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Pearl, Dark


.946 L, 3.78 L, 15 L


Lime Paint PRO is a sanitizing mineral water-based product that creates a non-uniform aspect with light & dark shades, similar to ancient buildings. However, it can also be applied as a consistent solid colour. The final tone of the applied product depends on the porosity and the absorbency of the surface as well as the applied thickness. It is single-component, flat, reactive chemical hardening, lime base topcoat paint in a water medium.

Transport & Application Temperature: Min: 10°C / max 35°C with relative humidity <75%
Protect from frost.

Colour: We advise a dry colour sample check. The final shade will be related to the surface absorbency & application climate conditions.

Application Notes:

  • When applying the base it must be sufficiently moist.
  • If the surface is very old, apply up to 5 coats.
  • IMMEDIATELY WASH TOOLS with water after use.
  • Do not apply to substrates with ascending moisture without properly sealing.
  • Do not apply in the sun, or on very windy or hot days.
  • Plaster & any patching must be well dried.
  • Carefully close the can after use.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Limewash Paint Material Safety Data Sheet