Poseidone Decorative Coating

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Poseidone Decorative Coating

Swimming Pools & Humid Areas
Custom Colouring available through Protek
Has a Natural White Base Colour
Resistant to Atmospheric Attacks
Frost & Chemical Resistant
100% Waterproof Surface
Modern Design Aesthetic
Size: 25 kg Bucket



Poseidone is a ready-to-use one-component continuous cementitious overlay for extremely wet areas, covering or renewing swimming pools, fountains, tubs and even hammam and saunas. It is a single-component micro-cement capable of enhancing with a seamless decorative surface while having a modern aesthetic that is bold and elegant.

It protects external surfaces in contact with water and humidity with thicknesses from 4 to 10mm. Once cured, it does not fear freeze and thaw cycles, chemical aggressions from chlorine, salt or sea water and offers excellent adhesion to the substrate and waterproofing the surface. It is ideal for surfaces exposed to weathering and temperature fluctuations and resists abrasions.

One single product, versatile and easy to apply, with a thickness of over 4 mm after just two coats, with NO need for primer or protective sealer after the application. It is eco-friendly and sustainable, consisting of recycled raw materials and natural cement.

Poseidone Micro-Cement Details

Easy to apply: Water based single component applied with spatula or trowel.
Applicable from 4 to 10 mm: Smooth Texture or decorative stamped finish.
Abrasion Resistant: Contains German spheroid quartz for toughness.
Eco-Friendly & Safe: This product is solvent-free and without volatile organic compounds (VOC).


This cementitious overlay needs mild temperatures for application above 10 °C and, if possible, uniform sunlight to complete the curing. Do NOT apply if rainfall is due the following 24 hours.

Support Preparation

Working on a structurally sound and intact surface is assumed. Perform any structural reparation as well as repairing of cracks and fissures before applying the overlay. Before application, remove any existing coatings, sealant or curing agent to ensure maximum adhesion. Treat and waterproof the concrete support.

Product Mixing

Mix Poseidone with clean water (5-6 liters per bucket) up to the desired workability using a slow speed mixer. Taking care to avoid introducing air during the mixing procedure. Before proceeding with the application of the cementitious overlay, let the mix rest for 5 minutes.

Poseidone is comes in white but any colour may be obtained Protek Paint custom colouring service for cement-based products.

Direct Application

Moisten the support before application.

It is possible to apply Poseidone in a single coat or two coats.
It is also possible to apply the second coat on top of the first one directly without waiting for the complete set of the first one. The interposition of an alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh between two coats is recommended for final thickness (minimum 4 mm).
The final surface must be uniform in texture and appearance.

Coating Protection

Poseidon does not require a sealant; however, to improve the durability of the coating and help the cleaning process by avoiding spots and stains, it is possible to use the Endurable Sealer.

Coverage Rate

The final coverage rate depends on the conditions of the support and on the porosity of the surface. Typical yield 8 to 10 kg / m2 in two coats on smooth or undamaged surfaces (approximately 4 to 5 mm thick).

Complete Cure: Maximum resistance develops after 28 days
Shelf Life: 6 months if stored in a dry place
Packaging: 25 kg bucket

NOTE: The coverage rate may vary. The above yield is only an approximation.

NOTE: It is recommended not to fill the pool before 4 weeks from the end of the work.