2K Epoxy Reusable Spray Paint


2K Epoxy Paint in spray can
Bonds to Multiple Surfaces
Extended Pot Life, Use Again & Again
SIZE: 400ml



This unique 2K Spray is easy to use and has applications for both consumers and professionals.

Application: Shake can upside-down for 3 minutes then spray at 25 cm. Clean the nozzle turning the can upside-down and spraying for 5 seconds.

Alkyd/Solvent Basecoat Compatibility Test: Test on dry sample surface. Alkyd paints may react, and testing is recommended.

  • Creates a very strong, extremely durable, UV-resistant shiny surface without dripping.
  • Easy application over solvent & water basecoats.
  • Touch-dry 40-50 min. Dry 12 in hours. Final hardness in 7 days.
  • Spray topcoat 12 hours after primer or colour was applied.
  • Boost drying time with infrared (40 minutes) or baking.
  • Clean nozzle immediately after spraying, no waste.
  • Polish to a high shine.
  • Bonds to Multiple Surfaces; Metal, aluminum, galvanized metal, copper, chrome, wood, stone, ceramics, glass and most plastics, as well as any previously coated surface, PU, epoxy or powder surfaces. (Test on alkyd/solvent basecoat)

Safety Data Sheets

Spraypaint Maston 2K Two White -SDS

Spraypaint Maston 2K Two Primer -SDS

Spraypaint Maston 2K Two Jet Black Matt Finish -SDS

Technical Data Sheets