Easy Crackle


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8 oz, 946 ml


Easy Crackle used in conjunction with Cottage Paint clay/chalk paint produces a cracked paint effect for either an authentic aged look or a fun creative effect by using contrasting colors.

8oz covers 30-50 sq. ft and 946ml (quart) covers 120-200 sq. ft.

Colour: Clear
Drying Time: Up to 2 hours
Tool Application: Brush



First, apply the chosen Cottage Paint base color that will appear between the cracks and allow to dry. Then apply one coat of Easy Crackle with a brush or roller.
The method of applying the Easy Crackle and the top color Cottage Paint clay/chalk paint will affect the cracking outcome.

Here’s how:

  • A slightly thicker milky application of Easy Crackle will produce larger cracks.
  • A slightly thinner application of Easy Crackle will produce smaller cracks.
  • After the crackle is dry, apply the chosen top color of Cottage Paint clay/chalk paint.
  • A slightly thicker application of paint will produce larger cracks.
  • A slightly thinner application of paint will produce smaller cracks.
  • When larger cracks are desired, try adding a little bit of water to the paint or once applied, quickly add a fine mist of water from a spray bottle.

The direction of the cracks can also be influenced. The basic rule is the finish will crack where the paint is the weakest, usually in the brush marks grooves. Applying with cross hatch strokes will create short linear cracks in multiple directions (mud crack affect) or applied using long linear strokes will create longer cracks (tree bark affect).

Either way don’t fuss, just get it on. After all, it’s an old cracked surface you are creating, it doesn’t have to look