Acrylic Venetian Plaster


Unlimited Design Styles
Full Custom Colour Selection
Acrylic Equivalent of Marmorino Lucido
Can be polished to a high sheen
Washable & Durable when sealed
Product remains stable after freezing
Easier to apply than Lime Plaster

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Untinted, Custom Colour


Acrylic Venetian Plaster is a premium plaster offering a full custom colour range. This modern look can be found in commercial and residential indoor living spaces. Usually, it is waxed and polished to bring out the beauty of overlapping thin layers.

Polished plaster is an obvious lead in, it can create intense colours without fear of premature aging and fading. Wax acts as a sealer for washability, increasing its wearability over time.

Utilized in commercial and residential applications, Acrylic Venetian Plaster most often has a final wax finish for beauty and cleaning over time. This modern plaster product is a high-quality seamless solution that can be reproduced by many applicators to be much easier than traditional Lime Plaster.

This product was Protek Paint’s first venetian plaster to be developed in North America. Since inception in 1990’s, Protek Acrylic Venetian Plaster now covers millions of square feet in restaurants, hotels, airports and residences throughout the world.

The primary reason Acrylic Plasters were created is due to northern climates having 4 seasons, freezing temperatures are common. This is an inherent defect with traditional decorative Lime Plaster products, because once frozen they break down and cannot come back.

Faced with what appeared to be an insurmountable situation, with the assistance of our extensive history of technical resources, Protek got to work. One element was a zero VOC additive that acts as antifreeze, so water does not separate from other elements in the formulation and Acrylic Plaster products remain stable after it unfreezes.

Back in the days, a line ‘limited only by your imagination’ was used. This context is still true today as new generations take Acrylic Venetian Plaster into new realms. Think of it as a building element, which can be washed back or embellished to look like leather and textured fabrics wall finishes. Being able to ship 12 months of the year anywhere in the world without fear of losing integrity in the materials makes good business sense to us.


Acrylic plaster products are much easier to apply than traditional decorative lime plaster and produce a design look that has no no equal. They can be coated with metallic waxes and pigment washes.

Overlapping thin plaster layers with trowel or other tools begins the process for depth. However, the most dramatic effects are created by tinting with two or more colors.

After being satisfied with the wall application, burnishing the area with a trowel or or other tool will produce a high lustre sheen. Slight dilution of the final coat will yield a translucent look.

After polishing then sealing with a finishing wax without solvents (Low V.O.C.) creates a waterproof surface with a marble-like sheen finish. Another option is to apply a pearl topcoat wax. In this case, NO burnishing is required to produce a lustrous reflective sheen and the treated area can be washed immediately.

This process much less labour intensive than traditional decorative lime plaster, and when done properly, it is worth it.

Working Time

Undiluted drying times range from 20 minutes for simple crosshatching to 1 hour or more for thicker applications. When diluted, the dry times (rolled or brushed) are faster. This product can be diluted (up to 30%) with water but using Texturline Glaze Extender will increase the open time.

For applicators, they can conduct multicoating projects without the fear of delamination.

Product Training

Mixed Media Modern & Traditional Plasters Class: $1,000 CAD 2-Days

Tools and knowledge provided to professional applicators to produce extraordinary design results. Training for both Italian decorative lime-based plasters and Acrylic Plaster products is provided.

Learn-a-Finish: $450 CAD One Day

Great for beginners & active DIY Homeowners
Learn before buying
Gift certificate included

Safety Data Sheets

SDS MC403C Texturbase Neutral

SDS MC403V Texturbase White

SDS MC403D Texturbase Black

SDS MC415Y Texturbase Accent

Technical Data Sheet

Venetian Acrylic Plaster TDS