Antique Finishing Glaze


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Asphaltum, Umber, Midnight, Molasses, Mahogany, Redwood


8 oz, 946 ml


Cottage Paint Antique Glaze is so simple to apply, and the effects are fabulous! Just wipe or brush on the colored gel to age a surface and/or accent ornate detailing on furniture. The gel can also be rubbed back to create a softer, more subtle, antiqued look.

8oz covers 30-50 sq. ft. and 946ml (quart) covers 120-200 sq. ft.

Sheen Level: Low Lustre
Drying Time: +/- 1 hr, depending on film thickness
Tool Application: Brush, Sponge, Roller


This glaze allows you to easily play with the tone of the paint color. Adding the Midnight Glaze on top of Crimson Red paint makes the red richer and emphasizes the grain in the wood. Generously apply with a brush or damp sponge in the same direction as the wood grain. Then slowly remove with a clean damp brush or sponge until the desired effect is achieved. This product will offer a protective coating for light to casual use.