Meteore Acrylic MicroTopping

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High Performance METEORE Acrylic MircoToppings produce a continuous surface for Showers, Bathrooms & Kitchens

Can be applied over existing floor & wall surfaces

3 Grains; Fine, Medium, & Coarse



METEORE 14 Acrylic MicroTopping is resistant to mold. It is easy to shape, even in difficult areas, to a thickness of several millimeters until the area has been completely sealed, because it is hygrosetting. It permanently solves water-tightness problems in all points where materials are in contact with METEORE MicroTopping (metal, ceramic, glass, wood, cement) especially drainage channel unions (along with a silicone sealant).

As a result, Meteore Acrylic MicroToppings can be applied for decorating both the floor and walls of shower-cabin interiors.

Meteore covers existing tiled or other surfaces WITHOUT the need of remove from floors & walls.

Commercial applications are usually specified due to the high decorative value this system delivers to walls and floors.


  • Coating interior cement surfaces, with protection.
  • Coats properly treated surfaces of any kind, with protection.
  • Decorative Coating protecting wet shower interiors that come in constant contact with water.


METEORE 14 MEDIO – Dark & Light Bases


Apply a skim coat of METEORE 14 MEDIO over a fibre-glass mesh and have an even surface. Smooth the surface thoroughly to prevent lumps, irregular trowel marks and protrusions to avoid sanding when dry.

NOTE: On walls and floors in rough cement, or on tiled surfaces with missing tiles, apply a skim coat of METEORE 14 GROSSO instead of METEORE 14 MEDIO, over the fibre-glass mesh and smooth as above.


After 8 – 10 hours at 20°C: Apply a 2nd (second) coat of METEORE 14 MEDIO, using a stainless steel trowel, then spray some water over the entire decorated surface, and finish straight away with trowel strokes in all directions for a smooth and compact surface not needing sanding.

Wait 8 – 10 hours at 20°C: Apply a 3rd (third) coat of METEORE 14 MEDIO using the same method.

NOTE: For the 3rd (third) coat you can also use METEORE 14 FINE instead of METEORE 14 MEDIO, for a more even and refined surface.

Then, spray water and smooth the surface with trowel strokes in all directions for a smooth and compact surface.


After 8 hours at 20°C: Clean the surface from any lumps and dust before finishing the decoration with the TOP COAT to obtain a waterproof matt or glossy final effect. Apply two or three coats of TOP COAT AR70 Matt or TOP COAT AR60 Gloss using a fine Mohair roller.

Both the TOP COATS are bi-component and must be catalysed with CT80 and mixed thoroughly.

Wait 6-8 hours at 20°C between one coat and the next.

Application temperature: above +5°C and below +30°C.

For RASANTE DDS, avoid applying it at temperatures below this range.

Surfaces Free From Humidity

Any ceramic tiles must be sanded and leveled then washed thoroughly to remove dust, grease, soap, flaking paint and anything that may cause the coating to detach. DRY.

Fill grout lines and any holes in the cement using Ardex MRF for an even surface before coating with METEORE 14, negating subsequent sanding.

After 24 hours at 20°C: Apply with a roller, one Top Coat AR60 Gloss or AR70 Matte Clear Coat.

NOTE: When using AR60 or AR70 as Top Coats, they must be catalysed with CT80, then diluted 1:2 with water and thoroughly mixed.

After 6-8 hours at 20°C: Proceed with the application of METEORE 14 MEDIO.

NOTE: Before applying METEORE 14 MEDIO MicroTopping, silicone must be applied to the joints where the wall and floor meet, creating a layer which is a few millimetres thick to obtain a “cove” around the entire perimeter of the treated floor.

Surfaces With Humidity Levels Up To 15%

If humidity exceeds 15%, measured with suitable tools, we recommend appling a bi-component RASANTE DDS catalysed with B60 before applying METEORE 14. This mixture must be thoroughly mixed and applied within 40 – 50 minutes using a stainless steel trowel on a well dried surface, with a heater, for proper adhesion and prevent future detachments due to moisture.

NOTE: Prevent water puddles from forming by adjusting gradients beforehand. Any joints on the surface should be left free. These joint should not be filled or linked together for any reason.



The METEORE MicroTopping systems cannot be used to coat shower trays in enamel or ABS plastic. However, cement or tiled shower trays can be coated with METEORE 14, provided that the following steps are taken.

We recommend applying coatable silicone to drainage grilles, channels and tap attachments, as well as around the perimeter of the shower tray. This Silicone must be paintable, dry quickly and then can be coated after 2 hours at 20°C.

These critical points must be treated with silicone to prevent problems with cracking around joints between wall and flooring. in order to prevent water and humidity infiltrations from leaving unpleasant marks and compromising the useful life of the treatment.



We recommend testing a full MicroTopping application cycle on a small area to check the result. Once satisfied, proceed with the application while monitoring the decorative system, which is made with natural ingredients and special resins that constantly react throughout the application method.

  • Each application cycle will have its own unique character.
  • The shades can vary from those shown in the catalogue by 15% to 20%, and can also vary between different batches.
  • When working with different batches, finish working in a corner and then mix the remaining product with that of the new batch in a large container before proceeding further.

Above 15°C with humidity (rainy or foggy days with air humidity levels above 75% should be avoided), and avoid applying it at temperatures above 30°C.

Drying times for METEORE 14: MicroTopping

Surface Is Dry after 6 hours at 20°C.

Walk On after 8 – 12 hours at 20°C.

Hardens after 18 – 24 hours at 20°C.

Drying times for TOP COAT:

Dust-free after roughly 20 minutes at 20°C.

Dry after about 2 hours at 20°C.

Hardens & Walk On after 6-8 hours at 20°C

Public Access after 48 hours at 20°C.

Resistance: After complete hardening, a film forms that is resistant to water, vapour, heat and abrasion.


  • It may be necessary to abrade the surface by micro abrasion so the products can penetrate and gain adhesion.
  • Over a painted surface we recommend priming with Sharktooth primer prior to application of micro topping systems.
  • When applying a full fiberglass mesh use Meteore 14 coarse or Ardex MRF for bedding and smoothing the surface.

Protek carries the Co Me range of super flexible flooring trowels designed for Microtopping material in both stainless steel and polyvinyl blades.

Electric drills mixers are required. We offer a high-quality spiral mixers and have 5 gallon pails to mix in and measuring jugs.

Equipment Cleaning: With water or methylated spirits.

Equipment must NOT be washed in watercourses, drains, etc.

Storage: Can must be tightly closed and stored between +5°C and +30°C.


Avoid direct contact with the skin. Protect the eyes and face.

In the event of contact: Rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.



Protek Paint distributes this METEORE MicroTopping products and the information provided herein has been provided by the Supplier. Given the fact that this product varries due to onsite environmental conditions (i.e. Humidity) that are not under the control of the Supplier, they shall not be held liable for any recommendations or advice provided. This disclaimer is also claimed by Protek Paint.