Acrylic Varnish


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Hi-Gloss, Satin, Low Lustre, Flat


8 oz, 946 ml, Gallon


Use Acrylic Varnish for the easiest application and best protection. Cottage Paint offers four sheen levels to complete your furniture masterpiece. The higher the sheen the higher the protection. The lower the sheen the easier the application.

Colour: Clear
Drying Time: 2-4 hours
Tool Application: Synthetic Brush


Used as an interior water-based clear sealer. Adds different levels of protection depending on the sheen level chosen. Apply with a poly-nylon synthetic brush. Allowing dry time between coats will help the varnish to cure faster. It can be recoated in approximately 2-4 hours depending on the humidity. However overnight would allow the moisture to evaporate out of the surface before applying another coat and entrapping the moisture. 8 oz jar will cover 12-25 sq ft.

  • Flat- 3-5% sheen, maintains the chalky appearance while adding protection for casual use.
  • Low Lustre- 10% sheen, adds a higher level of protection for casual use.
  • Satin 30% sheen, For a durable finish used on tables and cabinetry.
  • Gloss 80% sheen. For a very hard and durable surface.

It is recommended to lightly sand table tops prior to adding a satin sheen or higher because it will emphasize brush marks in the painted surface not visible prior to varnishing.