Ecobeton Cerbero Base


Water-Based Cement for Eco Beton Overlays
Single-Component, Solvent-Free Acrylic
Resistance to UV, Stains & Chemicals
Protection for Cement Coating
Provides Waterproofing Seal
Packaging: 5 kg

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

Cebero Base Acrylic Polymere, Cebero Base GEL Acrylic Polymere


Cerbero Base from Eco Beton is a transparent water-based sealer designed for Eco Beton decorative overlays or MicroToppings. It gives the micro-cement impermeability from chemical and stain resistance. In the Cerbero system, Cerbero Base is the first sealer layer, followed by a Cerbero Sealer. Cerbero Base is used to protect the cementitious coating and obtain a safe waterproofing seal.

Ideal as a protective base for Microbond® and Ercole® coatings.

UV resistance: Non-yellowing, increases the chemical & water resistance of Cerbero Base.
Application: Microfibre Roller TBar
Appearance: White Liquid
Yield: 100-120 g/m2

As a single semi-gloss sealer on walls and non-walkable surfaces.
As a primer in combination with Cerbero Sealer on floors.