2K Epoxy Reusable Spray Paint


2K Primers & Paint in 1 Compartment Cans
Unlimited Pot Life, Use Again & Again
Bonds to Multiple Surfaces
2K Epoxy Quality Coating
Fast Drying

SIZE: 400ml  Coverage: Up to 27 sq.ft.

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2K Polyurethane Clear Coat, 2K Satin Black Epoxy TopCoat, 2K High-Gloss Black Epoxy TopCoat, 2K Anthracite Grey High-Gloss TopCoat, 2K High-Gloss White Epoxy TopCoat, 2K Light Grey Epoxy Primer Filler, 2K Grey Epoxy Primer, 2K Black Epoxy Primer


The Car-Rep 2K Spray System is easy to use and has applications for both consumers and professionals. The new application technology offers a 2K Epoxy Quality Paint System in reusable 1 Compartment Cans. Both Primers & Top Coats are delivered with our new 2K Wise Reuseable Spray Can application technology. Protek Paint distributes this product due to its unique application charteristics and professional finish that results.

Car-Rep 2K Epoxy Spray Product Groups

2K Epoxy Primer Filler: Anti-corrosive properties with superior filling power.

2K Epoxy Primers: Anti-corrosive priming coat with good filling power.

2K Epoxy Top Coats: Durable & chemical resistant top coat for rough use.

2K Polyurethane Clear Coat: High-Gloss coating with deep shiny surface to protect base/top coats.

Bonds to Multiple Surfaces

Creates a very strong, extremely durable, UV-resistant shiny surface without dripping.

Metal, Aluminum, Galvanized Metal, and any previously coated surface (PU, epoxy or powder).

NOTE: Best to do a basecoat compatibility test when covering any alkyd/solvent coating because Alkyd paints may react. Test on a dry sample surface.

Also bonds well to: Copper, Chrome, Wood, Stone, Ceramics, Glass and most Plastics.

  • To apply, shake can upside-down for 3 minutes then spray at 25 cm (6 to 8 inches).
  • Clean the nozzle by turning the can upside-down and spraying for 5 seconds.
  • Touch-dry 40-60 min.
  • Dry 12 in hours to be sanded, repainted or polished.
  • Can spray topcoat 12 hours after primer.
  • Final hardness in 8 days.

NOTE: Use infrared (40 minutes) or baking to boost drying time with.


2K Wise Reusable Can

2K Wise application employes patented Technology combining 2-components (hardener & resin) in a single reusable can. The hardener becomes activate when sprayed.


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Safety Data Sheets

Spraypaint Maston 2K Two White -SDS

Spraypaint Maston 2K Two Primer -SDS

Spraypaint Maston 2K Two Jet Black Matt Finish -SDS