Stonewash Pigments

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COLOURS: Black, White, Slate Grey, Brown Oxide, Orange, Yellow, Burnt Umber, Natural Umber, Sienna, Green, Natural Umber, Burgundy Red, & Terra Cotta.

SIZE: Sold dry in jars. Produces 16 fl oz when diluted.


These natural, environmentally friendly pigment washes are great for creating faux stone looks and can be intermixed for an unlimited custom colour range. When diluted into water it is applied with a cellulose sponge over plasters and waxes to age, patina or colour the finish. Large Open Time leaves the applicator unlimited time to get their desired look. However, it is not waterproof until sealed with a Top Coat. We have multiple Top Coats to choose from.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Stonewash MSDS