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Micro air abrasion giving it the ability to clean historic buildings, sculptures and monuments with precision and the utmost care. Protek micro air abrasion products offer tremendous versatility by handling Wood, Metal and Glass surfaces. It is great for Marine surfaces.

There are three models to choose from that have a PSI Range of 3 to 123 and the two smaller models have a 3 feet hose while the larger unit has a 5 foot hose, and all can have an extension.


Thanks to the low air pressure, it will minimize media consumption by 50-75% in comparison to traditional sand blasting equipment. This will reduce the cost of media drastically by reducing consumption needs and disposal costs while maintaining achieving perfect cleaning results. Due to the mineral hardness and low friability, it can be reused several times, producing even more cost savings for the operator.


The units are forged out of lightweight aluminum, making the system extremely portable. The equipment can easily be transported to and from job sites and even up scaffolding. The units and the compressor can fit nicely into the back of a van or truck.


By connecting a garden hose to the pot, you can operate both the HELIX and ECO Blaster nozzles with water. You can control the flow of water at the nozzle to create a dust free work environment or to create optimal cleaning solutions for gentle removal of surface contamination.


Multiple abrasive media are available, depending on your requirements.

  • Garnet – this media is made from a mineral called almandine which is 100% natural.
  • Calcium Carbonate – with a fine grain size it is best for cleaning bricks, stone and sculptures especially for removal of salt efflorescence, air pollutants, carbonization, soot and black crust.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate – ideal for use within the food industry as it guarantees hygiene. Also a favourite of automotive, glass, oxidized metal and plant maintenance.
  • Nut Shells – Crushed walnut shells are 100% natural.

Helix Nozzle

The HELIX nozzle is a patented system that allows for a wide range of applications. The helical vortex produced from the nozzle in combination with media flow and air pressure adjustment capability, allows for gentle removal of surface contamination on any masonry or wood surface without damaging the surface. As a result, the unit has been certified for historic restoration.

The technology allows its users to maximize surface protection and increase performance by 30% (in comparison to the eco-blaster). The HELIX offers convenience to its users by operating as a dry or wet system. This is accomplished by attaching a hose to the equipment with easy access from the gun to allow for desired flow.

Eco Blaster Nozzle

The ECO BLASTER nozzle offers a certain range of applications that helps to complete the overall package. This gun can easily be interchanged with the Helix nozzle as quick connects are installed. This unit offers effective stripping powers. The air flow produced from this nozzle mimics that of a traditional sandblaster but still offers its users gentle removal of surface contamination. This nozzle works well for the removal of paint on metal surfaces, rust removal, etc. For historic restoration please refer to the Helix nozzle.

Like the HELIX nozzle, the ECO Blaster offers convenience to its users by operating as a dry or wet system.