Stonewash Pigments


Stonewash pigments can help create interesting wall effects with acrylic plasters;

Verdigris Copper
Oxidized Rusted Steel
Oxidized Bronze
Statuary Bronze
Leather & Snakeskin

SIZE: Sold dry in jars.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 23 cm

Green, Blue, Natural Umber, Orange, White, Black, Sienna, Burnt Umber, Red Oxide, Burgundy Red, Yellow Oxide, Slate Grey


PROTEK Stonewash pigments, sometimes combined with our clay paint over acrylic Venetian plaster, can create a whole range of interesting feature wall effects. The colour range consists of twelve (12) natural light-fast colors. They are used in our system as washes diluted in water according to the intensity required.

Treated STONEWASH PIGMENT SURFACES MUST BE SEALED or they will dissolve when dry with water.


Stonewash pigments come in powdered form by weight and are to be mixed 1 teaspoon with quart of water or 3 tablespoons per quart depending on the opacity. After covering a surface with PROTEK Acrylic Plasters, apply the Stonewash colour wash to the surface with a sponge. Wipe when dry to create colour highlights.

General Application Steps

STEP 1: Using PROTEK Stonewash powder pigment diluted in water about 10% by weight or 3 table-spoons powder in a quart, rub over the PROTEK Acrylic Plaster surface with a sponge until the desired shade is colour saturation is obtained. Allow to dry.

STEP 2: The wash will not be fixed on the acrylic plaster underneath and can be reduced by rubbing with a humid flat cellulose sponge creating a natural stone design style.

NOTE: To protect the natural stone design style we suggest sealing it with our Zero Gloss dead flat clear varnish. Zero Gloss should be rolled with a short pile roller. Alternatively, any acrylic wax can be used to get a desired effect.

Unique Wall Features

Stonewash is very effective over Metallic waxes to create patinas that make the Metal POP, as they become antiqued and more realistic. Here are some techniques to create unique design styles.

Verdigris Copper

Apply the Stonewash Copper as described under the general applications steps, up to the point where the surface is coppered. Next, apply Bimin (coloured clay paint) sparingly and allow a couple hours of dry time. Using a damp rag, rub off some of the clay paint and feather out any edges. For an old used look, apply black stonewash and rub off parts of the black once dry. Seal with a flat varnish, but you can use Satin Wax in areas where you want the copper to pop.

Oxidized Rusted Steel

Apply black PROTEK Acrylic Venetian Plaster by roller, best in two coats. The first coat is thin to cover and not much texture, while the second is heavier and knocked back with a trowel, and then flattened and smoothed before drying for an hour.

Apply our clay paint ‘Rust’ randomly, similar to a rusted piece of galvanised steel, and then rub it in with a wet rag when dry. Next apply black stonewash pigment with a sponge, rubbing into the wax. Seal with Zero Gloss dead flat varnish rolled on. You can apply a partial coat of Satin wax on the non rusted part of the finish.

Leather & Snakeskin design looks can also be achieved. Please see our Resources Blog for more details.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Stonewash MSDS