Ecobeton Microbond Cement


Micro-Cement for Walls, Floors & Bathrooms
Only One Millimeter Thickness Required
Coat Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces
Interior & Exterior Use
Unlimited Colours
Call For Custom Colour
Bespoke Finish

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


Microbond® from Eco Beton is a cementitious MicroTopping overlay capable of covering, renovating, and enhancing the surfaces of your home or commercial space. Microbond® allows you to give new life to both internal and external environments, either by covering the old floor, the bathroom tiles, the fireplace wall and any interior design surface that you would like to renew, avoiding its demolition such as; Kitchen Worktops, Furnishing Elements, Sinks, and Shower Pans.

Microbond® can be applied on any kind of support, with only one millimeter thickness. It is a single-component, water-based, abrasion-resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly micro-cement that does not require a primer. It is an easy application for a large number of surfaces, such as concrete, wood, Gyproc, tiles and many others. Applications include Stairs, Furniture, Tables and Chairs, Wardrobes, and Shelves.

Microbond® offers countless aesthetic solutions, thanks to our extensive colour range and the extremely artisanal nature of its application. Each element coated with this micro-cement takes on a unique, modern and material look! You can cover the floor with an intense and opaque finish or renew bathroom walls with a softer and shinier finish.

The Perfect Synergy Between Surface & Interior Design

MicroTopping: Low Thickness Cementitious Overlay.
Applications: from 1 to 3 mm Smooth Texture, broomed or decorative printed finish.
Robust and Durable: Suitable for floors, walls and bathrooms. It is waterproof and has a high resistance to scratching.
Multifunction for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Adheres perfectly without the need for primers on metal, wood, concrete, polystyrene.
Fire Resistant: Microbond has passed the Class A tests.
Eco-Friendly & Safe: Microbond is a cement-based product free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Single-Component: Microbond® is a ready-to-use one-component micro-cement that requires only the addition of clear water.

Thanks to its adhesion properties, Microbond® is capable of coating horizontal and vertical surfaces, furniture and furnishing elements, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, stairs, door leaves, wardrobes and tables. If properly protected during finishing it will resist oil, coffee, lemon juice, water, detergents and can be used to coat shower pans. Microbond® endows the settings with a minimalist style, where the real protagonist is the coating, which is conceived as a true furnishing element.


Preparing the Support

Microbond® is an low thickness and extremely resistant cementitious MicroTopping that will stand the test of time if you must properly prepare the area. First, assess the support to be structurally sound, without cracks or fissures. If there are any, they must be repaired.

Microbond® Application Steps

After assessing the conditions of the surface, you must prevent any problems caused by rising damp. Apply a barrier to block water from coming through the base and protect the subsequent coatings.

  1. Roughen the surface and make it porous by means of sanding or a similar method.
  2. Block any rising damp with sealer.
  3. Apply two coats of Ercole.
  4. Apply two coats of Microbond®.
  5. Apply a protective sealer.
  • Two coats of Ercole are required before applying Microbond.
  • Ercole is a similar coating to Microbond®, but it has a larger granule size. Its primary function is to level the floor and give a stronger adhesion and resistance to the surface coating.
  • Then apply Microbond® using a flat trowel. At the end you can apply a matt or gloss finish to protect the coating.