Ocean Fire-Retardant Epoxy

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FINISH: Smooth Semi-Gloss

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This two-part Epoxy Fire Retardant Paint for metal is formulated to meet military specifications and carries Underwriters Laboratories certification as a flame-retardant product. It is designed for heavy industrial use and is applied over primers, commercial solvent-based coatings or other epoxy coatings.

Often found in Mines, Oil Platforms, Manufacturing Lines, Naval & Marine Vessels, Off-Shore Drilling Rigs, Military & Commercial Aircraft, Fuel Tanks & Storage Vessels, Ammunition Crates, Missiles & Warheads.

Anywhere there is the need for a fire protective coating on Aluminum, Sheet Metal, Structural Steel, Plaster, & Wood.

Ocean Fire-Retardant Epoxy Paint #477 is manufactured by Protek Paint Inc.

Sizes: Gallon & 5 Gallon

Technical Data Sheet

Ocean Fire-Retardant Epoxy P1
Ocean Fire-Retardant Epoxy TDS P2