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High Performance Continuous Surface For Wet Areas

Can be applied over existing floor & wall surfaces


Meteore coats vertical and horizontal surfaces in wet areas, such as: bathrooms, kitchens, spas, health clubs, and other wet or damp environments. Commercial applications arise due to the high decorative value this system delivers to walls and floors.

The ability to deliver a high performance continuous allows Meteore to be applied for decorating both the floor and walls of shower-cabin interiors. This allows for a consistent design look in that entire area eliminating grout lines produced from tiling and can be applied over existing tiles.


  • Coating interior cement surfaces, with protection.
  • Coats properly treated surfaces of any kind, with protection.
  • Decorative Coating protecting wet shower interiors that come in constant contact with water.
  • Covers existing tiled or other surfaces without the need to remove it from floors & walls.