100% Acrylic


The highest durability in the Acrylic family of resins for Architectural coatings. 

For interior & exterior areas, wood, metal, properly prepared masonry, & specific plastics.

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Semi-Gloss, Low-Luster


Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon


Protek’s 100% Acrylic Paint is fast-drying, low VOC paint with strong adhesion properties, bonding well to different surfaces, which will dictate the preparation. Acrylic paint is breathable and flexible, with great color retention while being mildew & UV resistant.

Ideally used on baseboard, trim, doors, bathrooms, kitchens due to their scrub resistance and adhesion. Also, an excellent product for exterior stucco and properly primed surfaces.

Good surface or proper priming is required prior to painting.

Safety Data Sheet

SDS PP EN MC415B 1500 Kitchen-Bath Acrylic Semi-Gloss (1)

SDS PP EN MC416E 1700 Semi Gloss Acrylic Zero VOC (1)

SDS PP EN MC416O 1540 Low Lustre 100 Acrylic 1540 (1)

SDS PP EN MC418H 1530 Semi-Gloss Neutral Base 100 (1)

SDS PP EN MC418I 1510 Semi-Gloss Medium Base 100 Acrylic (1)

SDS PP EN MC418Y 1600 Flat 100 Acrylic Neutral Base (1)

SDS PP EN MC419A 1650 Flat Low Temp 100 Acrylic (1)

SDS PP EN MC419F 1550 Low Lustre Med Base 100 Acrylic (1)

SDS PP EN MC419G 1570 Low Lustre 100 Acrylic Neutral Base (1)

Technical Data Sheets