Ecobeton Microbond Fine Cement


Fine (Finitura} Grain Micro-Cement for Smooth Finishes
Apply over Microbond® & Ercole® Surfaces
Coat Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces
Naturally White Cement Powder
Interior & Exterior Use
Unlimited Colours
Call For Custom Colour
Packaging: 18 kg (90 m2)

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Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


Microbond Finitura is an ecological cement-based MicroTopping. It comes premixed and can be applied over previous cementitious coatings, such as Microbond® and Ercole®. Its function is to provide a smoother and more homogeneous appearance for the final coat. When applied with creative techniques, it becomes a way to captivate and personalize the surface with visual effects. It can be coloured and safely applied on all recently coated cementitious surfaces, both inside and outdoors.

Creative: Properly laid and sanded, it allows you to create interesting custom visual effects.
Theoretical Yield: 0.2-0.3 kg / m2 or 11 sq. ft. about 600 ft pail.
Application: Only on surfaces already coated with Microbond® and Ercole®.


Microbond® Finitura is designed to be applied on a surface previously coated with Microbond in order
to obtain a smooth and uniform texture. Before proceeding with the MicroTopping application remove all traces of dust and other substances that may prevent the adhesion of the product. This is an Eco-Friendly product with low VOC.

Apply With: Trapezoid stainless-steel trowels or Magic Trowel.

Product Mixing: Microbond® Finitura is mixed on site with clean water (8 – 10 liters) in a 20-liter bucket. Mix with a drill mixer for 3 minutes until the desired consistency is achieved. It is possible to pigment the mixture with mineral dyes. In this case, proceed by mixing colors directly in the water BEFORE adding the pre-mixed powder. The mixture remains workable for a time about 20 minutes (if mixed with 10 liters of water and you have normal conditions of humidity and temperature).

Laying: Apply Microbond® Finitura using a trowel, in several coats (if necessary), until the desired effect is obtained. The coating can be sanded if necessary (when the substrate is dry) using a normal floor sanding machine.

Coating Protection: To facilitate cleaning and prevent the formation of stains and the absorption of water, oils and dirt; it is recommended that you apply Endurable Sealer as a finish.