Paint is great for a decorate metallic finish on textured surfaces.

Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Urban Metal – DIY Textured Surfaces


Self Sealing & Washable once cured.
For textured surfaces on walls or featured areas, leaving a smooth Stain Finish.
ONLY Roll on textured surfaces.
Remains stable after freezing.

12 Colours to choose from

Choose your Size & then select a Colour

Application Tools:

Colour Selection: Delicate mix of an old look with a new feel

Urban Paints & Plasters offer a less Shabby and more Chic in terms of home decor style. These luxuriously soft colours are part of an exclusive collection, handpicked to reflect Urban styles such as ‘SteamPunk’ and ‘Belgian Shabby Chic’. This new style makes use of organic finishes, natural coluor tones and textures. However, a full range of colours are available in certain product lines, such as Urban Moiré. This Colour Fan Deck is available online.

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