Powder Wash Pigments


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White, Black, Umber, Tiffany Blue, Dew Mist, Periwinkle


These powders offer the ultimate control when adding a colored wash to any Cottage Paint surface. They are especially popular for the soft beach feel or that cozy country look.

Size: 4 oz
Sheen Level: Flat
Drying Time: 15-30 minutes
Tool Application: Brush, Sponge


Use for antiquing with a selection of black and browns or add a soft color wash with the selection of soft pastel colors. Choose from 6 exciting colors. Add a small amount (start with 1 tsp) of powder to a ½ a cup of water. Stir until dissolved. Apply with a sponge and rub back with a clean cloth.

Depending on the mixture and how porous the surface is will determine how much color will remain. You may need to add more water or more pigment depending on the surface and the desired effect. Remember you can always add more so start off a little weak. Once dry, remove as much as you need with a slightly damped sponge to achieve the desired effect. To have more control, coat the paint with flat varnish to stop the absorption of the powder into the porous finish. Once dry choose a Cottage Paint clear coat to seal and protect the surface.