Acrylic Drywall Primer/Sealer


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Dry to touch 30 minutes
Re-coat 2-4 Hours

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Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon


A premium quality full bodied acrylic primer and sealer with excellent coverage and an uniform seal for plaster, drywall and previously painted surfaces.

All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust, grease, wax or other contaminants. Previously painted surface should be scrapped, cleaned and repaired where necessary with a spackling compound to ensure a smooth, sound surface before applying.

  • Dull glossy surfaces by fine sandpaper.
  • Shellac all knots and prime bare wood with an oil-based primer.
  • Plaster must age at least 30 days and be thoroughly dry before painting.
  • Apply at air temperature of 10 C or higher.
  • May be applied by brush, roller, or spray.

Brush a 4-foot section on the edges and roll in the middle using “W’s” or “M’s”. Fill in the section and always finish on the down stroke from the very top of the wall to the very bottom in one clean motion. Overlap slightly and continue until the wall is finished.

Up to 240 Sq.ft/4 litres on bare surfaces.
Up to 440 Sq. ft/ 4 litres yields approx. 4 mils wet (2.0 mils dry) film per coat on sealed surface.
NOTE: Surface texture and porosity will affect actual yield.

CLEAN UP: Use warm soapy water to wipe spots and smears immediately and to clean

NOTE: Acrylic Drywall Primer/Sealer is only to be used before for applying paint products. If you are looking to plaster over new bare drywall, we recommend that you use Drywall Sealer for Plastering

Safety Data Sheets

SDS PP EN MC414Z 4100 DWS Latex Primer

Technical Data Sheets

Protek_TDS_4100 Latex Primer