Ercole Self-Levelling Overlay


Cementitious Self-Levelling Overlay for Concrete
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Resistance to Vehicular Traffic & Wear
Rebuild & Renew without Demolition
Strong Against Freeze/Thaw Cycles
For Both Internal & External Use
Waterproof & Fire Resistant
Size: 25 kg bucket

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Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


Ercole® Self-Leveling Overlay is an ecological cement coating that renews and restores external concrete surfaces damaged by time and wear. With its extraordinary resistance to wear in just 2 millimetres of thickness, Ercole® is an excellent solution for renovating driveways, ramps, sidewalks, car parks, cycle paths, garages, footpaths, roads and wet areas. This cementitious coating can also be used to renovate and decorate your spaces as well as recover concrete.

This ready-to-use single component micro-cement is great for floor levelling and anti-slip surfaces, as well as patching and repairing. Add water to obtain a workable compound with very high performance.
Ercole® is suitable for the restoration and resurfacing of concrete.
Once applied accurately in just 2-3 millimetres thickness, it is capable of giving new life to the deteriorated surface, thus allowing the element to be renewed and avoiding demolition.
Renew any type of surface, internal or external, vertical or horizontal, pedestrian or carriageable with a single product.
Ercole® Micro-cement provides excellent resistance to vehicular traffic, atmospheric agents and freeze/thaw cycles. Ideal for elegant bespoke solutions, without renouncing a modern and compact aesthetic quality.

Ercole properties with low thickness (2-3 millimetres)

Waterproof: Can be used as a seamless waterproofing layer.
Frost Resistant: Resists frost-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.
Carriageable: Suitable for car parks, ramps and industrial areas.
Resistant to Atmospheric Attacks: Ideal for overlays exposed outside.
Fire Resistant: Ercole has passed Class A tests.
Applicable from 1 to 3 mm: Smooth Texture, broomed or decorative stamped finish.
Abrasion Resistant: Contains German spheroid quartz.
Eco-friendly & Safe: This product is solvent-free and without volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Common Ercole® Self Leveling Cement Applications

  • Floor levelling and anti slip surfaces.
  • Patching, repairing and restoring concrete with both vertical and horizontal line movements.
  • Restoring cracks that have been structurally repaired.
  • Reduction of the vapour tension through the raft foundations.
  • Pedestrian surfaces, platforms and loading ramps.
  • Parks, garages, entrances, storehouses and sheds.
  • Skateboard track, bridges, roads and highways.
  • Landing strips, brickwork, and repair decorative concrete.
  • Create masonry and decorative concrete (coloured or stamped).

This low thickness (1mm to 3mm) cementitious overlay requires a mild temperature (surface above 5 °C & air above 10 °C) in order to cure properly and if possible, uniform sunlight is preffered. Do NOT apply if temperatures are above 40 °C OR if rainfall is due in the following 24 hours.

Application Tools: Squeegee, Spray, Float or Trowel, or with other similar tools.

Surface Preparation: The surface must be solid with cracks and fissures repaired prior to work. Remove any existing sealers or overlays for proper adhesion. Check moisture levels and ensure that the structural envelope is intact. Please refer any questions to our Plaster Masters.

Mixing: Add water (3 to 4 liters dry mixture and 4 to 6 liters liquid mixture) and mix with a drill bucket setup (avoid air bubbles) until the desired consistency is achieved for the applicator. Any colour can be achieved through Protek custom colour service but the standard colours are white and grey.

  • This self-levelling mixture is commonly applied in 1 to 3 mm thickness overlays.
  • Vertical and ceiling applications require a low slump dry mixture, by adding less water until a plaster-like consistency is reached.
  • Repairs over 3 mm deep require sand and aggregates be added to the mixture (up to 1/3).

Application: The surface must be wet before applying. For low thickness overlays, you can use a fluid mixture and apply two coats with a rubber spatula (squeegee). Low thickness coatings can be sanded between coats and after the final coat, using a sanding or single brush machine. The final surface should be uniform in colour and texture.

Floor Protection: We recommend the use one of Endurable Sealer to prevent water, oil and grease absorption.

Coverage Rate

Coverage Rate Per Package: 15 m2 (165sq ft) in two coats on smooth surface (1,5 kg/m2) Meter =11 sq ft.
Pedestrian Traffic: Allowed after 72 hours in normal moisture and temperature conditions.
Complete Curing: 28 days
Shelf Life: 6 months if properly stored (dry place)
Packaging: 25 kg bucket.

The coverage rate may vary. The real coverage rate depends on the conditions of the substrate.

  • This MicroTopping product can be applied when surface temperature is above 5 °C and air temperature between 10 to 40 °C.
  • Do NOT expose the material to frost.
  • Do NOT apply if rainfall is forecast in the following 24 hours.