Stonewash Pigments


SIZE: Sold dry in jars. Produces 16 fl oz when diluted.



Texturtop is of a system that can protect and decorate other products in the Texturline product range.

After correct surface preparation 1 or 2 thin coats, it is very workability and has easy application. This will allow time to create the decorative elements and proper finishing of details. Application is done with combination of spatulas, sponges, rollers and stainless-steel finishing trowels. This will allow correct layering and translucency between coats.

Application recommendations: Texturline strongly suggests that all installers follow procedures laid down in our manual (on line) or after taking a program given by one of our approved associate training facilities.

We recommend that contractors use our primer coats under Venetian plaster before applying Texturtop to get the best and most efficient use. Texturline manufactures two products Texprime and Sharktooth primer.

Color and coloring: Texturtop is normally tinted into the base with universal colorants. Metallic Texturtop wall wax can be modified by the same method.
Alternative methods of introducing colour over Texturtop are as follows: Stonewash powder pigment is a natural oxide colorant that is non fading and soluble in water. When applied as a wash over Texturtop it will attain varying degrees of patination.

Protective waxes: Texturline manufactures several options to protect the finished effect:

Flat Wax is a universal protective coating; it can be applied with spatulas and polished to a high sheen and ALSO WORKS AS A SEALER BEFORE GLAZING ON LIME PLASTERS. This can act as an intermediate coat for lime-based plasters when applying acrylic top coats.

Satin Wax a self-polishing coating used where extra protection is needed also over effects that need sheen but cannot be polished with spatulas.

Metallic wall wax 14 pre-colored metallic and iridescent tones

Burnishing Wax is a very high sheen coating that is paraffin wax-based in emulsion. Easy to use and can be buffed with mechanical means, especially suitable for lime-based plasters.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Stonewash MSDS