Fabric Adhesive


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


If you have an unsightly surface on your furniture, like damaged veneer and you would like an alternative to fixing it, here’s an artistic solution anyone can do! Adhere fabric to table tops, drawer fronts or drawer liner with Cottage Paint’s Fabric Adhesive.

8oz covers 25 sq. ft.

Colour: Clear
Sheen Level: Satin
Drying Time: Overnight for best results
Tool Application: Brush, Roller, Putty Knife, Spatula


Repair your surface with spackling compound if it’s uneven. Paint with Cottage Paint. Cut the fabric slightly larger than the area it is being applied to. Apply Cottage Paint Satin Wax with a spatula on to the front and back of the fabric. Allow the wax to dry thoroughly. Apply the Fabric Adhesive onto the furniture surface and the backside of the fabric with a brush or roller.

Lay the fabric onto the surface and gently smooth out air bubbles under the fabric with the palm of your hand or roller. Wipe the edges to remove excess adhesive. Allow it to dry overnight, then trim the unwanted edge with a sharp blade. Additional coats of wax or varnish can be applied until the surface becomes smooth and tabletop worthy.