Anti-Graffiti Armaglaze 9000


Two-Component Urethane Coating

SIZE: One Gallon Can.

Call for 5 Gallon pricing.

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High-Gloss Clear, Satin Clear, Matte Clear, Brilliant White


Armaglaze® 9000 is a VOC Compliant solvent-based protective coating designed for industrial and/or commercial application on concrete, masonry and other construction materials and surfaces. It is easy to maintain with great durability.

Armaglaze® 9000 coated surfaces that get ‘tagged’ with a spray can, is easily wiped off with ARMAKLEEN® 1-2-3.

Safety Data Sheets

SDS PP EN MC446R Armaglaze 9000 Part B
SDS PP EN MC446V Armaglaze 9000 Gloss Clear
SDS PP EN MC451N Armaglaze 9000 Brilliant White